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P-Com, Inc.

P.V. Nano Cell Ltd.


PA Resources AB

PAA Natural Gas Storage LP

PAB Bankshares, Inc.

Pac-West Telecomm, Inc.

PACEpartners Inc.

Pacer Health Corp.

Pacific & Western Bank of Canada

Pacific & Western Credit Corp.

Pacific Asia China Energy Inc.

Pacific Asia Petroleum Inc.

Pacific Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Pacific Biometrics Inc.

Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc.

Pacific Blue Energy Corp.

Pacific Booker Minerals Inc.

Pacific Capital Bancorp

Pacific Cascade Minerals Inc.

Pacific City Financial Corp.

Pacific CMA, Inc.

Pacific Coal Resources Ltd.

Pacific Coast National Bancorp.

Pacific Commerce Bank, NA

Pacific Comox Resources Ltd.

Pacific Continental Corp.

Pacific Drilling SA

Pacific Drilling V Ltd.

Pacific Energy Partners LP

Pacific Energy Resources Ltd.

Pacific Environment Ltd.

Pacific Environmental Sampling, Inc.

Pacific Ethanol, Inc.

Pacific Financial Corp.

Pacific Gold Corp.

Pacific Green Technologies Inc.

Pacific Harbour Capital Ltd.

Pacific Insight Electronics Corp.

Pacific Iron Ore Corp.

Pacific Lottery Corp.

Pacific Mercantile Bancorp

Pacific Monument Acquisition Corp.

Pacific North West Capital Corp.

Pacific Office Properties Trust, Inc.

Pacific Premier Bancorp, Inc.

Pacific Ridge Exploration Ltd.

Pacific Rim Mining Corp.

Pacific Rodera Energy Inc.

Pacific Safety Products Inc.

Pacific Special Acquisition Corp.

Pacific Star Network Ltd.

Pacific Stratus Energy Ltd.

Pacific Topaz Resources Ltd.

Pacific Valley Bank

Pacific Wildcat Resources Corp.

Pacific-Link Capital Inc.

Pacifica Resources Ltd.

Pacificap Entertainment Holdings Inc.

PacificHealth Laboratories Inc.

PacificNet Inc.

Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Packetport.com, Inc.

PackItGreen Holdings Corp.

PacWest Bancorp

Paget Minerals Corp.

PAID, Inc.

Pain Therapeutics Inc.

PainCare Holdings, Inc.

Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd.

Paladin Energy Ltd.

Paladin Resources Ltd.

Paladio Group Ltd.

Palamina Corp.

Palandri Ltd.

Palatin Technologies, Inc.

Pali Capital, Inc.

Palko Environmental Ltd.

Palladon Ventures Ltd.

Palliser Oil & Gas Corp.

Palm Harbor Homes Inc.

Palm, Inc.

Palmarejo Silver

Palmetto Bancshares, Inc.

Palomar Enterprises, Inc.

Pan African Mining Corp.

Pan African Resources plc

Pan American Bank

Pan American Gold Corp.

Pan American Goldfields Ltd.

Pan American Lithium Corp.

Pan Asia Corp. Ltd.

Pan Australian Resources Ltd.

Pan Global Resources Inc.

Pan Orient Energy Corp.

Pan Pacific Aggregates plc

Pan Terra Industries Inc.

Pan-Global Energy Ltd.

Pan-Nevada Gold Corp.

Panacos Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

PanAmerican Bancorp

PanAust Ltd.

Panax Geothermal Ltd.

Pancontinental Uranium Corp.

Panda Ethanol, Inc.

Panex Resources Inc.

Pangea DiamondFields plc

Panglobal Brands Inc.

Pangolin Diamonds Corp.

Panmure Gordon & Co. plc

Panoro Minerals Ltd.

Pantera Petroleum, Inc.

PanTerra Resource Corp.

Pantheon Resources plc

Panther Biotechnology, Inc.

PanWestern Energy Inc.

Papa Bello Enterprises Inc.

Papa Murphy's Holdings, Inc.

