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R.G.I. International Ltd. PP

Race Capital Corp. PP

Rackla Metals Inc. PP

Rackwise, Inc. PP

RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. PP

Rada Electronics Industries Ltd. PP

Radar Acquisitions Corp. PP

Radcom Ltd. PP

Radial Energy Inc. PP

Radiant Communications Corp. PP

Radiant Energy Corp PP

Radiant Energy Corp. PP

Radiant Logistics, Inc. PP

Radiant Oil & Gas, Inc. PP

Radiant Resources Inc. PP

Radient Pharmaceuticals Corp. PP

Radient Technologies Inc. PP

Radisson Mining Resources Inc. PP

Radius Gold Inc. PP

Radius Health, Inc. PP

RadView Software Ltd. PP

Rahaxi, Inc. PP

Railpower Technologies Corp. PP

Raimount Energy Inc. PP

Rainmaker Entertainment Inc. PP

Rainmaker Income Fund PP

Rainmaker Mining Corp. PP

Rainmaker Systems Inc. PP

Rainmaker Systems, Inc. PP

Rainy River Resources Ltd. PP

Raise Production Inc. PP

RAIT Financial Trust PP

Rally Energy Corp. PP

Ram Energy Resources, Inc. PP

Ram Power, Corp. PP

Rambler Metals and Mining plc PP

Rambus Inc. PP

Ramp Corp. PP

Rampart Ventures Ltd. PP

RAMTelecom Inc. PP

Ramtelecom Inc. PP

Ranaz Corp. PP

Rancher Energy Corp. PP

Rand A Technology Corp. PP

Rand Acquisition Corp. PP

Rand Capital Corp. PP

Rand Logistics Inc. PP

Rand Logistics, Inc. PP

Randsburg International Gold Corp. PP

Range Energy Resources Inc. PP

Ranger Canyon Energy Inc. PP

Ranger Energy Ltd. PP

Rapid Link, Inc. PP

Rapid7 Inc. PP

Raptor Capital Corp. PP

Raptor Networks Technology Inc. PP

Raptor Networks Technology, Inc. PP

Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp. PP

Raptor Pharmaceuticals Corp. PP

Rare Earth Metals Inc. PP

Rare Element Resources Ltd. PP

Raser Technologies Inc. PP

Raser Technologies, Inc. PP

Raser Technologies, Inc./Truckee Geothermal No. 1 SV-01, LLC PP

Ratel Gold Ltd. PP

Rathdowney Resources Ltd. PP

Raven Biofuels International Corp. PP

Raven Energy Ltd. PP

Raven Moon Entertainment Inc. PP

Raydan Manufacturing Inc. PP

Raymor Industries Inc. PP

Raystream Inc. PP

Raytec Metals Corp. PP

RCG Cos., Inc. PP

Rcom Venture Corp. PP

RCS Capital Corp. PP

RDM Corp. PP

ReachLocal Inc. PP

Real Goods Solar, Inc. PP

Real Time Measurements Inc. PP

Real-Estateforlease.com (Uni-Pixel Inc.) PP

Realm Energy International Corp. PP

RealSource Residential, Inc. PP

Rebgold Corp. PP

REC Minerals Corp. PP

REC Silicon ASA PP

Reclamation Consulting and Applications, Inc. PP

Recom Managed Systems Inc. PP

Recon Technology, Ltd. PP

Recovery Energy, Inc. PP

Recro Pharma, Inc. PP

Red Back Mining Inc. PP

Red Crescent Resources Ltd. PP

Red Dragon Resources Corp. PP

Red Eagle Mining Corp. PP

Red Hill Energy Inc. PP

Red Lake Exploration, Inc. PP

Red Metal Resources Ltd. PP

Red Mile Entertainment, Inc. PP

Red Mountain Resources, Inc. PP

Red Pine Exploration Inc. PP

Red Rock Energy Inc. PP

Red Rock Pictures Holdings, Inc. PP

Red Sky Resources Inc. PP

Red Sun Mining, Inc. PP

Red Tiger Mining Inc. PP

Redcliffe Exploration Inc. PP

Redcorp Ventures Ltd. PP

Redex Inc. PP

Redex, Inc. PP

RedFin Network, Inc. PP

Redhawk Resources, Inc. PP

RedHill Biopharma Ltd. PP

Redhill Resources Corp. PP

Redishred Capital Corp. PP

RediShred Capital Corp. PP

Redknee Solutions Inc. PP

Redline Communications Group Inc. PP

Redstar Gold Corp. PP

Redstar Oil & Gas Inc. PP

Redstone Capital Corp. PP

Redtail Metals Corp. PP

RedWater Energy Corp. PP

Redzone Resources Ltd. PP

Reece Energy Exploration Corp. PP

Reed's, Inc. PP

Reed’s, Inc. PP

Reef Resources Ltd. PP

Reese Corp. PP

Reflect Scientific, Inc. PP

Refocus Group Inc. PP

Regado Biosciences, Inc. PP

Regal Energy Corp. for Azeri Capital Inc. PP

Regal Energy Ltd. PP

Regal Lifestyle Communities Inc. PP

Regal Resources Inc. PP

Regalito Copper Corp. PP

ReGen Biologics, Inc. PP

Regency Affiliates, Inc. PP

Regency Energy Partners LP PP

Regeneration Technologies, Inc. PP

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals Inc. PP

RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Regenerx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Regenicin, Inc. PP

Regi U.S., Inc. PP

Regional Brands Inc. PP

Regulus Resources Inc. PP

Regulus Therapeutics Inc. PP

RelationServe Media, Inc. PP

Relentless Resources Ltd. PP

Reliable Energy Ltd. PP

Reliance Bancshares, Inc. PP

Reliance Resources Ltd. PP

Reliant Home Warranty Corp. PP

Relmada Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Remark Media Inc. PP

Remark Media, Inc. PP

Remedent, Inc. PP

Remediation Services, Inc. PP

Remote Dynamics Inc. PP

Remote Dynamics, Inc. PP

Remote Knowledge, Inc. PP

Remote Knowledge, Inc. PP

RemoteMDx, Inc. PP

Renaissance Gold Inc. PP

Renaissance Oil Corp. PP

Renasant Corp. PP

Rencore Resources Ltd. PP

Renegade Petroleum Ltd. PP

Renegade Venture Corp. PP

ReneSola Ltd. PP

Renewables Infrastructure Group Ltd. PP

Renforth Resources Inc. PP

RenovaCare, Inc. PP

Rentcash Inc. PP

Rentech Development Corp. PP

Rentech Inc. PP

Rentech, Inc. PP

Rentrak Corp. PP

RepeatSeat Ltd. PP

RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. PP

Repligen Corp. PP

Repros Therapeutics Inc. PP

Republic First Bancorp, Inc. PP

Resaas Services Inc. PP

Research Frontiers Inc. PP

Research Frontiers, Inc. PP

Research Solutions, Inc. PP

Reservoir Capital Corp. PP

Reservoir Minerals Inc. PP

Resilient Resources Ltd. PP

Resin Systems Inc. PP

Resolute Oncology Inc. PP

Resonant Inc. PP

Resource Capital Gold Corp. PP

Resource Finance & Investment Ltd. PP

Resource Holdings & Investments Inc. PP

Respect Your Universe, Inc. PP

RespireRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Response Biomedical Corp. PP

