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F&M Bank Corp. PP

F.D.G Mining Inc. PP

FacePrint Global Solutions Inc. PP

Fair Sky Resources Inc. PP

Fairborne Energy Ltd. PP

Fairborne Energy Trust PP

Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. PP

Fairfax India Holdings Corp. PP

Fairmount Energy Inc. PP

Fairquest Energy Ltd. PP

Fairview Energy Corp., Inc. PP

FairWest Energy Corp. PP

Falco Pacific Resource Group Inc. PP

Falco Resources Ltd. PP

Falcon Natural Gas Corp. PP

Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. PP

Falconstor Software, Inc. PP

Falkirk Resources Corp. PP

Fall River Resources Ltd. PP

Family Home Health Services, Inc. PP

Family Room Entertainment Corp. PP

Famous Uncle Alís Hot Dogs & Grille, Inc. PP

Fancamp Exploration Ltd. PP

Fantasy 6 Sports Inc. PP

Fantasy Aces Daily Fantasy Sports Corp. PP

Far City Mining Ltd. PP

Far East Energy Corp. PP

Far West Mining Ltd. PP

Farallon Resources Ltd. PP

Fareport Capital Inc. PP

Farm Lands of Guinea PP

Farmstead Telephone Group Inc. PP

Farmstead Telephone Group, Inc. PP

Farnsworth Bancorp Inc. PP

Faro Technologies, Inc. PP

Fashion House Holdings, Inc. PP

Fashion Tech International Inc. PP

Fast Eddie Racing Stables Inc. PP

FastFunds Financial Corp. PP

Fate Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Favrille, Inc. PP

FBO Air Inc. PP

FC Banc Corp. PP

FCF Capital Inc. PP

Fearless International, Inc. PP

FEC Resources Inc. PP

Fedders Corp. PP

Federal Bancshares of Arkansas, Inc. PP

Federal Trust Corp. PP

Federal-Mogul Corp. PP

Feel Golf Co. PP

Feel Good Cars Corp. PP

Feigeda Electronic Technology, Inc. PP

Feldman Mall Properties, Inc. PP

Fellows Energy Ltd. PP

FemOne, Inc. PP

Fennec Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Fenwick Automotive Products Ltd. PP