Papillon Resources Ltd.

Papuan Precious Metals Corp.

Papyrus Australia Ltd.

Par Pacific Holdings, Inc.

Par Petroleum Corp.

Parabel Inc.

Paradigm Holdings, Inc.

Paradigm Medical Industries, Inc.

Paradigm Oil & Gas, Inc.

Paradym Ventures Inc.

Parafin Corp.

Paragon Commercial Corp.

Paragon Minerals Corp.

Paragon Pharmacies Ltd.

Paragon Semitech USA, Inc.

Paragon Shipping Inc.

Parallel Media Group plc

Parallel Petroleum Corp.

Paramax Resources Ltd.

Parametric Sound Corp.

Paramount Energy Trust

Paramount Gold and Silver Corp.

Paramount Gold Mining Corp.

Paramount Mining Corp. Ltd.

Paramount Resources Ltd.

Paratek Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Parent Co.

Pareto Corp.

Paris Energy Inc.

Park City Group, Inc.

Park Lawn Corp.

Park National Corp.

Park Place Energy Corp.

Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Inc.

Parke Bancorp, Inc.

ParkerVision, Inc.

Parkit Enterprise Inc.

Parkland Fuel Corp.

Parkside Resources Corp.

Parkview Group, Inc.

Parkway Properties, Inc.

Parlane Resource Corp.

Parnell Pharmaceuticals Holdings Ltd.

Parsley Energy, Inc.

Parta Dialogue Inc.

Particle Drilling Technologies Inc.

Pasinex Resources Ltd.

Passport Energy Ltd.

Passport Potash Inc

Passur Aerospace, Inc.

Patagonia Gold plc

Patch International Inc.

Patent Enforcement and Royalties Ltd.

Path 1 Network Technologies Inc.

Patheon Inc.

Pathfinder Bancorp, Inc.

Pathfinder Cell Therapy, Inc.

Pathfinder Minerals plc

Pathfinder Resources Ltd.

Pathfinder, LLC

Pathmark Stores Inc.

Patient Access Solutions, Inc.

Patient Home Monitoring Corp.

Patient Infosystems Inc.

Patient Safety Technologies, Inc.

Patricia Mining Corp.

Patrick Industries, Inc.

Patriot Berry Farms, Inc.

Patriot Gold Corp.

Patriot Minefinders Inc.

Patriot Motorcycle Corp.

Patriot National Bancorp, Inc.

Patriot National Inc.

Patron Systems Inc.

Patrys Ltd.


Paulson Capital Corp.

Pavilion Energy Resources Inc.

Pavmed Inc.

Pawfect Foods, Inc.

Paws Pet Co.

Paws Pet Co., Inc.

Paxton Energy, Inc.

Pay Linx Financial Corp.

Pay88, Inc.

Paycom Software, Inc.

Payment Data Systems, Inc.

PayMeOn, Inc.

PayStar Corp.

Payzone plc

Pazoo, Inc.

PB Bancorp, Inc.

PBB Global Logistics Income Fund

PBF Logistics LP

PBS Holding, Inc.

PC Gold Inc.

PC Group, Inc.

PCI 1 Capital Corp.

PCMT Corp.

PCS Edventures!.com, Inc.

PDG Environmental, Inc.

PDI Inc.

PDM Royalties Income Fund

Peace Arch Entertainment Group Inc.

Peak Energy Services Trust

Peak Gold Ltd.

Peak Positioning Technologies Inc.

Peak Resorts, Inc.

Peak Resources Ltd.

Peapack-Gladstone Financial Corp.

Pearl Exploration and Production Ltd.

Peat Resources Ltd.

Pebble Creek Mining Ltd.

Pedevco Corp.

Pediapharm Inc.

Pediatric Prosthetics, Inc.

Pediment Exploration Ltd.

Pediment Gold Corp.

Peekay Boutiques, Inc.

Peer 1 Network Enterprises Inc.

Peer to Peer Network

Peerless Energy Inc.

PeerLogix, Inc.

PeerTV plc

Peet Ltd.

