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I-many, Inc. PP

I.C. Isaacs & Co., Inc. PP

I.D. Systems, Inc. PP

I/OMagic Corp. PP

IA Global Inc. PP

IBC Advanced Alloys Corp. PP

Iberiabank Corp. PP

Iberian Minerals Corp. PP

IBF 1 Corp. PP

IBI Income Fund PP

Ibis Technology Corp. PP

IBSG International Inc. PP

IC Potash Corp. PP

Icagen, Inc. PP

ICB Financial PP

Icefloe Technologies Inc. PP

Iceweb Inc. PP

IceWEB Inc. PP

Iceweb Inc. PP

IceWEB, Inc. PP

Iceweb, Inc. PP

IceWEB, Inc. PP

Iciena Ventures Inc. PP

ICN Resources Ltd. PP

ICO Global Communications (Holdings) Ltd. PP

ICO North America, Inc. (ICO Global Communications (Holdings) Ltd.) PP

Icon Industries Ltd. PP

Icon International Holdings Inc. PP

Iconic Minerals Ltd. PP

Icop Digital Inc. PP

Icop Digital, Inc. PP

Icoria Inc. PP

ICP Solar Technologies Inc. PP

ICP Solar Technologies, Inc. PP

Icron Technologies Inc. PP

ICS Copper Systems Ltd. PP

ICTV Brands Inc. PP

ID Global Solutions Corp. PP

Idaho First Bank PP

Idaho General Mines Inc. PP

Idaho General Mines, Inc. PP

IdeaEdge, Inc. PP

Idenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

IdentiPHI, Inc. PP

Identive Group, Inc. PP

Idera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

IDI Global Inc. PP


IDI, Inc. PP

IDM Mining Ltd. PP

IDM Pharma, Inc. PP

IDO Security Inc. PP

IEG Holdings Corp. PP

IElement Corp. PP

IFAN Financial Inc. PP

IFuture.com Inc. PP

IGC Resources Inc. PP

IGE Resources AB PP

IGI Laboratories, Inc. PP

IGI, Inc. PP


Ignis Petroleum Group Inc. PP

Ignite International Brands, Ltd. PP

Ignition Point Technologies Corp. PP

Ignyta, Inc. PP


Ikanos Communications, Inc. PP

Ikkuma Resources Corp. PP

Ikona Gear International Inc. PP

Ikona Gear International, Inc. PP

ILI Technologies (2002) Corp. PP

Illini Corp. PP

ILX Resorts Inc. PP

IMA Exploration Inc. PP

Imaflex Inc. PP

Image Entertainment, Inc. PP

Image Globe Solutions, Inc. PP

Image Metrics, Inc. PP

ImageWare Systems, Inc. PP

Imaging Diagnostic Systems Inc. PP

Imaging Diagnostic Systems, Inc. PP

Imaging Dynamics Co. PP

Imaging Dynamics Co. Ltd. PP

Imaging3, Inc. PP

Imagis Technologies Inc. PP

ImaRx Therapeutics Inc. PP

Imax Corp. PP

Imcor Pharmaceutical Co. PP

IMH Financial Corp. PP

IMI International Medical Innovations Inc. PP

Immediatek, Inc. PP

Immersion Corp. PP

Immersive Media Corp. PP

Immtech International, Inc. PP

Immtech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Immune Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Immune Response Corp. PP

