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T-Rex Oil Inc. PP

T3 Motion, Inc PP

T3 Motion, Inc. PP

Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc. PP

Tag Entertainment Corp. PP

TAG Oil Ltd. PP

Tag-It Pactific Inc. PP

Tagalder Global Investment, Inc. PP

Taggart Capital Corp. PP

Tagish Lake Gold Corp. PP

Tahera Diamond Corp. PP

Taipan Resources Inc. PP

Takara Resources Inc. PP

Takedown Entertainment Inc. PP

Taku Gold Corp. PP

Takung Art Co., Ltd. PP

Tallgrass Energy Corp. PP

Talon International, Inc. PP

Talon International, Inc./Fifth Avenue Diversified Inc. PP

Talon Metals Corp. PP

Talon Therapeutics Inc. PP

Talon Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Tamandare Explorations Inc. PP

Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd. PP

Tamarack Ventures Inc. PP

Tamerlane Ventures Inc. PP

Tamir Biotechnology, Inc. PP

Tan Range Exploration Corp. PP

Tanager Energy Inc. PP

Tanganyika Oil Co. Ltd. PP

Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc. PP

Tango Energy Inc. PP

Tango Mining Ltd. PP

Tank Sports, Inc. PP

Tankless Systems Worldwide, Inc. PP

Tanqueray Resources Ltd. PP

Tantalex Resources Corp. PP

Tantech Holdings Ltd. PP

Tanzania Minerals Corp. PP

Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp. PP

TAO Minerals, Ltd. PP

Tapango Resources Ltd. PP

Tapestry Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

TapImmune Inc. PP

TapImmune, Inc. PP

Tapinator Inc. PP

Tara Gold Resources Corp. PP

Tara Minerals Corp PP

Taranis Resources Inc. PP

Targa Resources Corp. PP

Target Exploration and Mining Corp. PP

Targeted Genetics Corp. PP

Targeted Microwave Solutions Inc. PP

Tarpon Industries, Inc. PP

Tarquin Group Inc. PP

Tarrant Apparel Group PP

Tarsis Capital Corp. PP

Tarsis Resources Ltd. PP

Tartan Energy Inc. PP

Taseko Mines Ltd. PP

Tasex Capital Ltd. PP

Tasker Capital Corp. PP

Tasker Products Corp. PP

Tasman Metals Ltd. PP

Tauriga Sciences, Inc. PP

Tawsho Mining Inc. PP

TaxMasters, Inc. PP

Taylor Capital Group Inc. PP

Taylor Capital Group, Inc. PP

Taylor Madison Corp. PP

TBS International Ltd. PP

TC PipeLines, LP PP

TCP Capital Corp. PP

TeamStaff Inc. PP

TearLab Corp. PP

Tech Laboratories, Inc. PP

TechAlt Inc. PP

Techalt, Inc. PP

TechCana Inc. PP

TechMedia Advertising Inc. PP

Technest Holdings, Inc. PP

Technical Ventures RX Corp. PP

Technicoil Corp. PP

TechniScan, Inc. PP

TechnoConcepts, Inc. PP

Technology Integration Group, Inc. PP

Teck Resources Ltd. PP

Tecnoglass Inc. PP

Tecogen Inc. PP

Teekay Corp. PP

Teekay LNG Partners LP PP

Teekay Offshore GP LLC PP

Teekay Offshore Partners LP PP

Teekay Tankers Ltd. PP

Tejon Ranch Co. PP

Tekoil & Gas Corp. PP

Telanetix, Inc. PP

Telatinos Inc. PP

TelcoPlus Enterprises Inc. PP

Telecom Communications Inc. PP

Telecomm Sales Network, Inc. PP

TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. PP

Telegraph Gold Inc. PP

Teleplus Enterprises, Inc. PP

Teleplus World, Corp. PP

Telesta Therapeutics Inc. PP

Telestone Technologies Corp. PP

Telferscot Resources Inc. PP

Telik Inc. PP

Telkonet, Inc. PP

Telular Corp. PP

Telvent Git, SA PP

Telzuit Medical Technologies, Inc. PP

Tembo Gold Corp. PP

Temecula Valley Bancorp Inc. PP

Temex Resources Corp. PP

Tempest Energy Corp. PP

Temple Hotels Inc. PP

Temple Real Estate Investment Trust PP

Tenajon Resources Corp. PP

Tenergy Ltd. PP

Tenex Health Inc. PP

TenFold Corp. PP

Tengion, Inc. PP

Tengtu International Corp. PP

Tenke Mining Corp. PP

Tennessee Commerce Bancorp, Inc. PP

TenthGate Inc. PP

Tequila Minerals Corp. PP

Terabeam, Inc. PP

Teranga Gold Corp. PP

Teras Resources Inc. PP

Terax Energy Inc. PP

Tercica, Inc. PP

Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc. PP

Terra Energy Corp. PP

Terra Firma Capital Corp. PP

Terra Nostra Resources Corp. PP

Terra Nova Energy Ltd. PP

Terra Nova Gold Corp. PP

Terra Nova Minerals Inc. PP

Terra Tech Corp. PP

Terra Ventures Inc. PP

TerraBioGen Technologies Inc. PP

Terrace Energy Corp. PP

Terrace Ventures Inc. PP

Terraco Gold Corp. PP

TerraForm Global Inc. PP

TerraForm Power, Inc. PP

Terrane Metals Corp. PP

TerraX Minerals Inc. PP

Terrax Minerals Inc. PP

Terremark Worldwide, Inc. PP

Terreno Resources Corp. PP

TerreStar Corp. PP

Terrex Energy Inc. PP

Tesaro, Inc. PP

Tesla Motors Inc. PP

Tesla Motors, Inc. PP

Teslin River Resources Corp. PP

Tesoro Minerals Corp. PP

Tethys Petroleum Ltd. PP

Teton Energy Corp. PP

Teuton Resources Corp. PP

Texada Capital Corp. PP

Texada Software Inc. PP

Texalta Petroleum Ltd. PP

Texas Capital Bancshares, Inc. PP

Texas Gas & Oil Inc. PP

Texas Rare Earth Resources Corp. PP

Texas South Energy, Inc. PP

TexCom, Inc. PP

Texhoma Energy, Inc. PP

Textmunication Holdings, Inc. PP

TG World Energy Corp. PP

TGR Financial, Inc. PP

The Bancorp, Inc. PP

The Bank Holdings PP

The Grilled Cheese Truck, Inc. PP

The9 Ltd. PP