Pegasi Energy Resources Corp.

Pegasus Helicopter Group plc

Pegasus Oil & Gas Inc.

Pegasus Tel, Inc.

Pegasus Wireless Corp.

PEGG Capital AG

Pelangio Exploration Inc.

Pele Mountain Resources Inc.

Pele Mountain Resources Ltd.

Pelorus Energy Corp.

Pemberton Energy Ltd.

Pencari Mining Corp.

Pender International Inc.

Pendulum Capital Corp.

Penford Corp.

Peninsula Energy, Ltd.

Peninsula Minerals Ltd.

Peninsular Gold Ltd.

Penn National Gaming Inc.

Penn Traffic Co.

Penn Treaty American Corp.

Penn Virginia Corp.

Pennant Energy Inc.

PennantPark Floating Rate Capital Ltd.

Pennine Petroleum Corp.

Penny Auction Solutions, Inc.

PennyMac Financial Services, Inc.

Penrice Soda Holdings Ltd.

Penwest Pharmaceuticals Co.

People Corp.

Peoples Bancorp Inc.

Peoples BancTrust Co. Inc.

Peoples Community Bancorp, Inc.

PeopleString Corp.

People’s Liberation, Inc.

People’s Utah Bancorp

Pepcap Ventures Inc.

Peplin, Inc.

Pepper Rock Resources Corp.

Peregrine Diamonds Ltd.

Peregrine Energy Ltd.

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.

Perf Holdings, Inc.

Perf-Go Green Holdings, Inc.

Perfect Sting Racing Corp.

Perfectdata Corp.

Perfectenergy International Ltd.

Perfisans Holdings Inc.

Performant Financial Corp.

Perilya Ltd.

Perini Corp.

Perion Network Ltd.

Perisson Petroleum Corp.

Perk.com Inc.

Permission Marketing Solutions Inc.

Pernix Group, Inc.

Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.

Perpetual Industries Inc.

Perpetual Technologies, Inc.

Perseon Corp.

Perseus Mining Ltd.

Perseverance Corp. Ltd.

Pershimco Resources Inc.

Pershing Gold Corp.

Peru Copper Inc.

Peruvian Precious Metals Corp.

Peruvian Precious Metals Inc.

Pervasip Corp.

Pet Airways Inc.

Pet DRx Corp.

Petaquilla Copper Ltd.

Petaquilla Minerals Ltd.

PetLife Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Petra Diamonds Ltd.

Petra Petroleum Inc.

Petrel Resources plc

Petrichor Energy Inc.

Petro Andina Resources Inc.

Petro Field Industries Inc.

Petro Horizon Energy Corp.

Petro Matad Ltd.

Petro Novus AG

Petro One Energy Corp.

Petro Resources Corp.

Petro River Oil Corp.

Petro Uno Resources Ltd.

Petro Viking Energy Inc.

Petro Vista Energy Corp.

Petro-Reef Resources Ltd.

Petro-Victory Energy Corp.

PetroAlgae Inc.

Petroamerica Oil Corp.

Petrobank Energy and Resources Ltd.

Petrocapita Income Trust

Petroceltic International plc

Petrocorp Inc.

PetroFalcon Corp.

Petroflow Energy Ltd.

Petroforte International Ltd.

PetroFrontier Corp.

Petrogen Corp.

PetroGlobe Inc.

Petrohawk Energy Corp.

PetroHunter Energy Corp.

Petrojack ASA

Petrol Oil and Gas Inc.

PetroLatina Energy plc

Petroleum Geo-Services ASA

Petrolia Drilling ASA

Petrolia Inc.

Petrolifera Petroleum Ltd.

Petrolympic Ltd.

Petromanas Energy Inc.

Petromaroc Corp. plc

Petromin Resources Ltd.

Petron Energy II, Inc.

PetroNeft Resources plc

PetroNova Inc.

PetroQuest Energy, Inc.

PetroSands Resources (Canada) Inc.

Petrosearch Energy Corp.

PetroShale Inc.

PetroShare Corp.