ImmuneRegen Biosciences, Inc. PP

Immunicon Corp. PP

Immuno Research Inc. PP

ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd. PP

ImmunoGen, Inc. PP

Immunomedics Inc. PP

Immunomedics, Inc. PP

Immunovaccine Inc. PP

Immunovative, Inc. PP

Impac Mortgage Holdings, Inc. PP

Impact Silver Corp. PP

Impart Media Group, Inc. PP

Impax Laboratories Inc. PP

Imperial Metals Corp. PP

Imperial Petroleum, Inc. PP

Imperial Plantation Corp. PP

Imperial Resources, Inc. PP

Imperus Technologies Corp. PP

Implant Sciences Corp. PP

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Imris Inc. PP

IMS Petroleum Inc. PP

Imvescor Restaurant Group Inc. PP

In Veritas Medical Diagnostics, Inc. PP

Inca One Gold Corp. PP

Inca One Resources Corp. PP

Inca Pacific Resources Inc. PP

IncellDx, Inc. PP

Incentra Solutions, Inc. PP

Incode Technologies Corp. PP

IND DairyTech Ltd. PP

Independence Bancshares, Inc. PP

Independence Energy Corp. PP

Independence Gold Corp. PP

Independent Nickel Corp. PP

Index Development Partners Inc. PP

Index Oil and Gas Inc. PP

Index Oil and Gas, Inc. PP

India Globalization Capital Inc. PP

India Globalization Capital, Inc. PP

Indicator Minerals Inc. PP

Indico Resources Ltd. PP

Indigo Exploration Inc. PP

Indigo-Energy, Inc. PP

Indoor Harvest Corp. PP

Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. PP

Industrial Enterprises of America, Inc. PP

Industrial Growth Income Corp. PP

Industrial Services of America, Inc. PP

Inergetics Inc. PP

Inergy Midstream LP PP

Inergy, LP PP

INfe Human Resources, Inc. PP

InferX Corp. PP

Infinera Corp. PP

Infinito Gold Ltd. PP

Infinity Alliance Ventures Inc. PP

Infinity Augmented Reality, Inc. PP

Infinity Energy Resources, Inc. PP

Infinity Inc. PP

Infinity Minerals Corp. PP

Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Infinium Labs Inc. PP

Infinium Labs, Inc. PP

Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals Ltd. PP

Info Investors, Inc. PP

Info Touch Technologies Corp. PP

InfoLogix, Inc. PP

Inform Resources Corp. PP

Inform Worldwide Holdings, Inc. PP

InforMedix Holdings, Inc. PP

InfoSearch Media, Inc. PP

Infosmart Group, Inc. PP

InfoSonics Corp. PP

InfoSpace, Inc. PP

Infotec Business Systems, Inc. PP

Infotech Global, Inc. PP

Infrastructure Materials Corp. PP

Infusion Brands International, Inc. PP

Ingen Technologies, Inc. PP

Inhibitex Inc. PP

Inhibitex, Inc. PP

Inksure Technologies Inc. PP

Inlet Resources Ltd. PP

InMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Inmet Mining Corp. PP

Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. PP

InNexus Biotechnology Inc. PP

InNexus Biotechnology, Inc. PP

Innofone.com, Inc. PP

Innolog Holdings Corp. PP

Innova Exploration Ltd. PP

Innova Holdings Inc. PP

Innovative Card Technologies, Inc. PP

Innovative Composites Inc. PP

Innovative Composites International Inc. PP

Innovative Drug Delivery Systems Inc. PP

Innovative Food Holdings Inc. PP

Innovative Food Holdings, Inc. PP

Innovative Micro Technology, Inc. PP

Innovative Software Technologies, Inc. PP

Innovative Water & Sewer Systems Inc. PP

Innovente Inc. PP

InnoVision Labs, Inc. PP

Innovium Media Properties Corp. PP

Innovive Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Innovo Group Inc. PP

Innovotech Inc. PP

Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

InnSuites Hospitality Trust PP

Innuity, Inc. PP

Inovachem, Inc. PP

Inovio Biomedical Corp. PP

Inovio Biomedical Corp. for Inovio Asia Pte. Ltd. PP

Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

InPlay Technologies Inc. PP

Input Capital Corp. PP

Input/Output Inc. PP

InRob Tech Ltd. PP

Insight Management Corp. PP

InSightec Ltd. PP

Insignia Energy Ltd. PP

Insignia Solutions plc PP

Insignia Systems Inc. PP

InSite Vision Inc. PP

Insmed Inc. PP

Inspira Financial Inc. PP

Inspiration Mining Corp. PP

Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

InspireMD, Inc. PP

InsPro Technologies Corp. PP

Institutional Financial Markets, Inc. PP

InStorage Real Estate Investment Trust PP

Insulet Corp. PP

Insynq Inc. PP

Integra Gold Corp. PP

Integral Technologies, Inc. PP

Integral Vision Inc. PP

Integrated Data Corp. PP

Integrated Electrical Services, Inc. PP

Integrated Energy Solutions Inc. PP

Integrated Environmental Technologies, Ltd. PP

Integrated Healthcare Holdings, Inc. PP

Integrated Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Integrated Security Systems, Inc. PP

Integrity Applications, Inc. PP

Integrity Bancshares Inc. PP

Integrity Capital Income Fund, Inc. PP

IntelGenx Technologies Corp. PP

Intelimax Media Inc. PP

Intellect Neurosciences, Inc. PP

Intelli-Check, Inc. PP

Intellia Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Intellicell Biosciences, Inc. PP