Theater Xtreme Entertainment Group, Inc. PP

TheGlobe.com Inc. PP

Thelon Capital Ltd. PP

Thelon Ventures Ltd. PP

Themac Resources Group Ltd. PP

Theralase Technologies Inc. PP

TherapeuticsMD Inc. PP

TherapeuticsMD, Inc. PP

Theravance Biopharma Inc PP

Theravance Biopharma Inc. PP

Theravance Inc. PP

Theravance, Inc. PP

TheRetirementSolution.com, Inc. PP

Therma-Wave, Inc. PP

Thermal Energy International Inc. PP

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. PP

ThermoCeramix Corp. PP

ThermoEnergy Corp. PP

ThermoGenesis Corp. PP

TheStreet.com, Inc. PP

Think Holdings SA PP

Think Partnership Inc. PP

ThinkEngine Networks, Inc. PP

Thinkpath Inc. PP

Third Wave Technologies, Inc. PP

Thomas Equipment Inc. PP

Thomas Properties Group, Inc. PP

Thomson PP

Thor Explorations Ltd. PP

Thornburg Mortgage, Inc. PP

Thoroughbred Capital Inc. PP

Threegold Resources Inc. PP

Threshold Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Threshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

THT Heat Transfer Technology, Inc. PP

Thunder Energy Inc. PP

Thunder Mountain Gold, Inc. PP

Thunder Sword Resources Inc. PP

Thunderbird Energy Corp. PP

Thundermin Resources Inc. PP

Tianli Agritech, Inc. PP

Tianyin Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. PP

TIB Financial Corp. PP

Tidel Technologies Inc. PP

Tidelands Oil & Gas Corp. PP

Tidelands Oil & Gas, Inc. PP

Tierra Grande Resources Inc. PP

Tiex Inc. PP

Tiger Resources Ltd. PP

Tiger Telematics Inc. PP

Tiger Telematics, Inc. PP

Tigray Resources Inc. PP

Tigris Uranium Corp. PP

Tilting Capital Corp. PP

Timbercreek Mortgage Investment Corp. PP

Timbercreek Senior Mortgage Investment Corp. PP

Timberjack Sporting Supplies Inc. PP

Timberline Resources Corp. PP

TimberWest Forest Corp. PP

Time America, Inc. PP

Times Three Wireless Inc. PP

Timia Capital Corp. PP

Timminco Ltd. PP

Timmins Gold Corp. PP

Tinka Resources Ltd. PP

TintinaGold Resources Inc. PP

TIO Networks Corp. PP

Tiomin Resources Inc. PP

Tipperary Corp. PP

TIR Systems Ltd. PP

Tirex Resources Ltd. PP

Tissera, Inc. PP

Titan Energy Worldwide, Inc. PP

Titan Exploration Ltd. PP

Titan Global Holdings, Inc. PP

Titan Iron Ore Corp. PP

Titan Logix Corp. PP

Titan Medical Inc. PP

Titan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Titan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Titan Trading Analytics Inc. PP

Titan Uranium Inc. PP

Titanium Corp. Inc. PP

Titanium Group Ltd. PP

Titanium Transportation Group PP

Titanium Transportation Group Inc. PP

TiVo Inc. PP

Tix Corp. PP

TK Star Design Inc. PP

TLC Ventures Corp. PP

Tm Bioscience Corp. PP

TMAC Resources Inc. PP

TMM, Inc. PP

TNR Gold Corp. PP

TNX Television Holdings Inc. PP

Toachi Mining Inc. PP

Toba Industries Ltd. PP

Tom Exploration Inc. PP

TomaGold Corp. PP

TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc. PP

Tompkins Capital Trust I (Tompkins Financial Corp.) PP

Tonbridge Power Inc. PP

Tone Resources Ltd. PP

Tonga Capital Corp. PP

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. PP

Tootie Pie Co., Inc. PP

Top Image Systems Ltd. PP

Top Ships Inc. PP

TOP Tankers Inc. PP

Toptent Inc. PP

TOR Minerals International, Inc. PP

Torbay Holdings Inc. PP

TORC Oil & Gas Ltd. PP

Torch River Resources Ltd. PP

Torchlight Energy Resources, Inc. PP

Toreador Resources Corp. PP

Toreador Resources Corp. PP

Tornado Gold International Corp. PP

Toro Oil & Gas Ltd. PP

Torquay Oil Corp. PP

Torrent Energy Corp. PP

Torvec, Inc. PP

Tosca Mining Corp. PP

Toscana Energy Income Corp. PP

Total Energy Services Trust PP

Touchpoint Metrics, Inc. PP

Touchstone Applied Science Associates Inc. PP

Touchstone Exploration Inc. PP

Touchstone Resources Ltd. PP

Touchstone Resources USA, Inc. PP

Tourmaline Oil Corp. PP

Tournament Energy Ltd. PP

Tournigan Energy Ltd. PP

Tournigan Gold Corp. PP

Tower Energy Ltd. PP

Tower Financial Corp. PP

Tower Group, Inc. PP

Tower Resources Ltd. PP

Tower Semiconductor Ltd. PP

Tower Tech Holdings Inc. PP

Towerstream Corp. PP

Toyzap.com, Inc. PP

TPG Specialty Lending, Inc. PP


TraceGuard Technologies, Inc. PP

Traceguard Technologies, Inc. PP

Trade Street Residential, Inc. PP

Trade Winds Ventures Inc. PP

Tradequest International, Inc. PP

Tradeshow Marketing Co., Ltd. PP

Trafalgar Energy Ltd. PP

Trafina Energy Ltd. PP

Trans National Minerals Inc. PP

Trans World Corp. PP

Trans-Lux Corp. PP

Trans-Orient Petroleum Ltd. PP

Trans-Siberian Gold plc PP

TransAct Energy Corp. PP

TransAKT Ltd. PP

TransAlta Corp. PP

TransAmerican Energy Inc. PP

Transatlantic Mining Corp. PP

TransAtlantic Petroleum Corp. PP

TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd. PP

Transax International Ltd. PP

Transax International, Ltd. PP

Transbiotec, Inc. PP

Transcendent One, Inc. PP

Transco Resources Corp. PP

TransCoastal Corp. PP

Transdel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Transeastern Power Trust PP