Petrosonic Energy, Inc.

Petrosouth Energy Corp.

Petrostar Petroleum Corp.

PetroSun, Inc.

Petroterra Corp.

Petrowest Corp.

PetroWorld Corp.

PetroWorth Resources Inc.

Petrox Capital Corp.

Petrox Resources Corp.

Petrus Resources Ltd.

PetVivo Holdings, Inc.

PF Hospitality Group, Inc.

Pfenex Inc.

PFF Bancorp Inc.

Pfizer Inc.

PFO Global, Inc.

PFSweb, Inc.

PGM Ventures Corp.

Phage Genomics Inc.

Phantom Fiber Corp.

PharmaCan Capital Corp.

Pharmaceutical Formulations, Inc.

Pharmacopeia Drug Discovery Inc.

Pharmacyclics, Inc.

PharmaCyte Biotech, Inc.

PharmaFrontiers Corp.

PharmaGap Inc.

Pharmagen, Inc.

Pharmasset, Inc.

PharmAthene Inc.

Pharmaxis Ltd.

PharmEng International Inc.

Pharmexa A/S

Pharming Group NV

Pharmos Corp.

Phase III Medical, Inc.

Phase Separation Solutions Inc.

PhaseRx, Inc.

PHC, Inc.

Pheromone Sciences Corp.

PHI Group, Inc.

Phillips-Van Heusen Corp.

Phoenician Fund Corp. I

Phoenician Holdings Corp.

Phoenix Aerospace, Inc.

Phoenix Capital Income Trust

Phoenix International Ventures, Inc.

Phoenix Matachewan Mines Inc.

Phoenix Oilfield Hauling Inc.

Phoenix Technologies Ltd.

Phonetime Inc.

Phoqus Group plc

Phorm, Inc.

PhosCan Chemical Corp.

Phosphagenics Ltd.

PhotoChannel Networks Inc.

PhotoMedex Inc.

Photon Control Inc.

Photon Group Ltd.

PhotonStar LED Group plc

PhotoWorks Inc.

PHX Energy Services Corp.

Phylogica Ltd.

Phynova Group plc

Physicians Realty Trust

Physiometrix Inc.

PhytoLabs, Inc.

PhytoMedical Technologies, Inc.

Phytopharm plc

Pico Holdings, Inc.

pieNetworks Ltd.

Pienza Petroleum Inc.

Pieris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Pike Electric Corp.

Pilat Media Global plc

Pilot Energy Ltd.

Pilot Gold Inc.

Pimi Agro CleanTech, Inc.

Pine Cliff Energy Ltd.

Pine Valley Mining Corp.

Pineapple Express, Inc.

Pinecrest Resources Ltd.

Pinestar Gold Inc.

Pinetree Capital Ltd.

Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc.

Pinnacle Developments Inc.

Pinnacle Entertainment Inc.

Pinnacle Financial Partners Inc.

Pinnacle Mines Ltd.

Pinpoint Advance Corp.

Pioneer Bancshares, Inc.

Pioneer Nickel Ltd.

Pioneer Power Solutions, Inc.

Pipe Networks Ltd.

Pipehawk plc

Pipeline Data Inc.

Piper Capital Inc.

Pipex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Piquant Blue Ltd.

Pitchblack Resources Ltd.

Pitchstone Exploration Ltd.

Pitooey!, Inc.

Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Pivotal Therapeutics Inc.

PivX Solutions Inc.

Pixel Interactive Media Ltd.

Pixelworks Inc.

Pixman Nomadic Media Inc.

Pizza Inn Holdings, Inc.

Pizza Pizza Royalty Income Fund

PJX Resources Inc.

Plains All American Pipeline LP

Plains Creek Phosphate Corp.

Plains Exploration & Production Co. LP

Plandai Biotechnology, Inc.

Planet Exploration Inc.

Planet Group Inc.

Planet Payment Inc.

Planet Technologies, Inc.

PlanetOut Inc.

Planktos Corp.

Plant Impact plc

Plasma Environmental Technologies Inc.