Intelligent Highway Solutions Inc. PP

Intelligent Security Networks, Inc. PP

Intelligentias, Inc. PP

Intelligroup, Inc. PP

Intellinetics, Inc. PP

Intellipharmaceutics International Inc. PP

Intellipharmaceutics Ltd. PP

Intema Solutions Inc. PP

Inter-Citic Minerals Inc. PP

Interactive Capital Partners Corp. PP

Interactive Systems Worldwide Inc. PP

Interactive Television Networks, Inc. PP

Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Interchange Corp. PP

InterCloud Systems, Inc. PP

InterCore, Inc. PP

Interdom, Corp. PP

Interleukin Genetics Inc. PP

Interleukin Genetics, Inc. PP

Interline Resources Corp. PP

Interlink Electronics, Inc. PP

Interlink Global Corp. PP

Intermap Technologies Corp. PP

InterMetro Communications, Inc. PP

Intermost Corp. PP

Intermountain Community Bancorp PP

Internal Fixation Systems, Inc. PP

International Alliance Resources Inc. PP

International Amateur Sports Championships Inc. (for Galtech Semiconductor Materials Corp.) PP

International American Technologies, Inc. PP

International Arimex Resources Inc. PP

International Assets Holding Corp. PP

International Barrier Technology Inc. PP

International Barytex Resources Ltd. PP

International Bio Recovery Corp. PP

International Card Establishment Inc. PP

International Card Establishment, Inc. PP

International Commercial Television, Inc. PP

International Dispensing Corp. PP

International Enexco Ltd. PP

International Fight League, Inc. PP

International Frontier Resources Corp. PP

International Frontier Resources Ltd. PP

International Fuel Technology Inc. PP

International Fuel Technology, Inc. PP

International Gold Mining Ltd. PP

International Gold Resources, Inc. PP

International Hi-Tech Industries Inc. PP

International Hydrocarbons Corp. PP

International Imaging Systems, Inc. PP

International Isotopes Inc PP

International Isotopes Inc. PP

International Kirkland Minerals Inc. PP

International KRL Resources Corp. PP

International Lithium Corp. PP

International Millennium Mining Corp. PP

International Monetary Systems, Ltd. PP

International Montoro Resources Inc. PP

International Nickel Ventures Corp. PP

International Northair Mines Ltd. PP

International PBX Ventures Ltd. PP

International PetroReal Oil Corp. PP

International Samuel Exploration Corp. PP

International Silver, Inc. PP

International Sovereign Energy Corp. PP

International Sports and Media Group Inc. PP

International Stem Cell Corp. PP

International Technologies Corp. PP

International Textile Group, Inc. PP

International Thoroughbred Breeders, Inc. PP

International Thunderbird Gaming Corp. PP

International Tower Hill Mines Ltd. PP

International Uranium Corp. PP

International Water-Guard Industries Inc. PP

International Wayside Gold Mines Ltd. PP

Internet America, Inc. PP

Internet Commerce Corp. PP

InterOil Corp. PP

Interpharm Holdings Inc. PP

Interpharm Holdings, Inc. PP

Interphase Corp. PP

InterRent International Properties Inc. PP

InterRent Real Estate Investment Trust PP

InterSearch Group, Inc. PP

Intersections Inc. PP

Interstate Bakeries Corp. PP

Interstate Data USA, Inc. PP

Intertainment Media Inc. PP

Intraline Medical Aesthetics Inc. PP

Intraop Medical Corp. PP

Intraop Medical Inc. PP

Intraware, Inc. PP

Intrepid Holdings, Inc. PP

Intrepid Minerals Corp. PP

Intrepid Technology PP

Intrepid Technology & Resources, Inc. PP

Intrinsic4D Inc. PP

Intrinsyc Software International, Inc PP

Intrinsync Software International, Inc. PP

Introgen Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Intrusion Inc. PP

Inuvo, Inc. PP

INV Metals Inc. PP

Invenio Resources Corp. PP

Inventergy Global, Inc. PP

Inventus Mining Corp. PP