Transeuro Energy Corp. PP

TransForce Inc. PP

TransGaming Inc. PP

Transgenomic Inc. PP

Transgenomic, Inc. PP

Transglobal Assets, Inc. PP

Transition Metals Corp. PP

Transition Therapeutics Inc. PP

Transmeridian Exploration Inc. PP

TransMeridian Exploration Inc. PP

Transmeta Corp. PP

Transnational Automotive Group, Inc. PP

Transnational Financial Network, Inc. PP

Transnational Group, Inc. PP

Transocean Inc. PP

TransTechnology Corp. PP

TranSwitch Corp. PP

Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc. PP

Tranzyme Inc. PP

Travelzoo Inc. PP

Traverse Energy Ltd. PP

Traxion Energy Inc. PP

TRC Cos. Inc. PP

Treasury Metals Inc. PP

Treat Systems Inc. PP

Tree Island Wire Income Fund PP

Tree.com, Inc. PP

Trelawney Mining and Exploration Inc. PP

Trelawney Resources Inc. PP

Trend Mining Co. PP

Trestle Holdings, Inc. PP

Trevali Mining Corp. PP

Trevali Resources Corp. PP

Trevena, Inc. PP

Tri Origin Exploration Ltd. PP

Tri-County Financial Corp. PP

Tri-Gold Resources Corp. PP

Tri-Isthmus Group, Inc. PP

Tri-Mark Mfg., Inc. PP

Tri-River Ventures Inc. PP

Tri-S Security Corp. PP

Tri-Valley Bank PP

Tri-Valley Corp. PP

Tri-Vision International Ltd. PP

Triangle Petroleum Corp PP

Triangle Petroleum Corp. PP

Triant Holdings Inc. PP

TriAusMin Ltd. PP

Triausmin Ltd. PP

Tribune Minerals Corp. PP

Tribune Publishing Co. PP

Tribune Resource Corp. PP

Tribute Minerals Inc. PP

Tribute Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. PP

Tribute Resources Inc. PP

Tricell Inc. PP

Trico Marine Services Inc. PP

Trident Brands Inc. PP

Triex Minerals Corp. PP

Trig Acquisition 1, Inc. PP

Trigon Exploration Canada Ltd. PP

Trigon Uranium Corp. PP

Trilliant Exploration Corp. PP

Triloch Resources Inc. PP

Trilogy Metals Inc. PP

Trim Holding Group PP

Trimax Corp. PP

TriMedia Entertainment Group, Inc. PP

Trimedyne, Inc. PP

Trimel Pharmaceuticals Corp. PP

TriMetals Mining Inc. PP

Trimox Energy Inc. PP

TrinCan Capital Corp. PP

Trinity Biotech plc PP

Trinity Capital Corp. PP

Trinity Learning Corp. PP

Trinity Place Holdings Inc. PP

Trinity Plumas Capital Corp. PP

Trinity Valley Energy Corp. PP

TriNorth Capital Inc. PP

Trinsic, Inc. PP

Trio Gold Corp. PP

TriOil Ltd. PP

Tripath Technology Inc. PP

Triple 8 Energy Ltd. PP

Triple Crown Petroleum Ltd. PP

Tripos, Inc. PP

TriStar Gold Inc. PP

TriStar Oil & Gas Ltd. PP

Triton Distribution Systems, Inc. PP

Triton Emission Solutions Inc. PP

Triton Energy Corp. PP

Triumph Gold Corp. PP

Triumph Ventures III Corp. PP

Trius Therapeutics, Inc. PP

TRM Corp. PP

Troon Ventures Ltd. PP

Trovagene Inc. PP

Troymet Exploration Corp. PP

Trubion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

True Drinks Holdings, Inc. PP

True Gold Mining Inc. PP

True North Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust PP

True North Corp. PP

True North Energy Corp. PP

True North Gems Inc. PP

Trueclaim Exploration Inc. PP

Trueclaim Exploration, Inc. PP

TrueContext Mobile Solutions Corp. PP

TrueStar Petroleum Corp. PP

TrueYou.com Inc. PP

TrueYou.Com, Inc. PP

Trulan Resources Inc. PP

Trulite, Inc. PP

Trunity Holdings, Inc. PP

Trust Licensing Inc. PP

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. PP

Trxade Group Inc. PP

Trycera Financial Inc. PP

TSO3 Inc. PP

Tsodilo Resources Ltd. PP

TSS, Inc. PP

TTI Telecom International Ltd. PP

TTM Resources Inc. PP

Tube Media Corp. PP

Tuckamore Capital Management Inc. PP

Tudor Corp. Ltd. PP

Tudor Gold Corp. PP

Tumi Resources Ltd. PP

Tungsten Corp. PP

Tuniu Corp. PP

Turbine Truck Engines Inc. PP

TurboSonic Technologies, Inc. PP

Turinco, Inc. PP

Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd. PP

Turtle Beach Corp. PP

Tuscany Energy Ltd. PP

TUSK Energy Corp. PP

Tusk Energy Corp. PP

Tut Systems, Inc. PP

Tutogen Medical, Inc. PP

TVAX Biomedical, Inc. PP

TVI Pacific Inc. PP

Tvia, Inc. PP

Twenty-Seven Capital Corp. PP

Twin Butte Energy Ltd. PP

Twin Glacier Resources Ltd./Dolly Varden Silver Ltd. PP

Twin Mining Corp. PP

Twinlab Consolidated Holdings Inc. PP

TWL Corp. PP

Two Rivers Water & Farming Co. PP

Two Rivers Water Co. PP

Twoco Petroleums Ltd. PP

TXCO Resources Inc. PP

TXP Corp. PP

Tyhee Development Corp. PP

Tyhee Gold Corp. PP

Tyler Resources Inc. PP

Tyme Technologies, Inc. PP

Tyner Resources Ltd. PP

Typhoon Exploration Inc. PP

Typhoon Touch Technologies, Inc. PP

U.S Energy Systems, Inc. PP

U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc. PP

U.S. Dry Cleaning Corp. PP

U.S. Dry Cleaning Services Corp. PP

U.S. Energy Corp. PP

U.S. Farms, Inc. PP

U.S. Geothermal Inc. PP

U.S. Gold Corp. PP

U.S. Helicopter Corp. PP

U.S. Medsys Corp. PP

U.S. Oil and Gas Resources Inc. PP

U.S. Precious Metals, Inc. PP

U.S. Rare Earths, Inc. PP

U.S. Restaurant Properties, Inc. PP

U.S. Shipping Partners LP PP