Response Genetics, Inc. PP

Ressources Appalaches PP

Ressources Appalaches Inc. PP

Ressources Metco Inc. PP

Ressources Minieres Pro-Or Inc. PP

RestorGenex Corp. PP

Result Energy Inc. PP

Resverlogix Corp. PP

Retail Pro, Inc. PP

Retalix Ltd. PP

Retrophin Inc. PP

Retrophin, Inc. PP

Return On Investment Corp. PP

Reunion Gold Corp. PP

REVA Medical, Inc. PP

Revelo Resources Corp. PP

Reven Housing REIT, Inc. PP

Revett Minerals Inc. PP

Revett Mining Co. Inc. PP

Reviso Energy Ltd. PP

Revive Therapeutics Ltd. PP

Revlon, Inc. PP

Revolution Lighting Technologies, Inc. PP

Revolution Resources Corp. PP

Revolutions Medical Corp. PP

Revolver Resources Inc. PP

ReWalk Robotics Ltd. PP

Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

RG America, Inc. PP

RG Global Lifestyle, Inc. PP

RG Global Lifestyles, Inc. PP

RGS Energy PP

Rhyolite Resources Ltd. PP

RIA Resources Corp. PP

Rice Midstream Partners LP PP

RiceBran Technologies PP

Richards Oil & Gas Ltd. PP

Richardson Electronics, Ltd. PP

Richfield Ventures Corp. PP

Richmond Minerals Inc. PP

Richmont Mines Inc. PP

Richview Resources Inc. PP

Rick's Cabaret International, Inc. PP

Rick’s Cabaret International, Inc. PP

Rider Resources Ltd. PP

Ridgeline Energy Services Inc. PP

Ridgemont Capital Corp. PP

Ridgemont Iron Ore Corp. PP

Ridgeway Petroleum Corp. PP

Rifco Inc. PP

Rightscorp Inc. PP

Rim Semiconductor Co. PP

Rimfire Minerals Corp. PP

Rimini Street, Inc. PP

Rimrock Gold Corp PP

Rineon Group Ltd. PP

Ring Energy, Inc. PP

Ring of Fire Resources Inc. PP

Ringbolt Ventures Ltd. PP

RINO International Corp. PP

Rio Alto Mining Ltd. PP

Rio Bravo Oil, Inc. PP

Rio Cristal Resources Corp. PP

Rio Verde Minerals Development Corp. PP

Rio Vista Energy Partners LP PP

Ripple Lake Diamonds Inc. PP

Riptide Worldwide, Inc. PP

Rising India, Inc. PP

RiT Technologies PP

RiT Technologies Ltd. PP

Rita Medical Systems Inc. PP

Rita Medical Systems, Inc. PP

Ritter Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Riva Gold Corp. PP

Rival Energy Ltd. PP

River Gold Mines Ltd. PP

Riverside Resources Inc. PP

Riverstone Resources Inc. PP

Riviera Tool Co. PP

RJK Explorations Ltd. PP

RJZ Mining Corp. PP

RLJ Acquisition, Inc. PP

RLJ Entertainment Inc. PP

RMG Networks Holding Corp. PP

RMP Energy Inc. PP

RMS Systems Inc. PP

RNC Gold Inc. PP

Road New Media Corp. PP

Roaming Messenger Inc. PP

Roanoke Technology Corp. PP

Robcor Properties, Inc. PP

Robex Resources Inc. PP

Robix Alternative Fuels Inc. PP

Roca Mines Inc. PP

Rocher Deboule Minerals Corp. PP

Rochester Energy Corp. PP

Rochester Resources Ltd. PP

Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Rock Creek Resources Ltd. PP