Inverness Medical Innovations, Inc. PP

Invernia Inc. PP

Investissements St-Pierre Inc. PP

Investview Inc. PP

Invicta Energy Corp. PP

Invicta Oil & Gas Ltd. PP

Inviro Medical Inc. PP

Invisa, Inc. PP

Invitae Corp. PP

InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp. PP

INVO BioScience Inc. PP

INX, Inc. PP

Iomai Corp. PP

ION Geophysical Corp. PP

Ionatron, Inc. PP

Ionic Brands Corp. PP

IOU Financial Inc. PP

IOU Financial Inc. (formerly MCO Capital Inc.) PP

IP Applications Corp. PP

IPC Holdings, Ltd. PP

Ipico Inc. PP

Ipix Corp. PP


IPtimize, Inc. PP

IQ Biometrix Inc. PP

IR Biosciences Holdings Inc. PP

IR BioSciences Holdings, Inc. PP

IR Biosciences Holdings, Inc. PP

Ireland Inc. PP

Ireland, Inc. PP

IRI Separation Technologies Inc. PP

Iridex Corp. PP

Iridium Communications Inc. PP

Irish Mag, Inc. PP

IROC Systems Corp. PP

Iron Creek Capital Corp. PP

Iron Mining Group, Inc PP

Iron South Mining Corp. PP

Ironclad Performance Wear Corp. PP

Ironhorse Oil & Gas Inc. PP

Ironstone Group Inc. PP

Irvine Sensors Corp. PP

ISC8 Inc. PP

Isco International, Inc. PP

ISCO International, Inc. PP

Isco International, Inc. PP

ISee3D Inc. PP

ISG Capital Corp. PP

Isign Media Solutions Inc. PP

Isis Lab Corp. PP

Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Island Breeze International Inc. PP

Island Mountain Gold Mines Ltd. PP

Island Pacific, Inc. PP

Islet Sciences, Inc. PP

Isolagen, Inc. PP

Isonics Corp. PP

IsoRay, Inc. PP

Isotechnika Inc. PP

Isotechnika, Inc. PP

Issuer Direct Corp. PP

ISTA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

IT&E International Group PP

ITC^DeltaCom Inc. PP

ITC^DeltaCom, Inc. PP

Iteration Energy Ltd. PP

Ithaca Energy Inc. PP

Itibiti Systems Inc. (Intertainment Media Inc.) PP

Itron, Inc. PP

Itronics, Inc. PP

Ivana Ventures Inc. PP

Ivanhoe Energy Inc. PP

Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. PP

Ivany Mining, Inc. PP

IVAX Diagnostics, Inc. PP

Iveda Corp. PP

Iveda Solutions, Inc. PP

Ivernia Inc. PP

Iview Digital Video Solutions Inc. (Creative Vistas Inc.) PP

Ivivi Technologies, Inc. PP

Ivory Energy Inc. PP

Ivory Oils & Minerals Inc. PP

Ivrnet Inc. PP

IWT Tesoro Corp. PP

IXI Mobile, Inc. PP

IZEA Holdings, Inc. PP

Izea Inc. PP

J-Pacific Gold Inc. PP

J.A.G. Mines Ltd. PP

J.C. Penney Co., Inc. PP

J.D. Hutt Corp. PP

J.U.M. Capital Inc. PP

Jackson Rivers Co. PP

Jacksonville Bancorp, Inc. PP

Jadela Oil Corp. PP

JAG Media Holdings, Inc. PP

Jagged Peak, Inc. PP

Jaguar Animal Health, Inc. PP

Jaguar Mining Inc. PP

Jalna Minerals Ltd. PP

Jamba, Inc. PP

James Bay Resources Ltd. PP

Jameson Inns, Inc. PP

Jammin Java Corp. PP

Janus Resources, Inc. PP

Jasper Mining Corp. PP

Java Capital Inc. PP

Java Detour, Inc. PP

Javelin Capital Corp. PP

Javelin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Javo Beverage Co., Inc. PP

Javo Beverage, Inc. PP

Jayden Resources Inc. PP

Jayhawk Energy, Inc. PP

Jazz Golf Equipment Inc. PP

Jazz Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

JBI, Inc. PP

Jeantex Group, Inc. PP

JED Oil Inc. PP

Jefferies Group, Inc. PP

Jemi Fibre Corp. PP

Jenex Corp. PP

Jensyn Acquisition Corp. PP

JER Envirotech International Corp. PP

Jericho Oil Corp. PP

Jerrick Media Holdings, Inc. PP

Jesup & Lamont, Inc. PP

Jesup & Lamont, Inc. PP

Jet Gold Corp. PP

Jet Metal Corp. PP

JetBlue Airways Corp. PP

JetPay Corp. PP

Jilbey Gold Exploration Ltd. PP

Jiminex Inc. PP

Jingwei International Ltd. PP

Jinhao Motor Co. PP

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. PP

Jinpan International Ltd. PP

Jinshan Gold Mines Inc. PP

Jinzanghuang Tibet Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Jishanye, Inc. PP