U.S. Silver & Gold Inc. PP

U.S. Silver Corp. PP

U.S. Starcom Inc. PP

U.S. Well Services Inc. PP

U.S. Wireless Data, Inc. PP

U.S. Wireless Online Inc. PP

U308 Corp. PP

U3O8 Corp PP

U3O8 Corp. PP

UAN Cultural & Creative Co., Ltd. PP

Ubiquity, Inc. PP

UC Resources Ltd. PP

UCN, Inc. PP

Ucore Rare Metals Inc. PP

Ucore Uranium Inc. PP

UEX Corp. PP

UFM Ventures Ltd. PP

UFood Restaurant Group, Inc. PP

UGE International Ltd. PP

UGL Enterprises Ltd. PP

UGods, Inc. PP

UI Capital Inc. PP

Ultra Lithium Inc. PP

Ultralife Batteries, Inc. PP

Ultrapetrol (Bahamas) Ltd. PP

Uluru Inc. PP

Umami Sustainable Seafood Inc. PP

Unbridled Energy Corp. PP

Uncor Inc. PP

Underground Energy Corp. PP

Underground Solutions, Inc. PP

Underworld Resources Inc. PP

Underworld Resources Inc. PP

Ungava Minerals Corp. PP

Uni Core Holdings Corp. PP

Uni-Pixel, Inc. PP

Unicorp Inc. PP

Unicorp, Inc. PP

Unify Corp. PP

Unigene Laboratories Inc. PP

Unigene Laboratories, Inc. PP

Unigold Inc. PP

Unilife Corp. PP

Union Dental Holdings, Inc. PP

Union National Financial Corp. PP

UnionTown Energy Inc. PP

UnipolSai Assicurazioni SpA PP

Unipro Financial Services, Inc. PP

Unique Resources Corp. PP

Uniserve Communications Corp. PP

Unisync Corp. PP

Unitech Energy Resources Inc. PP

United American Bank PP

United American Healthcare Corp. PP

United American Petroleum Corp. PP

United Bolero Development Corp. PP

United Carina Resources Corp. PP

United Community Banks, Inc. PP

United Community Financial Corp. PP

United Energy Corp. PP

United eSystems, Inc. PP

United Fuel & Energy Corp. PP

United Heritage Corp. PP

United Hunter Oil and Gas Corp. PP

United Mining Group, Inc. PP

United National Film Corp. PP

United Photovoltaics Group Ltd. PP

United Protection Security Group Inc. PP

United Reef Ltd. PP

United Silver Corp. PP

United States Antimony Corp. PP

United Therapeutics Corp. PP

United Western Bancorp, Inc. PP

Uniterre Resources Ltd. PP

Unity Energy Corp. PP

Unity Wireless Corp. PP

Univec, Inc. PP

Universal American Financial Corp. PP

Universal Communication Systems, Inc. PP

Universal Communication Systems, Inc. PP

Universal Compression Partners, LP PP

Universal Energy Corp. PP

Universal Energy Corp. PP

Universal Food & Beverage Co. PP

Universal Gold Mining Corp. PP

Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc. PP

Universal Insurance Holdings Inc. PP

Universal Insurance Holdings, Inc. PP

Universal mCloud Corp. PP

Universal Potash Corp. PP

Universal Power Corp. PP

Universal Technical Institute Inc. PP

Universal Travel Group PP

Universal Uranium Ltd. PP

University General Health System Inc. PP


Unor Inc. PP

Unum Therapeutics Inc. PP

Unwired Planet Inc. PP

Upper Canada Gold Corp. PP

Upsnap, Inc. PP

Upstream Biosciences Inc. PP

Upstream Worldwide, Inc. PP

UQM Technologies, Inc. PP

Ur-Energy Inc. PP

Uracan Resources Ltd. PP

Uragold Bay Resources Inc. PP

Uranerz Energy Corp. PP

Uranium City Resources Inc. PP

Uranium Energy Corp. PP

Uranium International Corp. PP

Uranium North Resource Corp. PP

Uranium North Resources Corp. PP

Uranium One, Inc. PP

Uranium Resources Inc. PP

Uranium Resources, Inc. PP

Uranium Star Corp. PP

Urastar Energy Inc. PP

Uravan Minerals Inc. PP

Urban Barns Foods Inc. PP

Urban Communications Inc. PP

Urban Television Network Corp. PP

Urbana Corp. PP

Urbanfund Corp. PP

Urbanimmersive Inc. PP

Urex Energy Corp. PP

Urigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Urodynamix Technologies Ltd. PP


Uroplasty, Inc. PP

Ursa Major Minerals Inc. PP

URSA Major Minerals Inc. PP

US 1 Industries, Inc. PP

US Capital Global Miris Convertible Note LLC (Miris AS) PP

US China Mining Group, Inc. PP

US Dataworks, Inc. PP

US Helicopter Corp. PP

US Highland, Inc. PP

US Nuclear Corp. PP

US Oil Sands Inc. PP

USA Superior Energy Holdings, Inc. PP

USA Synthetic Fuel Corp. PP

USA Technologies Inc. PP

USA Technologies, Inc. PP



USD Energy Corp. PP


Usell.com Inc. PP

USG Corp. PP

USMD Holdings, Inc. PP

Usurf America Inc. PP


Utek Corp. PP


UTi Worldwide Inc. PP

Utix Group, Inc. PP

UTS Energy Corp. PP

UTStarcom, Inc. PP

V.I. Technologies Inc. PP

V2K International Inc. PP

Vaaldiam Resources Ltd. PP

Vaccinogen, Inc. PP

Valcent Products Inc. PP

Valence Technology Inc. PP

Valence Technology, Inc. PP

Valencia Ventures Inc. PP

Valentis, Inc. PP

Valeo Pharma Inc. PP

Valeritas, Inc. PP

Valeura Energy Inc. PP

ValGold Resources Ltd. PP

Valiant Energy Inc. PP

Validian Corp. PP

Valkyries Petroleum Corp. PP

Valley Forge Composite Technologies, Inc. PP

Valley High Ventures Ltd. PP

Valley National Bancorp PP

Valoe Corp. PP

Valparaiso Energy Inc. PP

Valterra Resource Corp. PP

Valucap Investments Inc. PP

VANC Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Vangold Resources Ltd. PP

