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B + H Ocean Carriers Ltd. PP

B.O.S. Better On-Line Solutions Ltd. PP

B.O.S. Better Online Solutions Ltd. PP

B2 Digital, Inc. PP

B2Digital Inc. PP

Baby All Corp. PP

BabyUniverse, Inc. PP

Bacanora Minerals Ltd. PP

BacTech Environmental Corp. PP

BacTech Mining Corp. PP

Bacterin International Holdings, Inc. PP

Baeta Corp. PP

Baffinland Iron Mines Corp. PP

Baja Mining Corp. PP

BAK International Inc. PP

Bakers Footwear Group Inc. PP

Bakers Footwear Group, Inc. PP

Balance Labs, Inc. PP

Ballad Gold & Silver Ltd. PP

Ballard Power Systems Inc. PP

Ballistic Recovery Systems, Inc. PP

Balloch Resources Ltd. PP

Bally Total Fitness Holding Corp. PP

Ballyliffin Capital Corp. PP

Balmoral Resources Ltd. PP

Balqon Corp. PP

Baltic Resources Inc. PP

Banc of California Inc. PP

Bancorp of New Jersey, Inc. PP

Bancroft Uranium Inc. PP

Bancshares of Florida, Inc. PP

BancTec, Inc. PP

BancTrust Financial Group, Inc. PP

Band-Ore Resources Ltd. PP

Bandera Gold Ltd. PP

Bank of America Corp. PP

Bank of Florida Corp. PP

Bank of the Carolinas Corp. PP

Bank of the James Financial Group, Inc. PP

Bank of the Ozarks, Inc. PP

Bank of Virginia PP

Bankers Petroleum Ltd. PP

Banks Energy Inc. PP

Banks Island Gold Ltd. PP

Bannockburn Resources Ltd. PP

Banro Corp. PP

Banyan Corp. PP

Banyan Gold Corp. PP

Bard Ventures Ltd. PP

Barfresh Food Group, Inc. PP

Barisan Gold Corp. PP

Barker Minerals Ltd. PP

Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. PP

Barnabus Energy, Inc. PP

Barnes & Noble, Inc. PP

Baron Energy, Inc. PP

Barrier Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Base Oil & Gas Ltd. PP