Jite Technologies Inc. PP

JM Global Holding Co. PP

JMAR Technologies, Inc. PP

JML Resources Ltd. (on behalf of 2079537 Ontario Ltd.) PP

JNR Resources Inc. PP

John D. Oil and Gas Co. PP

Jomar Capital Corp. PP

Jones Energy, Inc. PP

Jones Lang LaSalle Income Property Trust, Inc. PP

Jones Soda Co. PP

Josephine Mining Corp. PP

Jourdan Resources Inc. PP

Journey Resources Corp. PP

Jovian Capital Corp. PP

Joystar Inc. PP

JPak Group, Inc. PP

JPI Commercial, LLC (Jazz Pharmaceuticals Inc.) PP

JSX Energy Inc. PP

Jubilant Flame International Ltd. PP

Juhl Wind, Inc. PP

Juma Technology Corp. PP

Jumbo Development Corp. PP

JumpTV Inc. PP

Junex Inc. PP

Junex, Inc. PP

Juniper Content Corp. PP

Juniper Group, Inc. PP

Juno Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Jura Energy Corp. PP

Jurak Corp. World Wide (PhytoLabs, Inc.) PP

JWC Acquisition Corp. PP

JYW Capital Corp. PP

K's Media PP

K-Bro Linen Income Fund PP

K-Sea Transportation Partners LP PP

K-V Pharmaceutical Co. PP

K12 Inc. PP

K2 Energy Corp. PP

K92 Mining Inc. PP

Kabe Exploration Inc. PP

Kadywood Capital PP

Kahiki Foods, Inc. PP

Kaiyue International, Inc. PP

Kaizen Capital Corp. PP

Kaizen Discovery Inc. PP

Kakanda Resources Corp. PP

KAL Energy, Inc. PP

Kalimantan Gold Corp. PP

Kalimantan Gold Corp. Ltd. PP

Kallisto Energy Corp. PP

Kallo Inc. PP

KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Kamada PP

Kaminak Gold Corp. PP

KANA Software, Inc. PP

Kana Software, Inc. PP

Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. PP

Kandi Technologies, Corp. PP

Kane Biotech Inc. PP

Kangaroo Media Inc. PP

Kangaroo Resources Ltd. PP

Kansai Mining Corp. PP

Kansas City Southern PP

Kapuskasing Gold Corp. PP

KAR Auction Services Inc. PP

Karmin Exploration Inc. PP

Karnalyte Resources Inc. PP

Kasten Chase Applied Research Ltd. PP

Katanga Mining Ltd. PP

Kayne Anderson MLP Investment Co. PP

Kazax Minerals Inc. PP

KCO Capital Inc. PP

Keegan Resources Inc. PP

Keek Inc. PP

Keeper Resources Inc. PP

Keewatin Windpower Corp. PP

Kelly Services, Inc. PP

Kelman Technologies Inc. PP

Kelso Energy Inc. PP

Kelso Technologies Inc. PP

Kelt Exploration Ltd. PP

Kemet Corp. PP

Kenai Resources Ltd. PP

Kenergy Scientific Inc. PP

Kennady Diamonds Inc. PP

Kennedy-Wilson Holdings Inc. PP

Kennedy-Wilson Holdings, Inc. PP

Kennedy-Wilson, Inc. PP

Kenrich-Eskay Mining Corp. PP

Kensington Resources Ltd. PP

Kent Exploration Inc. PP

Kentucky USA Energy, Inc. PP

Kereco Energy Ltd. PP

Kermode Capital Ltd. PP

Kermode Resources Ltd. PP

Kerr Mines Inc. PP

Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Kesselrun Resources Ltd. PP

Kestrel Gold Inc. PP

Keurig Green Mountain Inc. PP

Key Link Assets Corp. PP

KeyOn Communications Holdings, Inc. PP

Keyuan Petrochemicals, Inc. PP

KFG Resources Ltd. PP

KFx Inc. PP


Khan Resources Inc. PP

Khot Infrastructure Holdings, Ltd. PP

Kicking Horse Energy Inc. PP

KidsFutures Inc. PP

Kidville, Inc. PP

KIK Polymers Inc. PP

Kilgore Minerals Ltd. PP

Killam Properties Inc. PP

Killdeer Minerals Inc. PP

Kilo Goldmines Ltd. PP

Kilroy Realty Corp. PP

Kimber Resources Inc. PP

Kinbauri Gold Corp. PP

Kincora Copper Ltd PP

Kincora Copper Ltd. PP

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP PP

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, LP PP

Kinetex Resources Corp. PP

Kingold Jewelry, Inc. PP

Kingstone Cos. Inc. PP

Kingsway Arms Retirement Residences Inc. PP

Kingsway Financial Services Inc. PP

Kingsway International Holdings Ltd. PP

KingThomason Group Inc. PP

King’s Bay Gold Corp. PP

Kintera Inc. PP

Kintera, Inc. PP

KiOR, Inc. PP

Kips Bay Medical, Inc. PP

Kirin International Holding, Inc. PP

Kirk Pharmaceuticals, LLC (Synovics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) PP