Vanguard Energy Corp. PP

Vanguard Minerals Corp. PP

Vanity Events Holding, Inc. PP

Vannessa Ventures Ltd. PP

Vanoil Energy Ltd. PP

Vantage Drilling Co. PP

VantageMed Corp. PP

VantageSouth Bancshares Inc. PP

Vantex Resources Ltd. PP

Vape Holdings, Inc. PP

Vapor Corp. PP

Vapor Group Inc PP

Vaporin, Inc. PP

Vaso Active Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Vasogen Inc. PP

Vasomedical Inc. PP

Vasomedical, Inc. PP

Vast Exploration Inc. PP

Vaughan Foods, Inc. PP

Vault Minerals Inc. PP

VaxGen Inc. PP

VaxGen, Inc. PP

VBI Vaccines Inc. PP

VCampus Corp. PP

VCG Holding Corp. PP

Vector Group Ltd. PP

Vector Intersect Security Acquisition Corp. PP

Vector Resources Inc. PP

Vector Wind Energy Inc. PP

Vedron Gold Inc. PP

Vein Associates of America, Inc. PP

Vejii Holdings Inc. PP

VelaTel Global Communications, Inc. PP

Velo Energy Inc. PP

Velocity Asset Management Inc. PP

Velocity Asset Management, Inc. PP

Velocity Express Corp. PP

Velti plc PP

Vemics, Inc. PP

Vena Resources Inc. PP

Vencan Gold Corp. PP

Vendetta Mining Corp. PP

VendingData Corp. PP

Vendome Resources Corp. PP

VendTek Systems Inc. PP

Vendum Batteries Inc. PP

Venerable Ventures Ltd. PP

VenPath Investments Inc. PP

Vensearch Capital Corp. (for Genetic Diagnostics Inc.) PP

Ventana Gold Corp. PP

Ventir Challenge Enterprises Ltd. PP

VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. PP

Ventura Gold Corp. PP

Ventures-National Inc. PP

Veracel Inc. PP

Veracyte, Inc. PP

Verastem, Inc. PP

Verb Exchange Inc. PP

Verbina Resources Inc. PP

Verena Minerals Corp. PP

Verenex Energy Inc. PP

Verenium Corp. PP

Veri-Tek International, Corp. PP

VeriChip Corp. PP

Veridicom International Inc. PP

Veridien Corp. PP

Veridigm, Inc. PP

Veridium Corp. PP

VerifyMe, Inc. PP

VerifySmart Inc. PP

Verilink Corp. PP

Verint Systems Inc. PP

Veris Gold Corp. PP

Verisante Technology, Inc. PP

VeriTeQ Corp. PP

Vermillion, Inc. PP

Vero Energy Inc. PP

Verona Development Corp. PP

Versadial, Inc. PP

VersaPay Corp. PP

Versapay Corp. PP

Versatile Mobile Systems Inc. PP

Versatile Systems Inc. PP

Verso Technologies, Inc. PP

Versus Systems Inc. PP

Vertex Energy Inc. PP

Vertex Interactive Inc. PP

Vertical Branding, Inc. PP

Vertical Communications, Inc. PP

Vertical Health Solutions, Inc. PP

VerticalNet Inc. PP

Verticalnet Inc. PP

Verticalnet, Inc. PP

Vertro, Inc. PP

VeruTEK Technologies, Inc. PP

VeruTEK Technologies, Inc. PP

Vesta Capital Corp. PP

Veteran Resources Inc. PP

VG Gold Corp. PP

VG Life Sciences Inc. PP

VG Tech Inc. PP

VGS Seismic Canada Inc. PP

VIA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Viad Corp. PP

Viaspace Inc. PP

Viastar Media Corp. PP

Viavi Solutions Inc. PP

Vical Inc. PP

Viceroy Exploration Ltd. PP

Vicor Technologies, Inc. PP

Victhom Human Bionics Inc. PP

Victoria Gold Corp. PP

Victoria Resource Corp. PP

Victory Divide Mining Co. PP

Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corp. PP

Victory Gold Mines Inc. PP

Victory Nickel Inc. PP

Victory Resources Corp. PP

Vida Cannabis Corp. PP

Viewpoint Corp. PP

ViewRay Inc. PP

Viggle Inc. PP

Vigil Health Solutions Inc. PP

Vigil Locating Systems Corp. PP

Viisage Technology, Inc. PP

Viking Gold Exploration Inc. PP

Viking Investments Group Inc. PP

Viking Systems, Inc. PP

Viking Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Village Bank & Trust Financial Corp. PP