Baseline Oil & Gas Corp. PP

Basic Empire Corp. PP

Basic Services, Inc. PP

Batero Gold Corp. PP

Battery & Wireless Solutions Inc. PP

Battle Mountain Gold Exploration Corp. PP

Battleford Capital Inc. PP

Baxano Surgical, Inc. PP

BAXL Technologies, Inc. PP

Bay Bancorp, Inc. PP

Bay Banks of Virginia, Inc. PP

BayCorp Holdings Ltd. PP

BayCorp Holdings, Ltd. PP

Bayfield Ventures Corp. PP

Baymount Corp. PP

Baymount Inc. PP

Bayou Bend Petroleum Ltd. PP

Bayshore Petroleum Corp. PP

Bayswater Uranium Corp. PP

Bayswater Ventures Corp. PP

Baywood International, Inc. PP

Bazi International, Inc. PP

BBC Capital Management Inc. PP

BBF Resources Inc. PP

BBJ Environmental Technologies Inc. PP

BBM Holdings, Inc. PP


BBTV Holdings Inc. PP

BCGold Corp. PP

BCM Resources Corp. PP

BCS Global Networks Inc. PP

BCY LifeSciences Inc. PP

BDC Capital Inc. PP

BDI Mining Corp. PP

Be Active Holdings Inc. PP

BE Resources Inc. PP

Beacon Energy Holdings, Inc. PP

Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group, Inc. PP

Beacon Power Corp. PP

Beams Power Investment Ltd. PP

Beamz Interactive, Inc. PP

Bear Creek Mining Corp. PP

Bear Lake Gold Ltd. PP

Bear Ridge Resources Ltd. PP

Bearclaw Capital Corp. PP

Beard Co. PP

Bearing Resources Ltd. PP

BearingPoint Inc. PP

Beartooth Platinum Corp. PP

Beaufield Consolidated Resources Inc. PP

Beaufield Resources Inc. PP

Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc. PP

BeesFree, Inc. PP

Beijing Med-Pharm Corp. PP

Bekem Metals, Inc. PP

Bell Coast Capital Corp. PP

Bell Copper Corp. PP

Bell Industries, Inc. PP

Bell Microproducts Inc. PP

Bell Resources Corp. PP

Bellair Ventures Inc. PP

Bellamont Exploration Ltd PP

Bellamont Exploration Ltd. PP

Bellatrix Exploration Ltd. PP

Bellhaven Copper & Gold Inc. PP

Bellhaven Copper & Gold, Inc. PP

Bellhaven Ventures Inc. PP

Bellus Health Inc. PP

Belo Sun Mining Corp. PP

Belvedere Resources Ltd. PP

Bema Gold Corp. PP

Benchmark Energy Corp. PP

Benda Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Benem Ventures Inc. PP

Bengal Energy Ltd. PP

Benihana Inc. PP

Bennett Environmental Inc. PP

Benton Capital Corp. PP

Benton Resources Corp. PP

Berens Energy Ltd. PP

Bergio International, Inc. PP

Berkley Resources Inc. PP

Berkshire Bancorp Inc. PP

Berliner Communications, Inc. PP

Bernard Chaus, Inc. PP

Besra Gold Inc. PP

Best Energy Services, Inc. PP

Betawave Corp. PP

BeWhere Holdings Inc. PP

Beyond Commerce, Inc. PP

BFI Canada Ltd. PP

BG Medicine, Inc. PP

BG Staffing, Inc. PP

BGC Partners, Inc. PP

BGS Acquisition Corp. PP


Bi-Optic Ventures Inc. PP

Bibb Corp. PP

Bidville Inc. PP

Big Bear Mining Corp. PP

Big Cat Energy Corp. PP

Big Dog Holdings, Inc. PP

Big Sky Energy Corp. PP

Big Star Media Group, Inc. PP

BigString Corp. PP

BillMyParents Inc. PP

BillMyParents, Inc. PP

Bind Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Bingo.com, Ltd. PP

Bio Blast Pharma Ltd. PP

Bio-Bridge Science, Inc. PP

Bio-Extraction Inc. PP

BIO-Key International PP

BIO-Key International Inc. PP

BIO-Key International, Inc. PP

BIO-key International, Inc. PP

Bio-Lok International Inc. PP

Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc. PP

Bio-Path Holdings, Inc. PP

Bio-Solutions Manufacturing, Inc. PP

Bioaccelerate Holdings, Inc. PP

Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. PP

BioBalance Corp. (New York Health Care Inc.) PP

BioCancell Therapeutics Inc. PP

Biocept, Inc. PP

BioCorRx Inc. PP

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Biodel Inc. PP

Biodel, Inc. PP

Biodelivery Sciences International Inc. PP

BioDelivery Sciences International Inc. PP

BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc. PP

BioElectronics Corp. PP

BioEnvelop Technologies Corp. PP

Bioenvision, Inc. PP

BioExx Specialty Proteins Ltd. PP

Biofield Corp. PP

Bioflamex Corp. PP

BioForce Nanosciences Holdings, Inc. PP

Bioheart, Inc. PP

Bioheart, Inc. PP

BioHiTech Global Inc. PP

Bioject Medical Technologies Inc. PP

BioLargo, Inc. PP

Biolase Inc. PP

Biolase Technology, Inc. PP

Biolife Solutions, Inc. PP

BioLineRx PP

BioLineRx Ltd. PP

Biomerica, Inc. PP

BioMimetic Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Biomira Inc. PP

BioMmune Technologies Inc. PP

Biomoda, Inc. PP

BioMS Medical Corp. PP

Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc. PP

BioNeutra Global Corp. PP

Bioneutral Group, Inc. PP

Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. PP

Bionik Laboratories Corp. PP

Bionovo, Inc. PP

Bionutrics, Inc. PP

Biophan Technologies, Inc. PP

BioPharmX Corp. PP

Biopure Corp. PP

Biorem Inc. PP

BioRestorative Therapies, Inc. PP

BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

BioScrip, Inc. PP

Biosenta Inc. PP

BioSig Technologies, Inc. PP

Biosign Technologies Inc. PP

BioSpecifics Technologies Corp. PP

BioSphere Medical, Inc. PP

Biostage, Inc. PP

Biostar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Biostem U.S., Corp. PP

BioSyntech, Inc. PP

Bioteq Environmental Technologies Inc. PP

BioTime, Inc. PP

Biotonix (2010) Inc. PP

Biotricity Inc. PP

Biovest International, Inc. PP

Bioxel Pharma Inc. PP

Biozone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Birch Lake Energy Inc. PP