Rock Energy Inc. PP

Rock Tech Lithium Inc. PP

RockBridge Resources Inc. PP

Rockcliff Copper Corp. PP

Rockcliff Resources Inc. PP

Rockdale Resources Corp. PP

Rockelle Corp. PP

Rocket City Enterprises, Inc. PP

Rockex Mining Corp. PP

Rockgate Capital Corp. PP

Rockhaven Resources Ltd. PP

Rockridge Capital Corp. PP

Rockwater Capital Corp. PP

Rockwell Diamonds Inc. PP

Rockwell Medical Technologies, Inc. PP

Rockwell Ventures Inc. PP

Rocky Mountain Resources Corp. PP

Rocmec Mining Inc. PP

Roctest Ltd. PP

Rodeo Capital II Corp. PP

Rodinia Lithium Inc. PP

Rodinia Minerals Inc. PP

Rodman & Renshaw Capital Group, Inc. PP

Rodobo International, Inc. PP

Rodocanachi Capital Inc. PP

Rogue Iron Ore Corp. PP

Rogue Resources Inc. PP

ROI Acquisition Corp. PP

ROI Land Investments, Ltd. PP

Rokmaster Resources Corp. PP

Rokwader Inc. PP

Rolland Energy Inc. PP

Rolling Rock Resources Corp. PP

Rolling Thunder Exploration Ltd. PP

Romarco Minerals Inc. PP

Romios Gold Resources Inc. PP

Ronco Corp. PP

ROO Group, Inc. PP

Roo Group, Inc. PP

Roo Hsing Co., Ltd. PP

RoomLinX Inc. PP

RoomLinx, Inc. PP

Roomlinx, Inc. PP

RoomLinX, Inc. PP

Rose Rock Midstream, LP PP

Rosetta Exploration Inc. PP

Rosetta Genomics Ltd. PP

Rosetta Genomics, Ltd. PP

Ross River Minerals Inc. PP

Rostock Ventures Corp. PP

Rotate Black, Inc. PP

Rouge Resources Ltd. PP

Route1 PP

Route1 Inc. PP

Roxgold Inc. PP

Roxi Petroleum plc PP

Roxmark Mines Ltd. PP

Royal Bancshares of Pennsylvania, Inc. PP

Royal Coal Corp. PP

Royal Energy Resources, Inc. PP

Royal Hawaiian Orchards LP PP

Royal Laser Corp. PP

Royal Mines and Minerals Corp. PP

Royal Nickel Corp. PP

Royal Roads Corp. PP

Royal Spring Water Inc. PP

Royal Standard Minerals Inc. PP

Royale Energy Inc. PP

Royale Energy, Inc. PP

Royale Globe Holding, Inc. PP

Royalite Petroleum Co. Inc. PP

Royalty North Partners Ltd. PP

Royce Resources Corp. PP

RPM Technologies, Inc. PP

RPT Resources Ltd. PP

RPT Uranium Corp. PP

RS Technologies Inc. PP

RSI International Systems Inc. PP

RSX Energy Inc. PP

RT Minerals Corp. PP

RTI Biologics, Inc. PP

Rubicon Financial Inc. PP

Rubicon Minerals Corp. PP

Rubincon Ventures Inc. PP

Ruby Creek Resources, Inc. PP

Ruby Mining Co. PP

Ruby Mining Co. (Admiralty Holding Co.) PP

Ruby Red Resources Inc. PP

Rugby Mining Ltd. PP

Run of River Power Inc. PP

Running Fox Resource Corp. PP

Rupert Resources Inc. PP

Rusoro Mining Ltd. PP

Russell Breweries Inc. PP

Ruth's Hospitality Group Inc. PP

Ruthigen, Inc. PP

Rutter Inc. PP

Rvue Holdings, Inc. PP

RVue Holdings, Inc. PP

RX Exploration Inc. PP

RX Safes, Inc. PP

RxElite, Inc. PP

RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp. PP

RXT 110 Inc. PP

Ryan Gold Corp. PP

Rye Patch Gold Corp. PP

Ryland Oil Corp. PP

Rym Capital Corp. PP

RYU Apparel, Inc. PP

S&W Seed Co. PP

Sabina Gold & Silver Corp. PP

Sabina Resources Ltd. PP

Sabina Silver Corp. PP

Sable Operating Co. PP

Sable Resources Ltd. PP

Sabretooth Energy Ltd. PP

Sack Lunch Productions Inc. PP

Sacre-Coeur Minerals Ltd. PP

Saehan Bancorp PP

SAExploration Holdings Inc. PP

Safe Bulkers, Inc. PP