FermaVir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Feronia Inc. PP

Ferrellgas Partners LP PP

Ferro Iron Ore Corp. PP

Festino Venture Corp. PP

FGBC Bancshares, Inc. PP

Fiber Optic Systems Technology Inc. (Fox-Tek) PP

Fiber Optic Systems Technology, Inc. PP

Fiber Optic Systems Technology, Inc. (Fox-Tek) PP

Fibernet Telecom Group, Inc. PP

Fibrek Inc. PP

Fibrocell Science, Inc. PP

Fidelis Energy, Inc. PP

Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. PP

Fidelity Southern Corp. PP

Fieldex Exploration Inc. PP

Fifty-Plus.Net International Inc. PP

FinancialContent, Inc. PP

Finavera Renewables Inc. PP

Finavera Wind Energy Inc. PP

Find Energy Ltd. PP

Finders Resources Ltd. PP

Finlay Minerals Ltd. PP

FinMetal Mining Ltd. PP

Finotec Group, Inc. PP

Fintry Enterprises Inc. PP

Fiore Exploration Ltd. PP

Fire River Gold Corp. PP

Firepond, Inc. PP

Firestone Ventures Inc. PP

Fireswirl Technologies Inc. PP

Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Trust PP

Firm Capital Property Trust PP

First Albany Cos. Inc. PP

First Asia Holdings Ltd. PP

First Avenue Networks PP

First BanCorp PP

First Bancshares, Inc. PP

First Bank PP

First Bauxite Corp PP

First Bauxite Corp. PP

First Busey Corp. PP

First Capital Realty Inc. PP

First Century Bancorp PP

First China Pharmaceutical Group, Inc. PP

First Choice Bank PP

First Choice Healthcare Solutions, Inc. PP

First Cobalt Corp. PP

First Community Bancorp PP

First Community Bancshares, Inc. PP

First Community Financial Partners, Inc. PP

First Corp. PP

First Factor Developments Inc PP

First Federal Bancshares of Arkansas, Inc. PP

First Fortune Investments Inc. PP

First Georgia Community Corp. PP

First Global Data Ltd. PP

First Gold Exploration Inc. PP

First Intercontinental Bank. PP

First Internet Bancorp PP

First Interstate BancSystem, Inc. PP

First Investors Financial Services Group, Inc. PP

First Ipswich Bancorp PP

First Keystone Financial, Inc. PP

First Majestic Resource Corp. PP

First Majestic Silver Corp. PP

First Marblehead Corp. PP

First Mariner Bancorp PP

First Merchants Corp. PP

First Metals Inc. PP

First Mid-Illinois Bancshares, Inc. PP

First Mid-Illinois Bancshares, Inc. PP

First Mining Finance Corp. PP

First Montauk Financial Corp. PP

First Mountain Exploration Ltd. PP

First Narrows Resources Corp. PP

First Nickel Inc. PP

First PacTrust Bancorp, Inc. PP

First Point Minerals Corp. PP

First Potomac Realty Trust PP

First Pursuit Ventures Ltd. PP

First Rate Staffing Corp. PP

First Regional Bancorp PP

First Reliance Bancshares Inc. PP

First Republic Bank PP

First Sahara Energy Inc. PP

First Security Group, Inc. PP

First Sound Bank PP

First Star Resources Inc. PP

First Union Real Estate Equity and Mortgage Investments PP

First Uranium Corp. PP

First Venture Technologies Corp. PP

Firstgold Corp. PP

FirstGrowth Capital Inc. PP

FirstGrowth Capital Inc. (Kinetex Inc.) PP

FirstGrowth Exploration & Development Services Corp. PP

Firsthand Technology Value Fund, Inc. PP

Firstland Energy Ltd. PP

Firstway Enterprises, Inc. PP

Fischer Imaging Corp. PP

Fission Energy Corp. PP

Fission Uranium Corp. PP

Fjordland Exploration Inc. PP

Flagship Energy Inc. PP

Flagship Global Health, Inc. PP

Flagship Industries Inc. PP

Flagstar Bancorp, Inc. PP

Flasr Inc. PP

Flatworld Acquisition Corp. PP

Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. PP

Flex Fuels Energy, Inc. PP

Flexible Solutions International Inc. PP

Flexpoint Sensor Systems Inc. PP

FlexShopper Inc. PP

FlexShopper, Inc. PP

Flinders Resources Ltd. PP

Flint Telecom Group, Inc. PP

FLO Corp. PP

Florida Bank Group, Inc. PP

Florida Choice Bankshares, Inc. PP

Florida Gaming Corp. PP

Flotek Industries, Inc. PP

Flow International Corp. PP

Fluid Media Networks, Inc. PP

Fluid Music Canada, Inc. PP

FluoroPharma Medical Inc. PP

FluoroPharma Medical, Inc. PP

Flux Power Holdings Inc. PP

Flux Technologies, Corp. PP

FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. PP

Flying A Petroleum Ltd. PP

FNB United Corp. PP

FNBH Bancorp, Inc. PP

FNDS3000 Corp. PP

FNX Mining Co. Inc. PP

Foamex International Inc. PP

Focus Enhancements Inc. PP

Focus Enhancements, Inc. PP

Focus Graphite Inc. PP

Focus Metals Inc. PP

Focus Ventures Ltd. PP

Foldera, Inc. PP

Fonix Corp. PP

Football Network PP

Foothills Resources, Inc. PP

Foran Mining Corp. PP

Forbes & Manhattan Coal Corp. PP

Forbes Energy Services Ltd. PP

Forbes Medi-Tech Inc. PP

Force Fuels, Inc. PP

Force Protection Inc. PP

Force Protection Video Equipment Corp. PP

Force Protection, Inc. PP

Forent Energy Ltd. PP

Foresight Solar Fund Ltd. PP

Forest City Enterprises, Inc. PP

Forest Gate Resources Inc. PP

Forex International Trading Corp. PP

Forex365, Inc. PP

Forgehouse, Inc. PP

ForgeHouse, Inc. PP

Formation Capital Corp. PP

Formation Fluid Management Inc. PP

Formation Fluid Technology Inc. PP

Formation Metals Inc. PP

Formcap Corp. PP

Forme Capital, Inc. PP

Formula Systems Ltd. PP