Kirkland Lake Gold Inc. PP

Kirrin Resources Inc. PP

Kiska Metals Corp. PP

KIT Digital, Inc. PP

Kit Resources Ltd. PP

Kitara Media Corp. PP

Kite Realty Group Trust PP

Kitty Hawk, Inc. PP

Kivalliq Energy Corp. PP

Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corp. PP

Kiwara plc PP

Kiwibox.Com, Inc. (Magnitude Information Systems, Inc.) PP

KKR Financial Holdings LLC PP

KL Energy Corp. PP

Klondex Mines Ltd. PP

Klondike Gold Corp. PP

Klondike Silver Corp. PP

Klondike Star Mineral Corp. PP

KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. PP

KMG Chemicals Inc. PP

Knight Capital Group, Inc. PP

Knight Resources Ltd. PP

Knight Therapeutics Inc. PP

Knightscove Media Corp. PP

Knobias Inc. PP

Knobias, Inc. PP

Knockout Holdings Inc. PP

Knol Resources Corp. PP

Knology Inc. PP

KNOT Offshore Partners LP PP

Knot, Inc. PP

Knowlton Capital Inc. PP

Kobex Resources Ltd. PP

Kodiak Energy, Inc. PP

Kodiak Exploration Ltd. PP

Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp. PP

Kokanee Minerals Inc. PP

Kola Mining Corp. PP

Kombat Copper Inc. PP

Komet Resources Inc. PP

Komodo Inc. PP

Kona Grill, Inc. PP

Konared Corp. PP

KongZhong Corp. PP

Kootenay Energy Inc. PP

Kootenay Gold Inc. PP

Kootenay Silver Inc. PP

Kosan Biosciences Inc. PP

KPS Ventures Ltd. PP

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. PP

Kraken Sonar Inc. PP

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. PP

Kreido Biofuels, Inc. PP

Kria Resources Ltd. PP

Kristina Capital Corp. PP

Kronos Advanced Technologies Inc. PP

Ku6 Media Co., Ltd. PP

Kuhlman Co., Inc. PP

Kun Run Biotechnology, Inc. PP

Kunekt Corp. PP

Kurrant Mobile Catering, Inc. PP

KWG Resources Inc. PP

L International Computers Inc. PP

L&L International Holdings, Inc. PP

L.G.R. Resources Ltd. PP

La Château Inc. PP

La Cortez Energy, Inc. PP

La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co. PP

La Mancha Resources Inc. PP

La Quinta Resources Corp. PP

La Ronge Gold Corp. PP

La Solucion, Inc. PP

LAB International Inc. PP

LAB Research, Inc. PP

Labopharm Inc. PP

Labrador Technologies Inc. PP

LabStyle Innovations Corp. PP

Lachlan Star Ltd. PP

Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc. PP

Lagasco Corp. PP

Lago Dourado Minerals Ltd. PP

LaJolla Pharmaceuticals Co. PP

Lake Shore Gold Corp. PP

Lake Victoria Mining Co., Inc. PP

Lakeland Bancorp, Inc. PP

Lakeland Industries, Inc. PP

Lakeland Resources Inc. PP

Lakes Entertainment, Inc. PP

Lakeside Minerals Inc. PP

Lakeside Steel Corp. PP

Lakeside Steel Inc. PP

Lakeview Hotel Real Estate Investment Trust PP

Lakota Resources Inc. PP

Lancashire Holdings Ltd. PP

Landdrill International Inc. PP

Lander Energy Corp. PP

Landis Energy Corp. PP

Landis Mining Corp. PP

Landmark Apartment Trust of America, Inc. PP

Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP PP

Landmark Oil & Gas Corp. PP

Lands End Resources Ltd. PP

Landstar Properties Inc. PP

Lanesborough Real Estate Investment Trust PP

Langer, Inc. PP

Language Access Network, Inc. PP

LanOptics Ltd. PP

Lantronix, Inc. PP

Lapis Technologies Inc. PP

LaPorte Bancorp, Inc. PP

Lara Exploration Ltd. PP

Laramide Resources Ltd. PP

Large Scale Biology Corp. PP

Largo Resources Ltd. PP

Las Vegas from Home Inc. PP

Las Vegas From Home.com Entertainment Inc. PP

Las Vegas Gaming, Inc. PP

Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. PP

Las Vegas Resorts Corp. PP

Las Vegas Sands Corp. PP

Laser Energetics, Inc. PP

LaserLock Technologies, Inc. PP

Lassonde Industries Inc. PP

Lateegra Gold Corp. PP

Lateral Capital Corp. PP

Latin America Ventures, Inc. PP

Latin American Minerals Inc. PP

Lattice Inc. PP

Laurentian Goldfields Ltd. PP

Laurion Mineral Exploration Inc. PP

Layne Christensen Co. PP

Lazard Ltd. PP

LCC International, Inc. PP

LDK Solar Co., Ltd. PP

Leader Energy Services Ltd. PP

Leading Brands, Inc. PP

Lear Corp. PP

Learnsoft Corp. PP

LeBoldus Capital Inc. PP

Lebon Gold Mines Ltd. PP

Lecere Corp. PP


LED Medical Diagnostics Inc. PP

Leeward Capital Corp. PP

Left Behind Games Inc. PP

Legacy Reserves LP PP

Legacy Wine & Spirits International Ltd. PP

Legal Life Plans, Inc. PP

Legend Gold Corp. PP

Legend International Holdings, Inc. PP

Legend Media, Inc. PP

Legend Oil and Gas, Ltd. PP

Legend Power Systems Inc. PP

Legg Mason, Inc. PP

Legumex Walker Inc. PP

Lehman Trikes, Inc. PP

Leisure Canada Inc. PP

Lemontonic Inc. PP

Lenco Mobile Inc. PP

LendingClub Corp. PP

Leo Motors, Inc. PP

LeoNovus Inc. PP

Lero Gold Corp. PP

Leroy Ventures Inc. PP

Lev Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Level 3 Communications Inc. PP