Birch Mountain Resources Ltd. PP

Birchcliff Energy Ltd. PP

Birchtree Energy Corp., Cluny Capital Corp. PP

Birim Goldfields Inc. PP

Birks & Mayors Inc. PP

Bishop Gold Inc. PP

Bison Gold Exploration Inc. PP

Bison Gold Resources Inc. PP

Bitauto Holdings Ltd. PP

Bitcoin Shop, Inc PP

BitGold Inc. PP

Bitterroot Resources Ltd. PP

Bizzingo, Inc. PP

BJís Restaurants, Inc. PP

BKN International AG PP

Black Bull Resources Inc. PP

Black Hat Capital Inc. PP

Black Hawk Exploration Inc. PP

Black Hills Corp. PP

Black Iron Inc. PP

Black Pearl Minerals Consolidated Inc. PP

Black Raven Energy, Inc. PP

Black Smoker Ventures Inc. PP

Black Widow Resources Inc. PP

BlackBerry Ltd. PP

Blackbird Energy Inc. PP

Blackbird Investments Inc. PP

Blackburn Ventures Corp. PP

Blackdog Resources Ltd. PP

Blackhawk Capital Group BDC, Inc. PP

Blackhawk Fund PP

Blackhawk Resource Corp. PP

Blackheath Resources Inc. PP

Blackline GPS Corp. PP

Blackline Safety Corp. PP

BlackPearl Resources Inc. PP

Blackpool Exploration Ltd. PP

BlackRock, Inc. PP

Blacksands Petroleum, Inc. PP

Blacksteel Energy Inc. PP

Blacksteel Oil Sands Inc. (Firesteel Resources Inc.) PP

Blackstone Ventures Inc. PP

Blackwater Midstream Corp. PP

Blast Energy Services, Inc. PP

BlastGard International Inc. PP

BlastGard International, Inc. PP

Bling Capital Corp. PP

Blink Logic Inc. PP

Blizzard Energy Inc. PP

Blockbuster Inc. PP

Bloggerwave, Inc. PP

Blox Inc. PP

Blue Calypso, Inc PP

Blue Calypso, Inc. PP

Blue Coat Systems, Inc. PP

Blue Cove Capital Corp. PP

Blue Dolphin Energy Co. PP

Blue Earth Solutions, Inc. PP

Blue Earth, Inc. PP

Blue Gold Mining Inc. PP

Blue Holdings, Inc. PP

Blue Horizon Industries Inc. PP

Blue Mountain Energy Ltd. PP

Blue Note Metals Inc. PP

Blue Note Mining Inc. PP

Blue Parrot Energy Inc. PP

Blue Pearl Mining Ltd. PP

Blue Ridge Energy Inc. PP

Blue Sky Uranium Corp. PP

Blue Sphere Corp. PP

Blue Vista Technology Inc. PP

Blue Water Global Group Inc. PP

Bluebook International Holding Co. PP

BlueFire Ethanol Fuels, Inc. PP

BlueFire Renewables, Inc. PP

Bluefly, Inc. PP

BlueGrouse Seismic Solutions Ltd. PP

Blueknight Energy Partners LP PP

BlueOcean NutraSciences Inc. PP

BluePhoenix Solutions PP

BluePhoenix Solutions Ltd. PP

Bluerock Resources Ltd. PP

BlueScout Technologies PP

BlueTree Wireless Data Inc. PP

Blugrass Energy Inc. PP

BluMetric Environmental Inc. PP

Blumont Group Ltd. PP

Blutip Power Technologies (Hy-Drive Technologies Ltd.) PP

BMB Munai, Inc. PP

BMP Sunstone Corp. PP

BNC Bancorp PP

BNCCorp, Inc. PP

BNK Petroleum Inc. PP

BNP Resources Inc. PP

Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP PP