Forsys Metals Corp. PP

Forsys Technologies Inc. PP

Forte Resources Inc. PP

Forterra Environmental Corp. PP

Fortified Holdings Corp. PP

Fortis Inc. PP

FortisUS Holdings Nova Scotia Ltd. PP

Fortress Energy Inc. PP

Fortress Minerals Corp. PP

Fortress Paper Ltd. PP

Fortsum Business Solutions Inc. PP

Fortuna Gaming Corp. PP

Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. PP

Fortuna Ventures Inc. PP

Fortune Bay Corp. PP

Fortune Diversified Industries, Inc. PP

Fortune Minerals Ltd. PP

Fortune River Resource Corp. PP

Fortune River Resources Corp. PP

Fortune Valley Resources Inc. PP

Forum Development Corp. PP

Forum Energy Technologies Inc. PP

Forum National Investments Ltd. PP

Forum Uranium Corp PP

Forum Uranium Corp. PP

Foshan S.L.P. Special Materials Co., Ltd. PP

Foundation Bancorp, Inc. PP

Foundation Resources Inc. PP

Fountain Healthy Aging, Inc. PP

Four Oaks Fincorp, Inc. PP

Four Rivers BioEnergy Inc. PP

Fox Petroleum Inc. PP

Fox Resources Ltd. PP

FoxHollow Technologies, Inc. PP

Foxpoint Capital Corp. PP

FP Technology, Inc. PP

FPS Pharma Inc. PP

Franc-Or Resources Corp. PP

Franchise Holdings International, Inc. PP

Franconia Minerals Corp. PP

Franklin Bank Corp. PP

Franklin Capital Corp. PP

Franklin Towers Enterprises, Inc. PP

Frankly Inc. PP

Franklyn Resources III, Inc. PP

Frederick's of Hollywood Group Inc. PP

Freedom Bank PP

Freedom Bank of Virginia PP

Freedom Energy Holdings Inc. PP

Freedom Financial Group, Inc. PP

Freegold Ventures Ltd. PP

Freehold Royalties Ltd. PP

Freeport Capital Inc. PP

Freeport Resources Inc. PP

FreeSeas Inc. PP

Freestar Technology Corp. PP

Freewest Resources Canada Inc. PP

Fremont General Corp. PP

Frequency Networks, Inc. PP

Fresh Diet, Inc. PP

FreshXtend Technologies Corp. PP

Fronsac Capital Inc. PP

Fronsac Real Estate Investment Trust PP

Fronteer Development Group Inc. PP

Frontera Resources Corp. PP

Frontier Mining Ltd. PP

Frontier Pacific Mining Corp. PP

Frontline 2012 Ltd. PP

Frontline Gold Corp. PP

FS Investment Corp. II PP

FSI Energy Services Inc. PP

FTS Group Inc. PP

FTS Group, Inc. PP

Fuda Faucet Works, Inc. PP

Fuel Performance Solutions, Inc. PP

Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc. PP

FuelCell Energy Inc. PP

FuelCell Energy, Inc. PP

Full Circle Capital Corp. PP

Full Metal Minerals Ltd. PP

Full Metal Zinc Ltd. PP

FullCircle Registry Inc. PP

Fulucai Productions Ltd. PP

Function (X) Inc. PP

Functional Technologies Corp. PP

Fund.com Inc. PP

Fura Emeralds Inc. PP

Furia Organization PP

Fury Explorations Ltd. PP

Fuse Science, Inc. PP

Fushi Copperweld Inc. PP

Fushi International, Inc. PP

Fusion Telecommunications International, Inc. PP

FusionTech, Inc. PP

Futomic Industries, Inc. PP

Futura Loyalty Group Inc. PP

Future Healthcare of America PP

Future Now Group Inc. PP

Future World Group Inc. PP

FutureLand Corp. PP

Futuremedia plc PP

FX Energy, Inc. PP

FX Real Estate and Entertainment Inc. PP

G & S Minerals Inc. PP

G&S Minerals, Inc. PP

G-III Apparel Group, Ltd. PP

G. Willi-Food International Ltd. PP

G2 Resources Inc. PP

G4G Resources Ltd. PP

GA Computer Sciences Inc. PP

Gabriel Resources Ltd. PP

Gabriel Technologies Corp. PP

Gaiam Inc. PP

Galahad Gold plc PP

Galantas Gold Corp. PP

Galaxy Capital Corp. PP

Galaxy Energy Corp. PP

Galaxy Gaming, Inc. PP

Galaxy Minerals Inc. PP

Galaxy Nutritional Foods PP

Galaxy Nutritional Foods, Inc. PP

Gale Force Petroleum Inc. PP

Galectin Therapeutics Inc. PP

Galena Biopharma Inc. PP

Galena Biopharma, Inc. PP

Galena Capital Corp. PP

Gales Industries Inc. PP

Galleon Energy Inc. PP

Galliard Resources Corp. PP

Gallic Energy Ltd. PP

Galore Resources Inc. PP

Galway Resources Ltd. PP

Gamco Investors, Inc. PP

Game Trading Technologies, Inc. PP

Gamecorp Ltd. PP

Games Inc. PP

Gaming Nation PP

GammaCan International Inc. PP

Gammon Lake Resources Inc. PP

Gander Mountain Co. PP

Garb Oil & Power Corp. PP

Garda World Security Corp. PP

Garibaldi Granite Corp. PP

Garibaldi Resources Corp. PP

Garrison International Inc. PP

Garrison International Ltd. PP

Garson Gold Corp. PP

Garson Resources Ltd. PP

Garuda Capital Corp. PP

GasLog Ltd. PP

Gastar Exploration Ltd. PP

Gastar Exploration, Ltd. PP

Gastem Inc. PP

Gateway Energy Corp. PP

Gateway Gold Corp. PP

Gaz Metro Inc. PP

Gazit-Globe Ltd. PP

GB Minerals Ltd. PP

GBS Enterprises Inc. PP

GBS Gold International Inc. PP

GC China Turbine Corp. PP

GC-Global Capital Corp. PP

GCL New Energy Holdings Ltd. PP

GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd. PP

Gear Energy Ltd. PP

Gee-Ten Ventures Inc. PP

Geeks On Call Holdings, Inc. PP

GEI Global Energy Corp. PP

GelStat Corp. PP

GelTech Solutions, Inc. PP

GeM Solutions, Inc. PP

Gemcom Software International Inc. PP

Gemini Corp. PP

Gemoscan Canada, Inc. PP

Gemstones International Ltd. (LVGEM (China) Real Estate Investment Co. Ltd.) PP

Genaera Corp. PP

Genaissance Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Genco Resources Ltd. PP