Level 3 Communications, Inc. PP

Level 3 Communications, Inc. PP

Level Vision Electronics Ltd. PP

Leviathan Minerals Group Inc. PP

Levon Resources Ltd. PP

Levy Acquisition Corp. PP

Lexam Explorations Inc. PP

Lexar Media Inc. PP

Lexaria Corp. PP

Lexicon Genetics Inc. PP

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

LexinFintech Holdings Ltd. PP

Lexington Corporate Properties Trust PP

Lexington Resources Inc. PP

Lexington Resources, Inc. PP

Lexon Technologies Inc. PP

LGC Skyrota Wind Energy Corp. PP

Li3 Energy, Inc. PP

Liberator Medical Holdings, Inc. PP

Liberator, Inc. PP

Liberty Coal Energy Corp. PP

Liberty Energy Corp. PP

Liberty Global, Inc. PP

Liberty Gold Corp. PP

Liberty Mines Inc. PP

Liberty Silver Corp. PP

Liberty Star Gold Corp. PP

Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp. PP

Life Sciences Institute Inc. PP

Life Stem Genetics, Inc. PP

Lifeline Therapeutics Inc. PP

LifePoint Inc. PP

Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc. PP

Lifevantage Corp. PP

Lightbridge Corp. PP

Lighting Science Group Corp. PP

Lighting Science Group Corp. PP

Lightning Gaming, Inc. PP

Lightning Poker, Inc. PP

LightPath Technologies Inc. PP

LightPath Technologies, Inc. PP

Lightscape Technologies Inc. PP

Lightspace Corp. PP

Lightwave Logic, Inc. PP

Lightyear Network Solutions Inc. PP

Lignol Energy Corp. PP

Lihir Gold Ltd. PP

Lihua International, Inc. PP

Lilis Energy Inc. PP


Lime Energy Co. PP

Lincoln Gold Corp. PP

Lincoln International Corp. PP

Lincoln Mining Corp. PP

Line Corp. PP

Linear Gold Corp. PP

Linear Metals Corp. PP

Lingo Media Inc. PP

Lingo Media Inc. PP

Link Resources, Inc. PP

Linkwell Corp. PP

Linn Energy, LLC PP

Linux Gold Corp. PP

Lion Biotechnologies, Inc. PP

Lion One Metals Ltd. PP

Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. PP

Lions Gate Lighting Corp. PP

Lions Gate Metals Inc. PP

Lipid Sciences, Inc. PP

Lipocine Inc. PP

Liquid Nutrition Group Inc. PP

Liquidation World PP

Liquidation World Inc. PP

Liquidmetal Technologies Inc. PP

Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. PP

Liquor Barn Income Fund PP

Liquor Stores Income Fund PP

Liska Biometry Inc. PP

Lite Access Technologies Inc. PP

LitFunding Corp. PP

Lithium Americas Corp. PP

Lithium Corp. PP

Lithium Exploration Group Inc. PP

Lithium Exploration Group, Inc. PP

Lithium One Inc. PP

Lithium Technology Corp. PP

Lithium X Energy Corp. PP

Little Squaw Gold Mining Co. PP

Littlefield Corp. PP

Liuyang Fireworks Ltd. PP

Live Current Media Inc. PP

Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. PP