Safe Technologies International, Inc. PP

Safeguard Holdings, Inc. PP

SafeStitch Medical, Inc PP

SafeStitch Medical, Inc. PP

Safety Quick Lighting & Fans Corp. PP

Saflink Corp. PP

Sagamore Holdings, Inc. PP

Sage Gold Inc. PP

Sagebrush Gold Ltd. PP

Sagebrush Gold, Ltd. PP

Sagemark Cos. Ltd. PP

Sagres Energy Inc. PP

Sahara Energy Ltd. PP

Sahara Media Holdings, Inc. PP

Sahelian Goldfields Inc. PP

Saia Inc. PP

Saint Jean Carbon Inc. PP

Salamon Group Inc. PP

Salazar Resources Ltd. PP

Saleen Automotive, Inc. PP

Salmon River Resources Ltd. PP

Salon Media Group, Inc. PP

Salton Inc. PP

Salton, Inc. PP

Sama Resources Inc. PP

Samco Gold Ltd. PP

Samex Mining Corp. PP

Samson Oil & Gas Ltd. PP

SAMSys Technologies Inc. PP

San Anton Capital Inc. PP

San Gold Corp. PP

San Gold Resources Corp. PP

SAN Holdings Inc. PP

San Joaquin Bancorp. PP

San Lotus Holding Inc. PP

San Marco Resources Corp. PP

San Marco Resources Inc. PP

San West Inc. PP

Sanatana Diamonds Inc. PP

Sanatana Resources Inc. PP

SAND Technology Inc. PP

SandRidge Energy, Inc. PP

Sands Regent PP

Sandspring Resources Ltd. PP

Sandstorm Metals & Energy Ltd. PP

Sandstorm Resources Ltd. PP

Sangamo BioSciences, Inc. PP

Santa Cruz County Bank PP

Santa Cruz Ventures Inc. PP

Santa Fe Gold Corp. PP

Santa Fe Holding Co. PP

Santa Fe Metals Corp. PP

Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. PP

Santaro Interactive Entertainment Co. PP

Santarus, Inc. PP

Santos Resource Corp. PP

Santoy Resources Ltd. PP

Sanu Resources Ltd. PP

Sanuwave Health, Inc. PP

Sanwire Corp. PP

Sapiens International Corp. NV PP

Sarama Resources Ltd. PP

Saratoga Resources Inc. PP

Saratoga Resources, Inc. PP

Sargold Resource Corp. PP

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Inc. PP

Satcon Technology Corp. PP

SatCon Technology Corp. PP

Satellite Newspapers Corp. PP

Satellite Security Corp. PP

Saturn Minerals Inc. PP

Sauer Energy Inc. PP

Saul Centers, Inc. PP

Savannah Bancorp, Inc. PP

Savant Explorations Ltd. PP

Savaria Corp. PP

Savary Capital Corp. PP

Savary Gold Corp. PP

Save the World Air Inc. PP

Save the World Air, Inc. PP

Save the World Air, Inc. PP

Savedaily Inc. PP

Savers Plus International Inc. PP

Savi Media Group, Inc. PP

Savient Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Savo-Solar Ltd. PP

Savoy Energy Corp. PP

Sawtooth International Resources Inc. PP

Saxon Energy Services Inc. PP

Saxon Oil Co. PP

Saxon Oil Co. Ltd. PP


Scandinavian Gold Ltd. PP

Scandinavian Minerals Ltd. PP

Scandium International Mining Corp. PP

Scanner Technologies Corp. PP

ScanSoft Inc. PP

ScanSys, Inc. PP

SCBT Financial Corp. PP

SCG Financial Acquisition Corp. PP

Schuff International, Inc. PP

Science Dynamics Corp. PP

Scientific Energy, Inc. PP

Scientific Learning Corp. PP

Scio Diamond Technology Corp. PP

SCO Group, Inc. PP

Scolr Pharma Inc. PP

Scolr Pharma, Inc. PP

Scorpio Bulkers Inc. PP

Scorpio Capital Corp. PP

Scorpio Gold Corp. PP

Scorpio Mining Corp. PP

Scorpio Tankers Inc. PP

Scoss Capital Corp. PP

Scottish Re Group Ltd. PP

ScripsAmerica, Inc. PP

Sea Breeze Power Corp. PP

Sea Dragon Energy Inc. PP

