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Valcour Capital Management LLC

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc.

Vallauris II CLO plc

Van Gansewinkel Groep BV

Värde Partners, Inc.

VCO CLO 2018-1 LLC

Vendome Funding CLO 2020-1 DAC

Veneta Banca Scpa

Venture 28A CLO, LLC

Venture 28A CLO, Ltd.

Venture 32 CLO, LLC

Venture 32 CLO, Ltd.

Venture 33 CLO, LLC

Venture 33 CLO, Ltd.

Venture 36 CLO, LLC

Venture 36 CLO, Ltd.

Venture 37 CLO, LLC

Venture 37 CLO, Ltd.

Venture 38 CLO, LLC

Venture 38 CLO, Ltd.

Venture 39 CLO, LLC

Venture 39 CLO, Ltd.

Venture X CLO, Corp.

Venture X CLO, Ltd.

Venture XI CLO Corp.

Venture XI CLO, Ltd.

Venture XI CLO, Ltd./Venture XI CLO Corp.

Venture XII CLO, Corp.

Venture XII CLO, LLC

Venture XII CLO, Ltd.


Venture XIII CLO, Ltd.

Venture XIII CLO, Ltd./Venture XIII CLO, Corp.

Venture XIII CLO, Ltd./Venture XIII CLO, LLC

Venture XIV CLO Ltd./Venture XIV CLO LLC

Venture XIV CLO, LLC

Venture XIV CLO, Ltd.

Venture XIX CLO, LLC

Venture XIX CLO, Ltd./Venture XIX CLO LLC

Venture XV CLO, LLC

Venture XV CLO, Ltd.

Venture XVI CLO Ltd./Venture XVI CLO LLC

Venture XVI CLO, LLC

Venture XVI CLO, Ltd.

Venture XVII CLO Ltd./Venture XVII CLO LLC


Venture XVIII CLO, Ltd.

Venture XVIII CLO, Ltd./Venture XVIII CLO LLC

Venture XX CLO LLC

Venture XX CLO, Ltd.

Venture XX CLO, Ltd./Venture XX CLO LLC

Venture XXI CLO Corp.

Venture XXI CLO, LLC

Venture XXI CLO, Ltd.

Venture XXI CLO, Ltd./Venture XXI CLO Corp.


Venture XXII CLO, Ltd.

Venture XXII CLO, Ltd./Venture XXII CLO LLC


Venture XXIII CLO, Ltd.


Venture XXIV CLO, Ltd.

Venture XXV CLO, LLC

Venture XXV CLO, Ltd.

Venture XXVI CLO Ltd./Venture XXVI CLO LLC

Venture XXVI CLO, Ltd.


Venture XXVIII CLO, Ltd.


Verde CLO Ltd.

Versailles CLO M.E. I plc

Verso Corp.

Vesey Park CLO DAC

Vibrant CLO II Ltd./Vibrant CLO II LLC

Vibrant CLO III Ltd./Vibrant CLO III LLC

Vibrant CLO III, LLC

Vibrant CLO III, Ltd.

Vibrant CLO IV, LLC

Vibrant CLO IV, Ltd.

Vibrant CLO IX LLC

Vibrant CLO IX Ltd.

Vibrant CLO V LLC

Vibrant CLO V Ltd.

Vibrant CLO V, Ltd./Vibrant CLO V, LLC

Vibrant CLO VII Ltd./Vibrant CLO VII LLC


Vibrant CLO VIII Ltd.

Vibrant CLO X LLC

Vibrant CLO X Ltd.

Vibrant CLO XI LLC

Vibrant CLO XI Ltd.

Vibrant CLO, Ltd.

Vibrant Credit Partners, LLC

Victoria Falls CLO, Corp.

Victoria Falls CLO, Ltd.

Virtus Investment Partners, Inc.

Vista Credit Opportunities Management LP

Vivarte SAS

VMC Finance 2019-FL3 LLC

Volta Finance Ltd.

Voya Alternative Asset Management LLC

Voya CLO 2012-1 LLC

Voya CLO 2012-1, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2012-2, Ltd./Voya CLO 2012-2 LLC

Voya CLO 2012-3, Ltd./Voya CLO 2012-3 LLC

Voya CLO 2012-4 LLC

Voya CLO 2012-4, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2012-4, Ltd./Voya CLO 2012-4 LLC

Voya CLO 2013-2 LLC

Voya CLO 2013-2, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2013-3 LLC

Voya CLO 2013-3, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2013-3, Ltd./Voya CLO 2013-3 LLC

Voya CLO 2014 LLC

Voya CLO 2014-1 LLC

Voya CLO 2014-1, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2014-1, Ltd./Voya CLO 2014-1 LLC

Voya CLO 2014-2, LLC

Voya CLO 2014-2, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2014-2, Ltd./Voya CLO 2014 LLC

Voya CLO 2014-2, Ltd./Voya CLO 2014-2 LLC

Voya CLO 2014-3 LLC

Voya CLO 2014-3, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2014-3, Ltd./Voya CLO 2014-3 LLC

Voya CLO 2014-4, LLC

Voya CLO 2014-4, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2014-4, Ltd./Voya CLO 2014-4 LLC

Voya CLO 2015-1 LLC

Voya CLO 2015-1, Ltd./Voya CLO 2015-1 LLC

Voya CLO 2015-2 LLC

Voya CLO 2015-2, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2015-2, Ltd./Voya CLO 2015-2 LLC

Voya CLO 2015-3, Ltd./Voya CLO 2015-3 LLC

Voya CLO 2016-1, Ltd./Voya CLO 2016-1 LLC

Voya CLO 2016-2 LLC

Voya CLO 2016-2, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2016-3, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2016-3, Ltd./Voya CLO 2016-3 LLC

Voya CLO 2016-4, Ltd./Voya CLO 2016-4 LLC

Voya CLO 2017-1 LLC

Voya CLO 2017-1, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2017-1, Ltd./Voya CLO 2017-1 LLC

Voya CLO 2017-2, Ltd./Voya CLO 2017-2 LLC

Voya CLO 2017-4 LLC

Voya CLO 2017-4, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2018-1 LLC

Voya CLO 2018-1, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2018-2 LLC

Voya CLO 2018-2, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2018-4 LLC

Voya CLO 2018-4, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2019-1 LLC

Voya CLO 2019-1, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2019-2 LLC

Voya CLO 2019-2, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2019-3 LLC

Voya CLO 2019-3, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2019-4 LLC

Voya CLO 2019-4, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2020-1 LLC

Voya CLO 2020-1, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2020-2 LLC

Voya CLO 2020-2, Ltd.

Voya CLO III Ltd./Voya CLO III, Inc.

Voya Euro CLO I DAC

Voya Euro CLO II DAC


Voya Investment Management LLC

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