Bodisen Biotech, Inc. PP

Body Central Corp. PP

BofI Holding, Inc. PP

Bogue International, Inc. PP

Bohai Pharmaceuticals Group, Inc. PP

Bois díArc Energy, Inc. PP

Bold Ventures Inc. PP

Boldface Group, Inc. PP

Bolero Resources Corp. PP

Bolivar Energy Corp. PP

Bonanza Goldfields Corp. PP

Bonanza Oil & Gas, Inc. PP

Bonanza Resources Corp. PP

Bonaparte Resources Inc. PP

Bonaventure Enterprises Inc. PP

Bond Laboratories, Inc. PP

Bonds.com Group Inc. PP

Bonds.com Group, Inc. PP

Bonds.com Holdings, Inc. PP

Bone Biologics, Corp. PP

Bong Mieu Gold Mining Co., Ltd. (Olympus Pacific Minerals Inc.) PP

Bonnett Energy Services Trust PP

Bonnett's Energy Services Trust PP

Bontan Corp. Inc. PP

Bonterra Energy Corp. PP

Bonterra Oil & Gas Ltd. PP

BonTerra Resources Inc. PP

Boo Koo Beverages, Inc. PP

Bookham Inc. PP

Boomerang Systems, Inc. PP

Boomj, Inc. PP

Bootie Beer Corp. PP

Border Petroleum Corp. PP

Border Petroleum Inc. PP

Border Petroleum Ltd. PP

Borders Group Inc. PP

Boss Gold International Corp. PP

Boss Power Corp. PP

Boston Life Sciences Inc. PP

Boston Life Sciences, Inc. PP

Boston Omaha Corp. PP

Boston Private Financial Holdings Inc. PP

Boston Restaurant Associates, Inc. PP

Boston Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Botaneco Corp. PP

Boulder Mining Corp. PP

Boulder Specialty Brands, Inc. PP

Boulder Steel Ltd. PP

Boulevard Acquisition Corp. PP

Boundless Motor Sports Racing Inc. PP

Bourbon Brothers Holding Corp. PP

Bourque Industries, Inc. PP

Bovie Medical Corp. PP

Bow Valley Energy Ltd. PP

Bowmore Exploration Ltd. PP

Bowood Energy Inc. PP

Box Ships Inc. PP

Boxxer Gold Corp. PP

Boyuan Construction Group, Inc. PP

BP International Inc. PP

BPI Industries Inc. PP

BPK Resources, Inc. PP

BPO Management Services, Inc. PP

BPZ Energy Inc. PP

BPZ Energy, Inc. PP

BPZ Resources, Inc. PP

Bradmer Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Brainhunter Inc. PP

BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics PP

Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Inc PP

BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. PP

Braintech, Inc. PP

Brainy Brands Co., Inc. PP

Bralorne Gold Mines Ltd. PP

Brand Neue Corp. PP

Branded Media Corp. PP

Bravada Gold Corp. PP

Bravo Gold Corp. PP

Bravo Venture Group Inc. PP

Bravo! Foods International Corp. PP

Bravo! Foods International Inc. PP

BrazAlta Resources Corp. PP

Brazauro Resources Corp. PP

Brazil Gold Corp. PP

Brazil Minerals, Inc. PP

Brazil Resources Inc. PP

Brazilian Diamonds Ltd. PP

Brazilian Gold Corp. PP

Brazilian Resources, Inc. PP

BrazMin Corp. PP

BRC Diamond Corp. PP

BRC DiamondCore Ltd. PP