Seabridge Gold Inc. PP

Seacoast Banking Corp. of Florida PP

Seacoast Banking Corp. of Florida. PP

Seacoast Commerce Bank PP

SeaDrill Ltd. PP

Seafield Resources Ltd PP

Seafield Resources Ltd. PP

Seair Inc. PP

SeaMiles Ltd. PP

Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. PP

SeanieMac International, Ltd. PP

Search Minerals Inc. PP

SearchGold Resources Inc. PP

Searchlight Minerals Corp. PP

SearchMedia Holdings Ltd. PP

Seaspan Corp. PP

Seattle Genetics, Inc. PP

Seaview Energy Inc. PP

Seaway Valley Capital Corp. PP

Seawright Holdings Inc. PP

Seawright Holdings, Inc. PP

Second Cup Ltd. PP

Second Wave Petroleum Inc. PP

Second Wave Petroleum Ltd. PP

Section Rouge Media Inc. PP

Securac Corp. PP

Secure Computing Corp. PP

SecureCARE Technologies, Inc. PP

Secured Digital Storage Corp. PP

Secured Services Inc. PP

Security Bank Corp. PP

Security Devices International, Inc. PP

Security With Advanced Technology, Inc. PP

Securus Technologies, Inc. PP

Sedona Corp. PP

Sefe, Inc. PP

Select Comfort Corp. PP

Select Sands Corp. PP

SelectCore Ltd. PP

Selectica, Inc. PP

Selkirk Metals Corp. PP

Selway Capital Acquisition Corp. PP

Selwyn Resources Ltd. PP

Semafo Inc. PP

SemBioSys Genetics Inc. PP

Semcan Inc. PP

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. PP

SemiLEDs Corp. PP

Semitool, Inc. PP

Semler Scientific, Inc. PP

Sen Yu International Holdings, Inc. PP

Senesco Technologies, Inc. PP

Senetek plc PP

Sense Holdings, Inc. PP

Sense Technologies Inc. PP

Sensio Technologies Inc. PP

SensiVida Medical Technologies Inc. PP

Sensor System Solutions, Inc. PP

Sentinel Rock Oil Corp. PP

Sento Corp. PP

Sentry Petroleum Ltd. PP

Sepp’s Gourmet Foods Ltd. PP

Sequans Communications SA PP

Sequenom, Inc. PP

Sequential Brands Group, Inc. PP

Sequiam Corp. PP

Sequoia Oil & Gas Trust PP

Serefex Corp. PP

Serengeti Resources Inc. PP

Serenic Corp. PP

Serica Energy plc PP

Sernova Corp. PP

Service First Bancorp PP

Services Acquisition Corp. International PP

ServisFirst Bancshares, Inc. PP

ServisFirst Capital Trust II PP

SES Solar Inc. PP

Sevan Marine ASA PP

Sevcon, Inc. PP

Seven Generations Energy Ltd. PP

Severn Bancorp, Inc. PP

Sevion Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Sew Cal Logo, Inc. PP

Seymour Exploration Corp. PP

SFR Energy Ltd. PP

SFX Entertainment Inc. PP

SFX Entertainment, Inc. PP

SG Blocks Inc. PP

SG Spirit Gold Inc. PP

SGOCO Group Ltd. PP

SGX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

SGX Resources Inc. PP

ShaMaran Petroleum Corp. PP

Shamaran Petroleum Corp. PP

Shamika 2 Gold, Inc. PP

Sharon Energy Ltd. PP

Sharp Holding Corp. PP

Sharprock Resources Inc. PP

Shea Development Corp. PP

Shear Diamonds Ltd. PP

Shear Minerals Ltd. PP

Shear Wind Inc. PP

Shearson Financial Network, Inc. PP

Shearson Home Loans PP

Sheer Energy Inc. PP

Shellbridge Oil & Gas, Inc. PP

Shells Seafood Restaurants, Inc. PP

Shelron Group Inc. PP

Sheltered Oak Resources Corp. PP

Shelton Canada Corp. PP

Sherbrook SBK Sport Corp. PP

Sherwood Copper Corp. PP

Sherwood Mining Corp. PP

ShiFang Holding Ltd. (China Topreach Inc.) PP