Genelabs Technologies, Inc. PP

GeneLink, Inc PP

GeneLink, Inc. PP

GeneMax Corp. PP

GeneNews Ltd. PP

Gener8Xion Entertainment, Inc. PP

General Automotive Co. PP

General Components, Inc. PP

General Electric Co. PP

General Employment Enterprises, Inc. PP

General Environmental Management, Inc. PP

General Metals Corp. PP

General Minerals Corp. PP

General Moly, Inc. PP

General Properties Ltd. PP

General Steel Holdings, Inc. PP

Generex Biotechnology Corp. PP

Genesee & Wyoming Inc. PP

Genesis Biopharma Inc. PP

Genesis Biopharma, Inc. PP

Genesis Capital Corp. of Nevada PP

Genesis Electronics Group, Inc. PP

Genesis Energy LP PP

Genesis Fluid Solutions Holdings, Inc. PP

Genesis Pharmaceuticals Enterprises, Inc. PP

Genesis Worldwide Inc. PP

GeneThera Inc. PP

GeneThera, Inc. PP

Genetic Diagnostics Technologies Corp. PP

Genetronics Biomedical Corp. PP

Genitope Corp. PP

Genius Brands International, Inc. PP

Genius Products Inc. PP

Genivar Inc. PP

Genocea Biosciences, Inc. PP

Genoil Inc. PP

Genosys, Inc. PP

Gensource Capital Corp. PP

Gensource Potash Corp. PP

GenSpera, Inc. PP

Genta Inc. PP

Gentium SpA PP

Gentor Resources Inc. PP

Gentor Resources, Inc. PP

Gentry Resources Ltd. PP

Genufood Energy Enzymes Corp. PP

GenVec, Inc. PP

Geo Minerals Ltd. PP

Geocan Energy Inc. PP

Geocom Resources Inc. PP

Geodex Minerals Ltd. PP

GeoEye Inc. PP

GeoGlobal Resources Inc. PP

Geoinformatics Exploration Inc. PP

Geokinetics Inc. PP

Geologix Explorations Inc. PP

Geomega Resources Inc. PP

GeoMet, Inc. PP

GeoPetro Resources Co. PP

GeoPharma, Inc. PP

GeoResources, Inc. PP

Georgetown Bancorp, Inc. PP

Georgetown Capital Corp. PP

Georgia Exploration Inc. PP

Georgia Ventures Inc. PP

Georox Resources Inc. PP

Geos Communications Inc. PP

Geospatial Holdings, Inc. PP

GeoVax Labs, Inc. PP

Geovax Labs, Inc. PP

GeoVax Labs, Inc. PP

Geovencap Inc. PP

Geron Corp. PP

Gespeg Copper Resources Inc. PP

GetFugu, Inc. PP

Getting Ready Corp. PP

Getty Copper Inc. PP

Gevo, Inc. PP

Gexa Corp. PP

GFI Oil & Gas Corp. PP

GFK Resources Inc. PP

GGL Diamond Corp. PP

GGL Resources Corp. PP

GHG Resources Ltd. PP

GHN Agrispan Holding Co. PP

Giant Motorsports, Inc. PP

Gift Liquidators, Inc. PP

Giga Capital Corp. PP

Giga-tronics Inc. PP

GigaBeam Corp. PP

Giggles N Hugs Inc. PP

GigOptix, Inc. PP

Gilla Inc. PP

Gilman + Ciocia, Inc. PP

Gimus Resources Inc. PP

Ginguro Exploration Inc. PP

Gitennes Exploration Inc. PP

Giyani Gold Corp. PP

Glacier Ventures International Corp. PP

Glacier Water Services, Inc. PP

Gladstone Commercial Corp. PP

Glamis Resources Ltd. PP

Glass Earth Gold Ltd. PP

Glass Earth Ltd. PP

GlassesOff Inc. PP

Gleichen Resources Ltd. PP

Glen Eagle Resources Inc. PP

Glen Rose Petroleum Corp. PP

Glencairn Gold Corp. PP

Glencore Finance Europe SA PP

GlenRose Instruments Inc. PP

Glentel Inc. PP

GLG Life Tech Corp. PP

GLG Life Tech Ltd. PP

Glider Enterprises, Inc. PP

Global Aircraft Solutions, Inc. PP

Global Alumina Corp. PP

Global Alumina Products Corp. PP

Global Axcess Corp. PP

Global BPO Services Corp. PP

Global Business Markets Inc. PP

Global Concepts Ltd. PP

Global Consumer Acquisition Corp. PP

Global Copper PP

Global Copper Corp. PP

Global Daily Fantasy Sports Inc. PP

Global Defense & National Security Systems, Inc. PP

Global Defense Corp. PP

Global Development Resources, Inc. PP

Global Diversified Industries, Inc. PP

Global Eagle Acquisition Corp. PP

Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. PP

Global Earth Energy, Inc. PP

Global Ecology Corp. PP

Global Employment Holdings, Inc. PP

Global Energy Development plc PP

Global Energy, Inc. PP

Global Entertainment Corp. PP

Global ePoint, Inc. PP

Global Financial Group Inc. PP

Global Finishing, Inc. PP

Global Gardens Group Inc. PP

Global Gold Corp. PP

Global Green Matrix Corp. PP

Global Green Solutions, Inc. PP

Global Health Ventures Inc. PP

Global Healthcare REIT, Inc. PP

Global Hemp Group, Inc. PP

Global Hunter Corp. PP