PlasmaTech Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

Plastic2Oil, Inc.

Plastinum Polymer Technologies Corp.

Plata Latina Minerals Corp.

Plateau Uranium Inc.

Platform Resources Inc.

Platform Resources Ltd.

Platform Specialty Products Corp.

Platina Energy Group Inc.

Platina Resources Ltd.

Platinex Inc.

Platinum Australia Ltd.

Platinum Communications Corp.

Platinum Energy Solutions, Inc.

Platinum Group Metals Ltd.

Platinum Research Organization, Inc.

Platinum Studios, Inc.

Platmin Ltd.

Plato Gold Corp.

Players Network

Playfair Mining Ltd.

Playlogic Entertainment, Inc.

Playtech Ltd.

Plaza Bank

Plazacorp Retail Properties Ltd.

PLC Systems Inc.

Plectrum Petroleum plc

Plethora Solutions Holdings PLC

Plexmar Resources Inc.

Plexus Holdings plc

PLH Products, Inc.

Plug Power Inc.

Plures Technologies Inc.

Pluristem Life Systems Inc.

Pluristem Therapeutics Inc.

PLUS Markets Group plc

Plutonic Capital Inc.

Plutonic Power Corp.

PLx Pharma Inc.

Plymouth Realty Capital Corp.


PMI Construction Group

PMI Gold Corp.

PMI Ventures Ltd.


Pneutech, Inc.,

PNG Gold Corp.

PNG Ventures, Inc.

PNM Resources, Inc.

PNO Resources Ltd.

Po Valley Energy Ltd.

Poage Bankshares, Inc.

Pocaterra Energy Inc.

Pocket Games Inc.

POCML 3 Inc.

POET Technologies Inc.

Point Capital, Inc.

Point Therapeutics, Inc.

Pointer Telocation Ltd.

Points International Ltd.

Pointstar Entertainment Corp.

PokerTek, Inc.

Polar Petroleum Corp.

Polar Power, Inc.

Polar Star Mining Corp.

Polarcus Ltd.

Polaris Geothermal Inc.

Polaris Minerals Corp.

Polartechnics Ltd.

Polo Resources Ltd.

Polonia Bancorp, Inc.

Poly Shield Technologies Inc.

Poly-Pacific International Inc.

Polyair Inter Pack Inc.

PolyMedix Inc.

PolyMet Mining Corp.

PolyPid Ltd.

Poniard Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Pop N Go Inc.

Poplar Creek Resources, Inc.

POPstar Communications, Inc.

Portage Biotech Inc.

Portage Minerals Inc.

Portal Resources Ltd.

Porter Bancorp, Inc.

Portex Minerals Inc.

Portland Gas plc

Portland Orthopaedics Ltd.

Portus Holdings, Inc.

Poseidis, Inc.

Poseidon Nickel Ltd.

Posera-HDX Ltd.

PositiveID Corp.

Positron Corp.

PostRock Energy Corp.

Potash North Resource Corp.

Potash One Inc.

Potash Ridge Corp.

Potbelly Corp.

Pounder Venture Capital Corp.

Powder River Coal Corp.

Power Air Corp.

Power Efficiency Corp.

Power Medical Interventions, Inc.

Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc.

Power One Inc.

Power Play Art Ltd.

Power REIT

Power Solutions International, Inc.

Power Tech Corp. Inc.

Power Technology, Inc.

Power2Ship, Inc.

Power3 Medical Products Inc.

Powerflute Oyj

Powerhouse Technologies Group Inc.

PowerLinx Inc.

PowerSecure International, Inc.

Powerstar International Inc.

Powerstorm Holdings Inc.

Powertech Industries Inc.

Powertech Uranium Corp.

PowerVerde, Inc.

Powerwave Technologies Inc.

Poydras Gaming Finance Corp.

Poynt Corp.

Pozen Inc.

PPOL, Inc.

PRA Holdings, Inc.

PracticeXpert, Inc.

Praemium Ltd.

Prairie Downs Metals Ltd.