Breaker Energy Ltd. PP

Breakwater Resources Ltd. PP

Breitburn Energy Partners LP PP

BreitBurn Energy Partners LP PP

Brett Resources Inc. PP

Brett Resources Inc. PP

Bri-Chem Corp. PP

Briacell Therapeutics Corp. PP

Brick Brewing Co. Ltd. PP

Bridge Bancorp, Inc. PP

Bridge Capital Holdings PP

Bridge Resources Corp. PP

Bridgeline Digital Inc. PP

Bridgeline Digital, Inc. PP

Bridgeport Ventures Inc. PP

Bridgetech Holdings International, Inc. PP

Brigadier Gold Ltd. PP

Brightec, Inc. PP

Brighter Minds Media Inc. PP

Brighter Minds Media, Inc. PP

Brigus Gold Corp. PP

Brillian Corp. PP

Brilliant Mining Corp. PP

Brinx Resources Ltd. PP

Bristow Group Inc. PP

Britannica Resources Corp PP

Britannica Resources Corp. PP

BriteSmile Inc. PP

Brixton Metals Corp. PP

Broadband Learning Corp. PP

Broadcast International, Inc. PP

Broadpoint Securities Group, Inc. PP

Broadview Institute, Inc. PP

BroadVision Inc. PP

Broadway Financial Corp. PP

Broadwind Energy Inc. PP

Broadwing Corp. PP

Brockton Capital Corp. PP

Bronco Energy Ltd. PP

Bronze Marketing, Inc. PP

Brookdale Senior Living Inc. PP

Brooke Corp. PP

Brooke Credit Corp. PP

Brookemont Capital Inc. PP

Brookfield Asset Management Inc. PP

Brookfield Global Listed Infrastructure Income Fund Inc. PP

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP PP

Brookfield Renewable Partners LP PP

Brookfield Residential Properties Inc. PP

Brookside Technology Holdings Corp. PP

Brookwater Ventures Inc. PP

Broome Capital Inc. PP

Brownstone Energy Inc. PP

Brownstone Ventures Inc. PP

BRS Resources PP

Bryn Mawr Bank Corp. PP

BSD Medical Corp. PP

BSI2000, Inc. PP

BSM Technologies Inc. PP

BTB Real Estate Investment Trust PP

Buccaneer Gold Corp. PP

Buchans Minerals Corp. PP

Buchans River Ltd. PP

Buck Lake Ventures Ltd. PP

Buckeye Partners, LP PP

Buckeye Ventures, Inc. PP

Buckhead Community Bancorp, Inc. PP

Bucking Horse Energy Inc. PP

Buckingham Exploration Inc. PP

Buffalo Coal Corp. PP

Buffalo Gold Ltd. PP

Buffalo Oil Corp. PP

Buffalo Resources Corp. PP

Buildablock Corp. PP

Builders Energy Services Trust PP

Bulldog Energy Inc. PP

Bulldog Resources Inc. PP

Bulldog Technologies Inc. PP

Bullfrog Gold Corp. PP

Bullion River Gold Corp. PP

Bullion River Gold, Inc. PP

Bullman Ventures Inc. PP

Bulova Technologies Group, Inc. PP

Burcon NutraScience Corp. PP

Burlington Stores Inc. PP

Burmis Energy Inc. PP

Burnstone Ventures Inc. PP

Business Bank of Nevada PP

Butler Developments Corp. PP

Butler International, Inc. PP

Butler Resource Corp. PP

Butte Energy Inc. PP

Butte Energy Ltd. PP

Buyonate, Inc. PP

BV Pharmaceutical Inc. PP

BVR Systems (1998) Ltd. PP