Global Innovative Systems, Inc. PP

Global Investor Service, Inc. PP

Global Matrechs, Inc. PP

Global Med Technologies Inc. PP

Global Med Technologies, Inc. PP

Global Minerals Ltd. PP

Global National Communications Corp. PP

Global Partners LP PP

Global Pharm Holdings Group, Inc. PP

Global Pharmatech, Inc. PP

Global Prospecting Ventures Inc. PP

Global Realty Development Corp. PP

Global Resource Corp. PP

Global Sources Ltd. PP

Global Telecom & Technology, Inc. PP

Global Wataire Inc. PP

GlobalNet Corp. PP

GlobalOptions Group, Inc. PP

GlobalScape Inc. PP

Globalstar Inc. PP

Globalstar, Inc. PP

Globalwise Investments Inc. PP

Globel Direct, Inc. PP

GlobeStar Mining Corp. PP

Globetel Communications Corp. PP

GlobeTel Communications Corp. PP

Globetel Communications Inc. PP

Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. PP

Glowpoint, Inc. PP

GLR Resources Inc. PP

Glu Mobile Inc. PP


GlycoGenesys Inc. PP

GlycoGenesys, Inc. PP

GlyEco, Inc. PP

GMP Capital Trust PP

GMS Capital Corp. PP

GMV Minerals Inc. PP

GMX Resources Inc. PP

GoAmerica Inc. PP

GobiMin Inc. PP

GoEnergy, Inc. PP

GoFish Corp. PP

Gogo Inc. PP

GoGold Resources Inc PP

GoGold Resources Inc. PP

Golar LNG Partners LP PP

Golconda Resources Ltd. PP

Gold and GemStone Mining Inc. PP

Gold Bullion Development Corp. PP

Gold Canyon Resources Inc. PP

Gold Canyon Resources Ltd. PP

Gold Crest Mines, Inc. PP

Gold Hawk Resources Inc. PP

Gold Horse International, Inc. PP

Gold Mountain Mining Corp. PP

Gold Point Energy Corp. PP

Gold Port Resources Ltd. PP

Gold Reach Resources Ltd. PP

Gold Reserve Inc. PP

Gold Resource Corp. PP

Gold Standard Ventures Corp. PP

Gold Summit Corp. PP

Gold Torrent, Inc. PP

Gold World Resources Inc. PP

Gold-Ore Resources Ltd. PP

Goldbelt Resources Ltd. PP

Goldbrook Ventures Inc. PP

Goldcliff Resource Corp. PP

Goldcrest Resources Ltd. PP

Golden Age Resources, Inc. PP

Golden Arch Resources Ltd. PP

Golden Arrow Resources Corp. PP

Golden Autumn Holdings, Inc. PP

Golden Band Resources Inc. PP

Golden Bridge Mining Corp. PP

Golden Cariboo Resources Ltd. PP

Golden Chalice Resources Inc. PP

Golden China Resources Corp. PP

Golden Dawn Minerals Inc. PP

Golden Dory Resources Corp. PP

Golden Dory Resources Ltd. PP

Golden Dragon Holding Co. PP

Golden Dynasty Resources Ltd. PP

Golden Eagle International Inc. PP

Golden Elephant Glass Technology, Inc. PP

Golden Fame Resources Corp. PP

Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. PP

Golden Goose Resources Inc. PP

Golden Grain Energy, LLC PP

Golden Hope Mines Ltd. PP

Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd. PP

Golden Minerals Co. PP

Golden Minerals Ltd. PP

Golden Oasis Exploration Corp. PP

Golden Odyssey Mining Inc. PP

Golden Patriot Corp. PP

Golden Peaks Resources Ltd. PP

Golden Phoenix Minerals Inc. PP

Golden Phoenix Minerals, Inc. PP

Golden Predator Corp. PP

Golden Predator Mines Inc. PP

Golden Predator Mining Corp. PP

Golden Predator Royalty & Development Corp. PP

Golden Queen Mining Co. Ltd. PP

Golden Raven Resources Ltd. PP

Golden Reign Resources Ltd. PP

Golden River Resources Corp. PP

Golden Secret Ventures Ltd. PP

Golden Share Mining Corp. PP

Golden Star Resources Ltd. PP

Golden Sunset Trail Inc. PP

Golden Tag Resources Ltd. PP

Golden Valley Mines Ltd. PP

Goldex Resources Corp. PP

GoldEx Resources Corp. PP

Goldeye Explorations Ltd. PP

Goldgroup Mining Inc. PP

Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. PP

Goldmarca Ltd. PP

Goldmark Minerals Ltd. PP

Goldminco Corp. PP

GoldMoney Inc (BitGold Inc) PP

Goldnev Resources Inc. PP

GoldQuest Mining Corp. PP

Goldrea Resources Corp. PP

Goldrea Resources Ltd. PP

Goldrich Mining Co. PP

Goldrock Mines Corp. PP

Goldrush Resources Ltd. PP

Goldsource Mines Inc. PP

GoldSpring, Inc. PP

Goldspring, Inc. PP

Goldstake Explorations Inc. PP

Goldstar Minerals Inc. PP

Goldstone Resources Inc. PP

Goldstream Minerals Inc. PP

Goldstrike Resources Ltd. PP

Golub Capital BDC, Inc. PP