Vimicro International Corp. PP

Vineyard National Bancorp PP

Vineyard National Bancorp Inc. PP

Vion Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

VioQuest Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Vior Inc. PP

Viper Gold Ltd. PP

Viper Networks Inc. PP

Viper Powersports Inc. PP

Viper Powersports, Inc. PP

Viper Resources, Inc. PP

VIQ Solutions Inc. PP

Viragen, Inc. PP

Viral Genetics, Inc. PP

Viralytics Ltd. PP

Virco Mfg. Corp. PP

ViRexx Medical Corp. PP

Virgin Metals Inc. PP

Virgin Mobile USA Inc. PP

Virginia Commerce Bancorp, Inc. PP

Virginia Energy Resources Inc. PP

Virginia Gold Mines Inc. PP

Virginia Heritage Bank PP

Virginia Mines Inc. PP

Viridis Energy Inc. PP

VirnetX Holding Corp. PP

ViroPharma Inc. PP

Viropro Inc. PP

Viropro, Inc. PP

Virtek Vision International Inc. PP

Virtra Systems Inc. PP

Virtual China Travel Services Co., Ltd. PP

Virtual Piggy, Inc. PP

VirtualScopics, Inc. PP

Virtus Holdings, Inc. PP

ViryaNet Ltd. PP

VisCorp, Inc. PP

Viscount Mining Corp. PP

Viscount Systems, Inc. PP

Viseon, Inc. PP

Visible Gold Mines Inc. PP

VisiJet Inc. PP

Vision-Sciences Inc. PP

Vision-Sciences, Inc. PP

VisionChina Media Inc. PP

VisionSky Corp. PP

Visiphor Corp. PP

Viskase Cos., Inc. PP

VIST Financial Corp. PP

Vista Gold Corp. PP

Vista International Technologies, Inc. PP

VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Vistech Capital Corp. PP

Vistula Communications Services, Inc. PP

Visual Data Corp. PP

Visual Management Systems, Inc. PP

Visual Network Design, Inc. PP

Visual Networks, Inc. PP

Visualant, Inc. PP

VisualVault Corp. PP

Vita Food Products, Inc. PP

Vitacost.com, Inc. PP

Vital Energy Inc. PP

Vital Resources Corp. PP

Vitality Products Inc. PP

VitalStream Holdings, Inc. PP

Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. PP

Vitran Corp. Inc. PP

VitroTech Corp. PP

Viva International, Inc. PP

Viveve Medical, Inc. PP

Viveve, Inc. PP

Vivione Biosciences Inc. PP

Vivus, Inc. PP

ViXS Systems Inc. PP

Vizconnect Inc. PP

VLM Ventures Ltd. PP


VMS Ventures Inc. PP


VocalTec Communications Ltd. PP

Vodis Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Voice Mobility International, Inc. PP