LiveDeal, Inc. PP

Lixte Biotechnology Holdings, Inc. PP

LJ International Inc. PP

LKA Gold Inc. PP

LML Payment Systems Inc. PP

LMS Medical Systems Inc. PP

LNB Bancorp Inc. PP

LNG Energy Ltd. PP

Loblaw Cos. Ltd. PP

Local Corp. PP

Local.com Corp. PP

LocatePlus Holdings Corp. PP

Location Based Technologies, Inc. PP

Lochaird Energy Inc. PP

LodgeNet Entertainment Corp. PP

Logan Metals Inc. PP

Logan Resources Ltd. PP

Logibec Groupe Informatique Ltd. PP

Logic Devices Inc. PP

Logicom Inc. PP

LogicVision, Inc. PP

Logistical Support Inc. PP

Logistics Holdings International Inc. PP

Lomiko Metals Inc. PP

Loncor Resources Inc. PP

Lone Star Gold Inc. PP

Lonestar Resources US Inc. PP

Lonestar West Inc. PP

Long Harbour Exploration Corp. PP

Long Island Iced Tea Corp. PP

Long Run Exploration Ltd. PP

Long View Resources Corp. PP

Long-e International, Inc. PP

LongBow Energy Corp. PP

Longbow Resources Inc. PP

Longford Corp. PP

Longford Energy Inc. PP

Longhai Steel Inc. PP

Longport, Inc. PP

Longreach Oil and Gas Ltd. PP

Longview Capital Partners Inc. PP

Longview Resources Corp. PP

Longwei Petroleum Investment Holding Ltd. PP

Look Communications Inc. PP

Loon Energy Inc. PP

LoopNet, Inc. PP

Loral Space & Communications Inc. PP

Loreto Resources Corp. PP

Loretta Food Group Inc. PP

Lorex Technology Inc. PP

Lorian Capital Corp. PP

Lorne Park Capital Partners Inc. PP

Lorus Therapeutics Inc. PP

Los Andes Copper PP

Los Andes Copper Ltd. PP

Loton Corp. PP

Lotus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Loudeye Corp. PP

Lounor Exploration Inc. PP

Lounsberry Holdings I, Inc. PP

Lounsberry Holdings II, Inc. PP

Lounsberry Holdings III, Inc. PP

Lowell Copper Ltd. PP

Loxo Oncology, Inc. PP

Loyalist Group Ltd. PP

Lpath Therapeutics Inc. PP

Lpath, Inc. PP

LPT Capital Ltd. PP

LTC Properties, Inc. PP

LTS Nutraceuticals Inc. PP

Luca Capital Inc. PP

Lucara Diamond Corp. PP

Lucas Energy, Inc. PP

Lucid Entertainment Inc. PP

Lucky Boy Silver Corp. PP

Lucky Strike Resources Ltd. PP

Lucy’s Cafe, Inc. PP

Luiri Gold Ltd. PP

Luke Energy Ltd. PP

Lumenis Ltd. PP

Lumera Corp. PP

Lumina Copper Corp. PP

Luna Gold Corp. PP

Luna Technologies International, Inc. PP

Lund Gold Ltd. PP

Lundin Mining Corp. PP

Lupaka Gold Corp. PP

Lusora Healthcare Systems, Inc. PP

Lustros Inc PP

Lustros Inc. PP

Luxell Technologies Inc. PP

Luxeyard Inc. PP

Luxeyard, Inc. PP

LX Ventures Inc. PP

Lydian International Ltd. PP

LYFE Communications, Inc. PP

Lynch Corp. PP

Lynden Energy Corp. PP

Lynden Ventures Ltd. PP

Lyris, Inc. PP

Lyrtech Inc. PP

Lysander Minerals Corp. PP