Shift Networks Inc. PP

Shiner International, Inc. PP

Shoal Games Ltd. PP

Shoal Point Energy Corp. PP

Shoal Point Energy Ltd. PP

Shoe Pavilion, Inc. PP

Shore Gold Inc. PP

Shoreham Resources Ltd. PP

Shoreline Energy Corp. PP

Shuaiyi International New Resources Development Inc. PP

Shumate Industries, Inc. PP

Sibling Entertainment Group, Inc. PP

Sibling Group Holdings, Inc. PP

Sidon International Resources Corp. PP

Siena Technologies, Inc. PP

Sienna Gold Inc. PP

Sierra Bancorp PP

Sierra Geothermal Power Corp. PP

Sierra Iron Ore Corp. PP

Sierra Madre Developments Inc. PP

Sierra Minerals Inc. PP

Sierra Vista Energy Ltd. PP

Sify Technologies Ltd. PP

Siga Technologies, Inc. PP

Sigma Global Corp. PP

Sigma Labs, Inc. PP

Sigma Ventures Inc. PP

Signal Bay, Inc. PP

SignalEnergy Inc. PP

Signalife Inc. PP

Signature Group Holdings, Inc. PP

Signature Leisure Inc. PP

Signature Resources Ltd. PP

Signet Energy, Inc. PP

Signet International Holdings, Inc. PP

Signet Jewelers Ltd. PP

Signet Minerals Inc. PP

Silicom Ltd. PP

Silicon Mountain Holdings, Inc. PP

Silk Road Resources Ltd. PP

Silver America, Inc. PP

Silver Bear Resources Inc. PP

Silver Bull Resources Inc. PP

Silver Dragon Resources Inc. PP

Silver Falcon Mining, Inc. PP

Silver Lake Resources Inc. PP

Silver Mountain Mines Inc. PP

Silver Predator Corp. PP

Silver Quest Resources Ltd. PP

Silver Range Resources Ltd. PP

Silver Recycling Co. PP

Silver Recycling Co. Inc. PP

Silver Reserve Corp. PP

Silver Run Acquisition Corp. PP

Silver Shield Resources Inc. PP

Silver Spruce Resources Inc. PP

Silver Star Energy, Inc. PP

Silver State Bancorp PP

Silver Sun Resource Corp. PP

Silver Wheaton Corp. PP

Silverado Gold Mines Ltd. PP

Silverado Gold Mines, Inc. PP

SilverBirch Energy Corp. PP

SilverBirch Inc. PP

Silvercorp Metals Inc. PP

SilverCrest Metals Inc. PP

SilverCrest Mines Inc. PP

Silvermet PP

Silvermet Inc. PP

Silvermex Resources Ltd. PP

Silverstar Holdings, Ltd. PP

Silverstone Resources Corp. PP

SilverSun Technologies, Inc. PP

SilverWillow Energy Corp. PP

Silverwing Energy Inc. PP

Silvore Fox Minerals Corp. PP

Simba Energy Inc. PP

Simba Mines Inc. PP

Simberi Gold Corp. PP

Simberi Mining Corp. PP

Simex Technologies, Inc. PP

Simplagene USA, Inc. PP

Simplex Solutions Inc. PP

Simtek Corp. PP

Simtrol Inc. PP

Simtrol, Inc. PP

Sina Corp. PP

Sinchao Metals Corp. PP

Singing Machine Co. PP

Single Touch Systems Inc. PP

Sino Agro Food, Inc. PP

Sino Clean Energy Inc. PP

Sino Gas Construction Ltd. PP

Sino Gas International Holdings, Inc. PP

Sino Green Land Corp. PP

Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp. PP

Sino-Forest Corp. PP

Sino-Global Shipping America, Ltd. PP

Sinobiomed Inc. PP

Sinobiopharma, Inc. PP

SinoCoking Coal and Coke Chemical Industries, Inc. PP

Sinocom Pharmaceutical, Inc. PP

Sinoenergy Corp. PP

SinoFresh HealthCare Inc. PP

SinoHub, Inc. PP

Sinomar Capital Corp. PP

Sinosmart Group Inc. PP

Sinovac Biotech Ltd. PP

Sionix Corp. PP

Sipex Corp. PP

SiriComm Inc. PP

Sirios Resources Inc. PP

Sirna Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Sirona Biochem Corp. PP