Voiceserve, Inc. PP

VoIP Inc. PP

VoIP, Inc. PP

Volcan Holdings, Inc. PP

Volcanic Metals Corp. PP

Volcanic Metals Exploration Inc. PP

VolitionRX Ltd. PP

Volta Resources Inc. PP

Vonage Holdings Corp. PP

VoodooVox Inc. PP

Vortex Resources Corp. PP

Voxware Inc. PP

Voxware, Inc. PP

Voyager Oil & Gas, Inc. PP

Voyant International Corp. PP

VRB Power Systems Inc. PP


Vringo, Inc. PP

Vsource, Inc. PP

Vu1 Corp. PP

VuBotics, Inc. PP

Vulcan Minerals Inc. PP

Vuzix Corp. PP

VVC Exploration Corp. PP

Vycor Medical Inc. PP

Vyteris Holdings (Nevada), Inc. PP

Vyteris Holdings Inc. PP

Vyteris Holdings, Inc. PP

Vyteris, Inc. PP

Vyyo Inc. PP

W.P. Stewart & Co., Ltd. PP

W270, Inc. PP

W3 Solutions Inc. PP

Wabash National Corp. PP

WaferGen Bio-systems, Inc. PP

WaferGen Biosystems, Inc. PP

Waldron Energy Corp. PP

Walker Financial Corp. PP

Walking Horse Energy Inc. PP

Wallbridge America Ltd. (Duluth Metals Ltd.) PP

Wallbridge Mining Co. Ltd. PP

Walloper Gold Resources Ltd. PP

Walton Big Lake Development LP PP

War Eagle Mining Co. Inc. PP

Waratah Coal Inc. PP

Warnex Inc. PP

Warp Technology Holdings, Inc. PP

Warp Technology Holdings, Inc. PP

Washington Mutual, Inc. PP

Washington Trust Bancorp, Inc. PP

WashingtonFirst Bankshares, Inc. PP

Washtenaw Group, Inc. PP

Waste2Energy Holdings, Inc. PP

Wataire International, Inc. PP

Watch Resources Ltd. PP

Waterloo Resources Ltd. PP

Wave Systems Corp. PP

Wave Uranium Holding PP

Wave Wireless Corp. PP

Wavefire.com Ltd. PP

WaveForm Energy Ltd. PP

Wavefront Energy and Environmental Services Inc. PP

Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. PP

Waxess Holdings, Inc. PP

Way Ventures Inc. PP

Wayfair Inc. PP

Waymar Resources Ltd. PP

WCA Waste Corp. PP

WCB Resources Ltd. PP

Wealth Minerals Ltd. PP

Webster Financial Corp. PP

WebTech Wireless Inc. PP

Webxu, Inc. PP

Weda Bay Minerals Inc. PP

Wega Mining ASA PP

Weikang Bio-Technology Group Co., Inc. PP

Welichem Biotech Inc. PP

WELL Health Technologies Corp. PP

Wellgreen Platinum Ltd. PP

Wellness Center USA Inc. PP

WellPoint Systems Inc. PP

Wells-Gardner Electronics Corp. PP

WellStar Energy Corp. PP

Wellstone Filters Inc. PP

Welton Energy Corp. PP

Welund Fund, Inc. PP

Welwyn Resources Ltd. PP

Wentworth Energy, Inc. PP

Wentworth II, Inc. PP

Wescan Goldfields Inc. PP

Wescorp Energy Inc. PP

Wesdome Gold Mines Inc. PP

Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. PP

Wesgold Minerals Inc. PP

West 49 Inc. PP

West Africa Energy Inc. PP

West Africa Gold Inc. PP

West African Iron Ore Corp. PP

West African Resources Ltd. PP

West China Cement Ltd. PP

West Coast Bancorp PP

West Coast Car Co. PP

West Energy Ltd. PP

West Hawk Development Corp. PP

West High Yield Resources Ltd. PP

West Isle Energy Inc. PP

West Kirkland Mining Inc. PP

West Melville Metals Inc. PP

West Mountain Capital Corp. PP

West Red Lake Gold Mines Inc. PP

West Timmins Mining Inc. PP

Westaim Corp. PP

Westar Energy Inc. PP

Westbond Enterprises Corp. PP

Westbow Energy Inc. PP

Westbridge Energy Corp. PP

Westchester Resources Inc. PP

Westcore Energy Ltd. PP

Westech Capital Corp. PP

Westergaard.com, Inc. PP

Western Alliance Bancorporation PP

Western Areas NL PP

Western Canadian Coal Corp. PP

Western Capital Resources, Inc. PP

Western Copper Corp. PP

Western Digital Corp. PP

Western Energy Services Corp. PP

Western Financial Group Inc. PP

Western Gas Partners LP PP

Western GeoPower Corp. PP

Western Goldfields, Inc. PP

Western Keltic Mines Inc. PP

Western Lakota Energy Services Inc. PP

Western Lithium Canada Corp. PP

Western Lithium USA Corp. PP

Western Pacific Resources Corp. PP

Western Pacific Trust Co. PP

Western Plans Petroleum Ltd. PP

Western Potash Corp. PP

Western Power & Equipment Corp. PP

Western Prospector Group Ltd. PP

Western Quebec Mines Inc. PP

Western Standard Energy Corp. PP

Western Troy Capital Resources Inc. PP

Western Uranium Corp. PP

Western Warrior Resources Inc. PP

Western Warrior Resources Inc. PP

Western Wind Energy Corp. PP

Western Wind Energy Inc. PP

WesternOne Equity Income Fund PP

WesternZagros Resources Ltd. PP

Westfield Real Estate Investment Trust PP

Westinghouse Solar, Inc. PP

WestKam Gold Corp. PP

Westminster Resources Ltd. PP

Westmoore Holdings, Inc. PP

Westmoreland Coal Co. PP

WestMountain Gold, Inc. PP

Westport Innovations Inc. PP

Westridge Resources Inc. PP

Westshore Terminals Income Fund PP

Westside Energy Corp. PP

Weststar Resources Corp. PP

Westward Explorations Ltd. PP

Westwood One, Inc. PP

Wet Seal Inc. PP

Wet Seal, Inc. PP

WEX Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust Inc. PP

Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc. PP

Wheels Group Inc. PP

Where Food Comes From, Inc. PP

Wherify Wireless, Inc. PP

Whetstone Minerals Ltd. PP

Whispering Oaks International, Inc. PP

Whistler Gold Corp. PP

White Canyon Uranium Ltd. PP

White Fire Energy Ltd. PP

White Knight Resources Ltd. PP

White Mountain Titanium Corp. PP

White Pine Resources Inc. PP

White Tiger Gold Ltd. PP

White Tiger Mining Corp. PP

Whitecap Resources Inc. PP

Whitehall Jewelers, Inc. PP

Whitehall Jewellers, Inc. PP

WhiteHorse Finance, Inc. PP

Whiteknight Acquisitions Inc. PP

Whitemud Resources Inc. PP

Whiterock Real Estate Investment Trust PP

Whitney Information Network, Inc. PP

Whittier Energy Corp. PP

Whole Foods Market, Inc. PP

Who’s Your Daddy Inc. PP

Who’s Your Daddy, Inc. PP

Wi-Fi TV, Inc. PP

Wi-Lan Inc. PP

Wi-Tron, Inc. PP

Wi2Wi Corp. PP

WidePoint Corp. PP

Wifimed Holdings Co., Inc. PP

Wild Craze, Inc. PP

Wild Stream Exploration Inc. PP

Wildcat Exploration Ltd. PP

Wildcat Silver Corp. PP

Wildon Productions Inc. PP

Wildrose Resources Ltd. PP

Willbros Group Inc. PP

Willbros Group, Inc. PP

William Lyon Homes PP

Williams Creek Explorations Ltd. PP

Williams Partners LP PP

Willowtree Advisor, Inc. PP

Wilmington Capital Management Inc. PP

Wilson Brothers USA Inc. PP

Wilson Holdings, Inc. PP

Wilsons The Leather Experts Inc. PP

Wilton Resources Inc. PP

WIN Energy Corp. PP

Win Gaming Media, Inc. PP

Win Global Markets Inc. PP

Win Win Gaming Inc. PP

Win-Eldrich Mines Ltd. PP

Winalta Inc. PP

Winchester International Resorts Inc. PP

Wind River Energy Corp. PP

Wind River Resources Ltd. PP

Windamere Ventures Ltd. PP

Windaus Global Energy, Inc. PP

Windfire Capital Corp. PP

Windrose Medical Properties Trust PP

WindStream Technologies, Inc. PP

Windswept Environmental Group, Inc. PP

WindTamer Corp. PP