Prairie Plant Systems Inc.

Prairie Schooner Petroleum Ltd.

PrairieSky Royalty Ltd.

Prana Biotechnology Ltd.

PRB Energy, Inc.

PRB Gas Transportation, Inc.

PRD Energy Inc.

Precious Metals Australia Ltd.

Precious Woods Holding AG

Precipitate Gold Corp.

Precise Biometrics AB

Precision Aerospace Components, Inc.

Precision Assessment Technology Corp.

Precision Drilling Trust

Precision Enterprises, Inc.

Precision Optics Corp., Inc.

Preferred Apartment Communities, Inc.

Preferred Bank

Premara Financial, Inc.

PreMD Inc.

Premier Alliance Group, Inc.

Premier Biomedical Inc.

Premier Diagnostic Health Service Inc.

Premier Diagnostic Health Services Inc.

Premier Direct Group plc

Premier Diversified Holdings Inc.

Premier Exhibitions, Inc.

Premier Gold Mines Ltd.

Premier Holding Corp.

Premier Pacific Construction, Inc.

Premier Power Renewable Energy, Inc.

Premium Exploration, Inc.

Premium Petroleum Corp.

Preo Software Inc.

Presbia plc

Prescient Applied Intelligence Inc.

Prescient NeuroPharma Inc.

President Petroleum Co. plc

Presidion Corp.

Press Ventures Inc.

Pressure BioSciences, Inc.

Prestige Telecom Inc.

Pretium Capital Corp.

Pretium Resources Inc.

Preventia Inc.

Prezzo plc

PRGX Global Inc.

PriceSmart, Inc.

Prima Colombia Hardwood Inc.

Prima Diamond Corp.

Primal Solutions, Inc.

Primaris Retail Real Estate Investment Trust

Primary Health Care Ltd.

Primary Health Properties plc

Primco Management Inc.

Prime Acquisition Corp.

Prime Global Capital Group Inc.

Prime Infrastructure Group

Prime Meridian Holding Co.

Prime Resource, Inc.

Prime Sun Power Inc.

PrimeGen Energy Corp.

PrimeHoldings.com Inc.

Primelife Corp. Ltd.

Primeline Energy Holdings Inc.

Primera Energy Resources Ltd.

PrimeWest Mortgage Investment Corp.

Primo Water Corp.

Primus Telecommunications Group, Inc.

Prince Resource Corp.

PrinceRidge Group LLC

Princeton Review Inc.

Principal Solar Inc.

Priortech Ltd.

Prism Medical Ltd.

Prism Resources Inc.

Private Access, Inc.

Private Business Inc.

PrivateBancorp Inc.

Privileged World Travel Club, Inc.

Prize Mining Corp.

Pro Gaming League Inc.

Pro Minerals Inc.

PRO Real Estate Investment Trust

Pro-Dex Inc.

Pro-Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Pro-Spect-Or Resources Inc.

Pro-Trans Ventures Inc.

Probability plc

Probe Manufacturing Inc.

Probe Metals Inc.

Probe Mines Ltd.

Probe Resources Ltd.

Probiomics Ltd.

Probiotec Ltd.

Procera Networks Inc.

Process Capital Corp.

Process Photonics Inc.

Procyon Biopharma Inc.

Prodigy Gold Inc.

Producers Oilfield Services Inc.

ProElite, Inc.

ProEx Energy Ltd.

Profectus BioSciences, Inc.

Professional Diversity Network, Inc.

Professional Diversity Network, LLC

Profile Technologies, Inc.

Profire Energy, Inc.

Profound Energy Inc.

Profound Medical Inc.

Progen Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc.

ProGreen Properties, Inc.

Progressive Care Inc.

Progressive Digital Media Group plc

Progressive Gaming International Corp.

ProLink Holdings Corp.

ProLink Holdings, Inc.

ProLink Solutions, LLC

Prolor Biotech, Inc.

ProMana Solutions, Inc.

Prometheus Energy Co.

ProMetic Life Sciences Inc.

Prominex Resource Corp.