Sirva, Inc. PP

Sitestar Corp. PP

SiVault Systems Inc. PP

SiVault Systems, Inc. PP

Six Diamond Resorts International PP

Siyata Mobile Inc. PP

Sizeler Property Investors Inc. PP

SJ Electronics, Inc. PP

Skana Capital Corp. PP

Skeena Resources Ltd. PP

Skinny Nutritional Corp. PP

Skins Inc. PP

Skins, Inc. PP

Skinvisible, Inc. PP

SKN Resources Ltd. PP

Skoobins Resources Inc. (Medipattern Corp.) PP

Skor Food Group Inc. PP

Sky Petroleum Inc. PP

Sky Petroleum, Inc. PP

Skybridge Development Corp. PP

SkyBridge Wireless PP

Skye International Inc. PP

Skye Resources Inc. PP

Skygold Ventures Ltd. PP

Skyharbour Resources Ltd. PP

Skyline Gold Corp. PP

Skyline Medical Inc. PP

Skylynx Communications, Inc. PP

SkyPostal Networks, Inc. PP

SkyShop Logistics Inc. PP

SkyShop Logistics, Inc. PP

Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical Co. PP

SkyTerra Communications Inc. PP

SkyWest Energy Corp. PP

SkyWolf Wind Turbine Corp. PP

Slam Exploration Ltd. PP

SLAM Exploration Ltd. PP

Slam Exploration Ltd. PP

Slate Office REIT PP

Slate Retail REIT PP

Sleep Holdings, Inc. PP

SLM Holdings Inc. PP

SLS International PP

Slyce Inc. PP

Small World Kids, Inc. PP

Smart Employee Benefits Inc. PP

Smart Energy Solutions, Inc. PP

Smart Kids Group Inc. PP

Smart Kids Group, Inc. PP

Smart Move, Inc. PP

Smart Online Inc. PP

Smart Online, Inc. PP

Smart SMS Corp. PP

Smart-Tek Solutions Inc. PP

SmartCool Systems Inc. PP

SmartHeat Inc. PP

SmarTire Systems Inc. PP

SmartVideo Technologies, Inc. PP

Smash Minerals Corp. PP

SMF Energy Corp. PP

SMG Indium Resources Ltd. PP

Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. PP

Smith Micro Software Inc. PP

Smithtown Bancorp PP

Smoky Market Foods, Inc PP

Smoky Market Foods, Inc. PP

SMSA Crane Acquisition Corp. PP

SMSA Palestine Acquisition Corp. PP


SNAP Interactive, Inc. PP

Sniper Enterprises Inc. PP

Sniper Resources Ltd. PP

Snipp Interactive Inc. PP

SNL Enterprises Ltd. PP

Snowfield Development Corp. PP

SNS Silver Corp. PP

Social Reality Inc. PP

Socialwise, Inc. PP

Socket Mobile, Inc. PP

Sofame Technologies Inc. PP

SoftBrands, Inc. PP

SoftNet Technology Corp. PP

Softrock Minerals Ltd. PP

Soho Resources Corp. PP

SOKO Fitness and Spa Group Inc. PP

Sola Resource Corp. PP

Solanbridge Group Inc. PP

Solar Alliance Energy, Inc. PP

Solar Capital Ltd. PP

Solar EnerTech Corp. PP

Solar Enertech Corp. PP

Solar Integrated Technologies Inc. PP

Solar Integrated Technologies, Inc. PP

Solar Night Industries, Inc. PP

Solar Power Inc. PP

Solar Power, Inc. PP

Solar Thin Films, Inc. PP

Solar Thin Power, Inc. PP

Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. PP

Solara Exploration Ltd. PP

SolarCity Corp. PP

Solarflex Corp. PP

Solargen Energy, Inc. PP

Solarvest Bioenergy Inc. PP

SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. PP

Solazyme, Inc. PP

Soldi Ventures Inc. PP

Solex Resources Corp. PP

Solexa, Inc. PP

Solid Resources Ltd PP

Solid Resources Ltd. PP

Soligenix, Inc. PP

Solimar Energy Ltd. PP

Solitaire Minerals Corp. PP

Solitario Exploration & Royalty Corp. PP

Solitario Resources Corp. PP

Solium Capital Inc. PP

Solomon Resources Ltd. PP

Solomon Technologies, Inc. PP

Solta Medical, Inc. PP

Soltera Mining Corp. PP

Soltoro Ltd. PP

SolutionInc Technologies Ltd. PP

Solutions4CO2 Inc. PP