Gondwana Energy Ltd. PP

Good Life China Corp. PP

Good Times Restaurants Inc. PP

Goodrich Petroleum Corp. PP

Gossan Resources Ltd. PP

Gottaplay Interactive, Inc. PP

Gottschalks Inc. PP

GoviEx Uranium Inc. PP

Gowest Amalgamated Resources Ltd. PP

Gowest Gold Ltd. PP

GP Strategies Corp. PP

GPJ Ventures Ltd. PP

GPM Metals Inc. PP

GPS Industries, Inc. PP

Grace 2, Inc. PP

GrafTech International Ltd. PP

Graham Corp. PP

Gramercy Capital Corp. PP

Gramercy Property Trust Inc. PP

Gran Colombia Gold Corp. PP

Gran Tierra Energy Inc. PP

Grand Banks Energy Corp. PP

Grand Perfecta Inc. PP

Grand Petroleum Inc. PP

Grand Power Logistics Group Inc. PP

Grande Cache Coal Corp. PP

Grande Portage Resources Ltd. PP

Grande West Transportation Group Inc. PP

Grandparents.com, Inc. PP

Grandview Gold Inc. PP

Granite City Food & Brewery Ltd. PP

Grant Enterprises, Inc. PP

Grant Life Sciences, Inc. PP

Granto, Inc. PP

Graphene 3D Lab Inc. PP

Graphite One Resources Inc. PP

GraphOn Corp. PP

Grayd Resource Corp PP

Grayd Resource Corp. PP

Graymark Healthcare Inc. PP

Graystone Co. Inc. PP

GRC Holdings, Inc. PP

Great American Group, Inc. PP

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., Inc. PP

Great Basin Gold Ltd. PP

Great Basin Scientific, Inc. PP

Great Canadian Gaming Corp. PP

Great China International Holdings, Inc. PP

Great Elm Capital Group Inc. PP

Great Expectations and Associates Inc. PP

Great Lakes Graphite Inc. PP

Great Lakes Hydro Income Fund PP

Great Pacific International Inc. PP

Great Panther Resources Ltd. PP

Great Plains Exploration Inc. PP

Great Prairie Energy Services Inc. PP

Great Quest Fertilizer Ltd PP

Great Quest Metals Ltd. PP

Great Thunder Gold Corp. PP

Great Wall Builders Ltd. PP

Great West Gold, Inc. PP

Great Western Diamonds Corp. PP

Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. PP

Great-West Lifeco Inc. PP

Green Automotive Co. PP

Green Bankshares, Inc. PP

Green Dragon Gas Ltd. PP

Green Earth Technologies, Inc. PP

Green Endeavors, Inc. PP

Green Energy Live, Inc. PP

Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp. PP

Green Mountain Capital, Inc. PP

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. PP

Green Park Capital Corp. PP

Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. PP

Green Technology Solutions Inc. PP

Green Thumb Industries Inc. PP

GreenAngel Energy Corp. PP

GreenBank Capital Inc. PP

Greenbriar Capital Corp. PP

Greencastle Resources Ltd. PP

Greenfield Commercial Credit Inc. PP

Greenfield Farms Food Inc. PP

Greenfield Financial Group, Inc. PP

Greenfields Petroleum Corp. PP

GreenHunter Energy, Inc. PP

Greenhunter Resources Inc. PP

GreenHunter Resources, Inc. PP

Greenko Group plc PP

Greenkraft Inc. PP

Greenland Resources Inc. PP

Greenlight Capital Re, Ltd. PP

GreenMan Technologies Inc. PP

GreenMan Technologies, Inc. PP

Greenock Resources Inc. PP

GreenPower Motor Co. Inc. PP

Greenpro Capital Corp. PP

Greens Worldwide Inc. PP

Greenscape Capital Group Inc. PP

GreenShift Corp. PP

GreenSpace Brands Inc. PP

GreenStar Agricultural Corp. PP

Greentree Gas & Oil Ltd. PP

Grenville Gold Corp. PP

Grenville Strategic Royalty Corp. PP

Grey Island Systems International Inc. PP

Greyhound Commissary, Inc. PP

Greystar Resources Ltd. PP

Grid Petroleum Corp. PP

GridSense Systems Inc. PP

Grill Concepts, Inc. PP

Grilled Cheese Truck, Inc. PP

Grizzly Diamonds Ltd. PP

Grizzly Discoveries Inc. PP

Groundstar Resources Ltd. PP

Groupe Bikini Village Inc. PP

Groupe Distinction Inc. PP

Groupe Les Ailes de la Mode Inc. PP

Groupon Inc. PP

Grove Energy Ltd. PP

Grow Solutions Holdings Inc. PP

GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc. PP

GrowLife, Inc. PP

Growthgen Equity Inc. PP

Grubb & Ellis Co. PP

Gryphon Gold Corp. PP

GS Carbon Corp. PP

GSC Investment Corp. PP

GSE Systems, Inc. PP

GT Canada Capital Corp. PP

GTA CorpFin Capital Inc. PP

GTA Resources and Mining Inc. PP

GTC Biotherapeutics Inc. PP

GTC Biotherapeutics, Inc. PP

GTC Telecom Corp. PP