Wins Finance Holdings Inc. PP

Winslow Resources Inc. PP

WinSonic Digital Media Group Ltd. PP

Winstar Resources Ltd. PP

Wintrust Financial Corp. PP

Wireless Age Communications, Inc. PP

Wireless Frontier Internet Inc. PP

Wireless Professional Communication Services International Inc. PP

Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc. PP

Wits Basin Precious Metals Inc. PP

Wits Basin Precious Minerals Inc. PP

Wizard World, Inc. PP

Wizzard Software Corp. PP

WL Ross Holding Corp. PP

WMI Holdings Corp. PP

Woize International Ltd. PP

Wolfden Resources Corp. PP

Wolfden Resources Inc. PP

Wolfpack Gold Corp. PP

Wolverine Minerals Corp. PP

Wolverine Tube, Inc. PP

Wonder Auto Ltd. PP

Wonder Auto Technology, Inc. PP

Wonhe High-Tech International, Inc. PP

Wood Composite Technologies Inc. PP

Woodruff Capital Management Inc. PP

Workhorse Group Inc. PP

Workstream Inc. PP

World Am, Inc. PP

World Associates, Inc. PP

World Energy Solutions, Inc. PP

World Health Alternatives Inc. PP

World Heart Corp. PP

World Moto Inc. PP

World Racing Group, Inc. PP

World Surveillance Group Inc. PP

World Waste Technologies Inc. PP

World Waste Technologies, Inc. PP

Worldbid Corp. PP

WorldGate Communications Inc. PP

WorldGate Communications, Inc. PP

WorldHeart Corp. PP

Worlds Online Inc. PP

Worldspace Satellite Radio PP

Worldstar Energy, Corp. PP

WorldWater & Power Corp. PP

WorldWater & Solar Technologies Corp. PP

Worldwide Energy & Manufacturing USA, Inc. PP

Worldwide Energy & Manufacturing USA, Inc. PP

Worldwide Excellence, Inc. (MFC Development Corp.) PP

Woulfe Mining Corp. PP

Wound Management Technologies, Inc. PP

WPC Resources Inc. PP

WPCS International Inc. PP

WPT Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust PP

Wrangler West Energy Corp. PP

Writers' Group Film Corp. PP

WSFS Financial Corp. PP

WSP Global Inc. PP

WSR Gold Inc. PP

WWI Resources Ltd. PP

Wyn Developments Inc. PP

X-Cal Resources Ltd. PP

X-Change Corp. PP

X-Change Corp. PP

X-Factor Communications Holdings, Inc. PP

X-Ore Resources Inc. PP

X-Rite, Inc. PP

X-Tal Minerals Corp. PP

X-Terra Resources Corp. PP

XA, Inc. PP


Xata Corp. PP

XCel Brands, Inc. PP

XcelMobility Inc. PP

Xcite Energy Ltd. PP

Xcorporeal, Inc. PP

Xebec Adsorption Inc. PP

Xechem International Inc. PP

Xechem International, Inc. PP

Xedar Corp. PP

Xelr8 Holdings, Inc. PP

Xemplar Energy Corp. PP

Xenetic Biosciences, Inc. PP

Xenith Bankshares, Inc. PP

Xenogen Corp. PP

Xenomics Inc. PP

Xenomics, Inc. PP

Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Xenonics Holdings, Inc. PP

XenoPort, Inc. PP

Xethanol BioFuels, LLC PP

Xethanol Corp. PP

Xfone, Inc. PP

Xfuels Inc. PP

Xillix Technologies Corp. PP

Ximen Mining Corp. PP

Xinergy Ltd. PP

Xinhua China Ltd. PP

Xinhua Finance Media Ltd. PP

Xinhua Sports & Entertainment Ltd. PP

Xinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. PP

XL TechGroup, Inc. PP

Xmet Inc. PP

XO Communications Inc. PP

XO Holdings, Inc. PP

Xoma Corp. PP


Xoma Ltd. PP


Xoma Ltd. PP

Xplore Technologies Corp. PP

XPO Logistics, Inc. PP

Xponential Inc. PP

XRG, Inc. PP

XRpro Sciences, Inc. PP

Xstream Beverage Network, Inc. PP

XsunX, Inc. PP

Xtant Medical Holdings Inc. PP

Xtierra Inc. PP

XTL Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. PP

Xtra-Gold Resources Corp. PP

Xtreme Coil Drilling Corp. PP

Xtreme Green Products Inc. PP

Xtreme Healthcare Corp. PP

Xtreme Oil and Gas, Inc. PP

Xun Energy, Inc. PP

XXL Energy Corp. PP

Xybernaut Corp. PP

Xylitol Canada Inc. PP

Xzeres Corp. PP

Xzeres Wind Corp. PP

Y-Tel International, Inc. PP

Ya Zhu Silk Inc. PP

Yadkin Valley Financial Corp. PP

Yale Resources Ltd. PP

Yalian Steel Corp. PP

Yamiri Gold and Energy Inc. PP

Yangaroo Inc. PP

Yangarra Resources Inc. PP

Yangarra Resources Ltd. PP

Yangtze Telecom Corp. PP

Yankee Hat Minerals Ltd. PP

Yankee Hat Minerals Ltd. PP

Yappn Corp. PP

Yardville National Bancorp PP

Yarraman Winery, Inc. PP

Yasheng Eco-Trade Corp. PP

Yayi International Inc. PP

Yellowcake Mining Inc. PP

Yellowhead Mining Inc. PP

Yellowjacket Resources Ltd. PP

YGC Resources Ltd. PP

Yinfu Gold Corp. PP

Yingli Energy (China) Co. Ltd. PP

Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. Ltd. PP

Yinlips Technology, Inc. PP

YM BioSciences Inc. PP

YM Biosciences Inc. PP

Yoho Resources Inc. PP

Yongye Biotechnology International, Inc. PP

Yongye International, Inc. PP

Yoo, Inc. PP

Yorbeau Resources Inc. PP

Yorbeau Resources Inc. PP

Yosen Group Inc. PP

Yosen Group, Inc. PP

YOU On Demand Holdings, Inc. PP

Youbet.com, Inc. PP

Youku Tudou Inc. PP

Young-Davidson Mines Ltd. PP

Young-Shannon Gold Mines, Ltd. PP

Youngevity International, Inc. PP

YOW Capital Corp. PP

YRC Worldwide Inc. PP

YTB International Inc. PP

Yukon Gold Corp. PP

Yukon Gold Corp., Inc. PP

Yukon Resources Corp. PP

Yukon Zinc Corp. PP

Yukon-Nevada Gold Corp. PP

Z Trim Holdings, Inc. PP

Z-Gold Exploration Inc. PP

Z-Trim Holdings Inc. PP

Z28 Capital Corp. PP

Zadar Ventures Ltd. PP

Zagg Inc. PP

Zaio Corp. PP

Zalicus Inc. PP

Zalicus, Inc. PP

Zann Corp. PP


Zap, Inc. PP

Zapata Energy Corp. PP

Zarcan International Resources Inc. PP

ZaZa Energy Corp. PP

Zazu Metals Corp. PP

ZBB Energy Corp. PP

ZCL Composites Inc. PP

Zealous Trading Group, Inc. PP

Zecotek Medical Systems Inc. PP

Zecotek Photonics Inc. PP

Zeltiq Aesthetics, Inc. PP

Zena Capital Corp. PP

Zenas Energy Corp. PP

Zenn Motor Co. Inc. PP

Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. PP


Zephyr Minerals Ltd. PP

Zero Gravity Solutions Inc. PP

Zhaoheng Hydropower Co. PP

Zhongpin Inc. PP

Zi Corp. PP

Zila, Inc. PP

Zillow, Inc. PP

Zimtu Capital Corp. PP

Zinco Do Brasil Inc. PP

Zincore Metals Inc. PP

Ziopharm Oncology, Inc. PP

ZipLocal Inc. PP

Zippi Networks, Inc. PP

Zivo Bioscience Inc. PP

Zix Corp. PP

Zogenix, Inc. PP

Zolon Corp. PP

Zoloto Resources Ltd. PP

Zoltek Cos. Inc. PP

Zomedica Pharmaceuticals Corp. PP

Zone 4 Play Inc. PP

Zone Mining Ltd. PP

Zone Resources Inc. PP

Zongshen PEM Power Systems Inc. PP

Zongshen Pem Power Systems Inc. PP

Zonzia Media Inc. PP

Zonzia Media, Inc. PP

Zoo Entertainment, Inc. PP

Zoolander Corp. PP

Zoom Technologies, Inc. PP

Zoom Telephonics, Inc. PP

ZoomerMedia Ltd. PP

ZoomMed Inc. PP

Zoro Mining Corp. PP

Zosano Pharma Corp. PP

ZST Digital Networks, Inc. PP

ZTest Electronics Inc. PP

Zulu Energy Corp. PP

Zurvita Holdings, Inc. PP

ZVue Corp. PP

Zymogenetics Inc. PP

ZymoGenetics, Inc. PP