Promis Neurosciences Inc.

ProNAi Therapeutics, Inc.

ProntoForms Corp.

Proofpoint, Inc.

Propanc Health Group Corp.

Propell Corp.

Propell Technologies Group, Inc.

Property Perfect PCL

ProPhase Labs, Inc.

Prophecy Coal Corp.

Prophecy Development Corp.

Prophecy Platinum Corp.

Prophecy Resource Corp.

ProQR Therapeutics BV

Prosensa Holding BV

ProSep Inc.

Prospect Capital Corp.

Prospect Global Resources Inc.

Prospector Offshore Drilling SA

Prosper Gold Corp.

Prosper Marketplace, Inc.

Prosperity Goldfields Corp.

Prospero Silver Corp.

ProspEx Resources Ltd.

ProStrakan Group plc

Prosys Tech Corp.

Protagonist Therapeutics, Inc.

Protalex, Inc.

Protalix Biotherapeutics, Inc.

Protalix Ltd.

Protea Biosciences Group, Inc.

Protein Design Labs Inc.

Protein Polymer Technologies, Inc.


Proteome Systems Ltd.

Proteon Therapeutics, Inc.

Proteonomix Inc.

Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc.

Protext Mobility Inc.

Proto Labs, Inc

Protocall Technologies Inc.

ProtoKinetix Inc.

Proton Laboratories, Inc.

Proton Power Systems plc

Protox Therapeutics Inc.

ProUroCare Medical Inc.

Provectus Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

Provectus Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Proventec plc

Proventure Income Fund

Provexis plc

Providence Diamond Corp.

Providence Resources plc

Providence Resources, Inc.

Providence Service Corp.

Provident Bancorp, Inc.

Provident Bankshares Corp.

Provident New York Bancorp

Providential Holdings Inc.

Provision Holding Inc.

Proxim Corp.

Proxim Wireless Corp.

Proximagen Neuroscience plc

Prudential Bancorp, Inc. of Pennsylvania

Prudential Financial Inc.

Pryme Oil & Gas Ltd.

PS Business Parks Inc.

PSB Group, Inc.


PSi Technologies Holdings, Inc.

PsiNaptic Inc.

pSivida Corp.

pSivida Ltd.

PSM Holdings, Inc.

Psychic Friends Network Inc.

PTC Therapeutics, Inc.

Public Media Works Inc.

Puda Coal, Inc.

Pudo Inc.

Puget Energy, Inc.

Puget Ventures Inc.

Pulaski Financial Corp.

Pulse Beverage Corp.

Pulse Biosciences, Inc.

Pulse Data Inc.

Pulse Evolution Corp.

Pulse Health Ltd.

Pulse Network, Inc.

Pulte Acquisition Corp.

Puma Biotechnology, Inc.

Puma Exploration Inc.

Puma Hotels plc

Punch International NV

Pura Vida Energy NL

Puradyn Filter Technologies Inc.

Puramed Bioscience Inc.

Purcell Energy Ltd.

Purchase Point Media Corp.

Pure Biofuels Corp.

Pure Bioscience

Pure Bioscience, Inc.

Pure Cycle Corp.

Pure Diamonds Exploration Inc.

Pure Earth, Inc.

Pure Energy Minerals Ltd.

Pure Energy Visions Corp.

Pure Gold Minerals Inc.

Pure Gold Mining Inc.

Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust

Pure Nickel Inc.

Pure Technologies Inc.

Pure Technologies Ltd.

Pure Vanilla eXchange, Inc.

PureCircle Ltd.

PureDepth, Inc.

Purepoint Uranium Group Inc.

PureSafe Water Systems, Inc.

PureSpectrum, Inc.

PuriCore plc

Purple Beverage Co., Inc.

Purple Communications, Inc.

Pursuit Dynamics plc

PW Eagle, Inc.

PWC Capital Inc.

PXRE Group Ltd.

Pyng Medical Corp.

PYR Energy Corp.

Pyramid Petroleum Inc.

PyroGenesis Canada Inc.

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