GTN Textiles Ltd. PP

GTO Resources Inc. PP

GTX Corp. PP

GTx Inc. PP

GTx, Inc. PP

Guangzhou Global Telecom, Inc. PP

Guaranty Bancorp PP

Guaranty Financial Group Inc. PP

Guardian 8 Holdings PP

Guardian Exploration Inc. PP

Guardian Technologies International Inc. PP

Guardian Technologies International, Inc PP

Guardian Technologies International, Inc. PP

Guerrero Exploration Inc. PP

Guess?, Inc. PP

Guest-Tek Interactive Entertainment Ltd. PP

GuestLogix Inc. PP

Guide Exploration Ltd. PP

Guided Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Guinor Gold Corp. PP

Guitammer Co. PP

Gulf & Pacific Equities Corp. PP

Gulf Coast Oil & Gas, Inc. PP

Gulf International Minerals Ltd. PP

Gulf Power Co. PP

Gulf Resources, Inc. PP

Gulf Shores Resources Ltd. PP

Gulf United Energy, Inc. PP

Gulf Western Petroleum Corp. PP

Gulfport Energy Corp. PP

Gulfside Mineral Ltd. PP

Gulfside Minerals Ltd. PP

GulfSlope Energy, Inc. PP

Gulfstream International Group, Inc. PP

GulfWest Energy Inc. PP

Gunpoint Exploration Ltd. PP

Guyana Frontier Mining Corp. PP

Guyana Goldfields Inc. PP

Guyana Precious Metals Inc. PP

GVI Security Solutions Inc. PP

GWR Resources Inc. PP

H & H Imports, Inc. PP

H&R Block, Inc. PP

H&R Real Estate Investment Trust PP

H2Diesel Holdings, Inc. PP

H2Diesel, Inc. PP

H2O Innovation (2000) Inc. PP

H2O Innovation Inc. PP

Habanero Resources Inc. PP

Haemacure Corp. PP

Hague Corp. PP

Halcon Resources Corp. PP

Halcyon Jets Holdings, Inc. PP

Hallador Petroleum Co. PP

Hallmark Financial Services, Inc. PP

Halo Cos. Inc. PP

Halo Resources Ltd. PP

Halo Technology Holdings, Inc. PP

Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Hamilton Bancorp, Inc. PP

Hamilton Thorne Ltd. PP

Hampton Roads Bankshares, Inc. PP

Hana Biosciences PP

Hana Biosciences Inc. PP

Hana Mining Ltd. PP

Handheld Entertainment, Inc. PP

Hanger Orthopedic Group, Inc. PP

Hanmi Financial Corp. PP

Hansa Corp. PP

Hansen Gray & Co. Inc. PP

Hansen Medical, Inc. PP

Hanwei Energy Services Corp. PP

Happy Creek Minerals Ltd. PP

Harbin Electric, Inc. PP

Harbinger Group Inc. PP

Harbor BioSciences Inc. PP

Harbor BioSciences, Inc. PP

Hard Creek Nickel Corp. PP

Harken Energy Corp. PP

Harman International Industries, Inc. PP

Harmony Gold Corp. PP

Haroldís Stores, Inc. PP

Harrington West Financial Group, Inc. PP

Harris & Harris Group, Inc. PP

Harry Winston Diamond Corp. PP

Harte Gold Corp. PP

Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. PP

Hartville Group Inc. PP

Hartville Group, Inc. PP

Harvest Gold Corp. PP

Harvest Natural Resources Inc. PP

Harvest Natural Resources, Inc. PP

Harvey Electronics, Inc. PP

Hathor Exploration Ltd. PP

Hawaiian Holdings Inc. PP

Hawk Exploration Ltd. PP

Hawk Precious Minerals Inc. PP

Hawk Uranium Inc. PP

Hawkeye Gold & Diamond Inc. PP

Hawthorne Gold Corp. PP

HC Innovations, Inc. PP

HC2 Holdings, Inc. PP

HCSB Financial Corp. PP

Headliners Entertainment Group Inc. PP

Headliners Entertainment Group, Inc. PP

Headwaters Inc. PP

Healey Capital Corp. PP

Health Benefits Direct Corp. PP

Health Benefits Direct, Inc. PP

Health Discovery Corp. PP

Health Enhancement Products, Inc. PP

Health Fitness Corp. PP

Health Revenue Assurance Holdings, Inc. PP

Health Sciences Group Inc. PP

Health Systems Solutions, Inc. PP

Healthaxis Inc. PP

Healthbridge, Inc. PP

Healthcare Business Services Groups, Inc. PP

Healthcare Corp. of America PP

HealthPricer Interactive PP

HealthRenu Medical Inc. PP

Healthscreen Solutions Inc. PP

HealthSouth Corp. PP

HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd. PP

HealthSport, Inc. PP

HealthWarehouse.com, Inc. PP

Healthways Inc. PP

HearAtLast Holdings, Inc. PP

Heartland Oil and Gas Corp. PP

Heartland Resources Inc. PP

HeartWare International, Inc. PP

HearUSA, Inc. PP

Heatherdale Resources Ltd. PP

Heatwurx, Inc. PP

Heavy Earth Resources, Inc. PP

Hecla Mining Co. PP

HedgePath Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Hedman Resources Ltd. PP

HEI, Inc. PP

Helicos BioSciences Corp. PP

Helio Resource Corp. PP

Helio Resources Corp. PP

Helios & Matheson North America Inc. PP

Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. PP

Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. PP

Helix BioMedix PP

Helix BioMedix, Inc. PP

Helix BioPharma Corp. PP

Helix Wind Corp. PP

Hellenic Solutions Corp. PP

Hemcure, Inc. PP

Hemisphere Energy Corp. PP

Hemisphere GPS Inc. PP

Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc. PP

HemoSense, Inc. PP

Hemosol Corp. PP

Hemostemix Inc. PP

Hempco Food and Fiber Inc. PP

Hemptown Clothing Inc. PP

Hemptown Clothing Inc. for Crailar Fiber Technologies Inc. PP

Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp. PP

HepaLife Technologies, Inc. PP

Herald National Bank PP

Herdron Capital Corp. PP

Heritage Bankshares, Inc. PP

Heritage Commerce Corp. PP

Heritage Oaks Bancorp PP

Heritage Oil Corp. PP

Heron Lake BioEnergy LLC PP

Heron Lake BioEnergy, LLC PP

Hertz Corp. PP

Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. PP

Hesperia Holding Inc. PP

HF2 Financial Management Inc. PP

Hi Ho Silver Resources Inc. PP

Hi-Tech Wealth Inc. PP

HiEnergy Technologies, Inc. PP

High Arctic Energy Services Inc. PP

High Arctic Energy Services Trust PP

High Desert Gold Corp. PP

High North Resources Ltd. PP

High Performance Beverages Co. PP

High Plains Energy Inc. PP

High Plains Gas, Inc. PP

High Plains Uranium, Inc. PP

High Ridge Resources Inc. PP

High River Gold Mines Ltd. PP

Highbank Resources Ltd. PP

Highland Clan Creations Corp. PP

Highland Copper Co. Inc. PP

Highland Resources Inc. PP

Highpower International, Inc. PP

Highview Resources Ltd. PP

HII Technologies, Inc. PP

Hillsborough Resources Ltd. PP

Himalayan Capital Corp. PP


Hinterland Metals Inc. PP

Hinto Energy Inc. PP

Hip Interactive Corp. PP

Hipcricket, Inc. PP

Hipso Multimedia Inc. PP

Hit Technologies Inc. PP

HK Battery Technology Inc. PP

Hoku Scientific, Inc. PP

Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Holloman Energy Corp. PP

Holloway Lodging Real Estate Investment Trust PP

Holly Energy Partners LP PP

Hollysys Automation Technologies Ltd. PP

Hollywood Media Inc. PP

Holmes Biopharma, Inc. PP

Homburg Invest Inc. PP

Home Inns & Hotels Management Inc. PP

Home Solutions of America Inc. PP

Home Solutions of America, Inc. PP

Home System Group, Inc. PP

Homeland Energy Group Ltd. PP

Homeland Security Capital Corp. PP

Homeland Security Network, Inc. PP

Homeland Uranium Inc. PP

Homestake Resource Corp. PP

Homestore, Inc. PP

HomeTown Bankshares Corp. PP

Hondo Minerals Corp. PP

Honey Badger Exploration Inc. PP

Hong Kong Resources Holdings Co. Ltd. PP

Hoodoo Hydrocarbons Ltd. PP

Hooper Holmes, Inc. PP

Horiyoshi Worldwide Inc. PP

Horizon North Logistics Inc. PP

Horizon Offshore, Inc. PP

Horizon Petroleum Ltd. PP

Horizon Pharma Inc. PP

Horizon Pharma, Inc. PP

Horn Petroleum Corp. PP

Hornby Bay Exploration Ltd. PP

Host America Corp. PP

Hosted Data Transaction Solutions Inc. (Dexit Inc.) PP

House of Brussels Chocolates Inc. PP

House of Taylor Jewelry, Inc. PP

Houston American Energy Corp. PP

Houston Lake Mining Inc. PP

Howard Bancorp Inc. PP

Howard Bancorp, Inc. PP

Howard Hughes Corp. PP


HQ Global Education Inc. PP

HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries, Inc. PP

HSE Integrated Ltd. PP

HSW International, Inc. PP

HTC Hydrogen Technologies Corp. PP

HTI Ventures Corp. PP

Huakan International Mining Inc. PP

Hubei Minkang Pharmaceutical Ltd. PP

HudBay Minerals Inc. PP

Hudson Holding Corp. PP

Hudson Pacific Properties, Inc. PP

Hudson Resources Inc. PP

Hudson River Minerals Ltd. PP

Hudson Technologies, Inc. PP

Hudson's Bay Co. PP

Hughes Telematics Inc. PP

Hughes Telematics, Inc. PP

Hugo International Telecom, Inc. PP

Huifeng Bio-Pharmaceutical Technology, Inc. PP

Huldra Silver Inc. PP

Human BioSystems Inc. PP

Humber Capital Corp. PP

Hunt Gold Corp. PP

Hunt Mining Corp. PP

Hunter Bay Minerals plc PP

Huntingdon Real Estate Investment Trust PP

Huntington Exploration Inc. PP

Huntington Real Estate Investment Trust PP

Huntsman Corp. PP

Husky Energy Inc. PP

Hutchinson Technology Inc. PP

Hy Lake Gold Inc. PP

Hy-Drive Technologies Ltd. PP

Hybrid Coating Technologies Inc. PP

Hybrid Fuel Systems Inc. PP

Hybrid Paytech World Inc. PP

Hybridon, Inc. PP

HydraLogic Systems Inc. PP

Hydrocarb Energy Corp. PP

Hydroflo, Inc. PP

HydroGen Corp. PP

Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc. PP

Hydrogen Technologies Corp. PP

Hydrogenics Corp. PP

Hyduke Energy Services Inc. PP

Hyperdynamics Corp. PP

HyperFeed Technologies, Inc. PP

Hyperion Exploration Corp. PP

HyperSpace Communications, Inc. PP

Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc. PP

Hyro Ltd. PP

Hythiam Inc. PP

Hythiam, Inc. PP