Solvista Gold Corp. PP

Somanta Inc. PP

Somaxon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

SoMedia Networks Inc. PP

Somedia Networks Inc. PP

Somerset International Group, Inc. PP

Sona Mobile Holdings Corp. PP

Sona Resources Corp. PP

Sonic Automotive, Inc. PP

Sonic Environmental Solutions Inc. PP

Sonic Innovations, Inc. PP

Sonic Technology Solutions Inc. PP

Sono Resources, Inc. PP

Sonomax Hearing Healthcare Inc. PP

Sonomax Technologies Inc. PP

Sonoran Energy Inc. PP

Sonoran Energy, Inc. PP

Sonoro Energy Ltd. PP

Sonterra Resources, Inc. PP

Sontra Medical Corp. PP

Sonus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Sophiris Bio Inc. PP

Sorbent Technologies Corp. PP

SORL Auto Parts, Inc. PP

Sorrel, Inc. PP

Sorrento Therapeutics Inc. PP

Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. PP

SouFun Holdings Ltd. PP

Soul and Vibe Interactive Inc. PP

Soupman, Inc. PP

Source Exploration Corp. PP

Source Petroleum Inc. PP

South American Gold and Copper Co. PP

South American Gold and Copper Co. Ltd. PP

South American Gold Corp. PP

South American Silver Corp. PP

South Financial Group, Inc. PP

South Sea Petroleum Holdings Ltd. PP

South Texas Oil Co. PP

South-Malartic Exploration Inc. PP

Southampton Ventures Inc. PP

SouthCrest Financial Group, Inc. PP

Southeastern Bank Financial Corp. PP

Southern Andes Energy Inc. PP

Southern Arc Minerals Inc. PP

Southern Community Bancshares, Inc. PP

Southern Cross Resources Inc. PP

Southern Energy Co. Inc. PP

Southern First Bancshares Inc. PP

Southern Hemisphere Mining Ltd. PP

Southern Pacific Resource Corp. PP

Southern Rio Resources Ltd. PP

Southern Sauce Co., Inc. PP

Southern Silver Exploration Corp. PP

Southern Star Energy Inc. PP

Southern Star Resources Inc. PP

Southern States Sign Co. PP

Southern USA Resources Inc. PP

SouthernEra Diamonds Inc. PP

SouthGobi Energy Resources Ltd. PP

SouthGobi Resources Ltd. PP

SouthPeak Interactive Corp. PP

Southpoint Resources Ltd. PP

Southridge Technology Group, Inc. PP

Southwest Casino Corp. PP

Southwestern Resources Corp. PP

Sovereign Bancorp, Inc. PP

SP Holding Corp. PP

SpaceDev, Inc. PP

Spacehab, Inc. PP

Spackman Equities Group Inc. PP

Spanish Mountain Gold Ltd. PP

Spare Backup, Inc. PP

Spark Energy, Inc. PP

Spark Networks, Inc. PP

Sparta Capital Ltd. PP

Sparta Commercial Services Inc. PP

Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. PP

Spartan Gold Ltd. PP

Spartan Oil Corp. PP

Sparton Resources Inc. PP

SpatiaLight Inc. PP

SpatiaLight, Inc. PP

Specialty Foods Group Income Fund PP

Specialty Underwriters’ Alliance, Inc. PP

Spectra Energy Partners, LP PP

Spectra7 Microsystems Inc. PP

Spectral Capital Corp. PP

Spectral Diagnostics Inc. PP

Spectral Medical Inc. PP

SpectraScience, Inc. PP

Spectre Gaming Inc. PP

Spectre Gaming, Inc. PP

Spectre Technology Corp. PP

Spectrum Group International Inc. PP

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Spectrum Signal Processing Inc. PP

SpectrumDNA, Inc. PP

Speechswitch, Inc. PP

Speed Commerce, Inc. PP

Speedemissions, Inc. PP

SpendSmart Payments Co. PP

Spescom Software Inc. PP

Sphere 3D Corp. PP

Spherix Inc. PP

SPI Energy Co., Ltd. PP

Spicy Pickle Franchising, Inc. PP

Spider Resources Inc. PP

Spine Pain Management, Inc. PP

Spiral Toys Inc. PP

Spire Corp. PP

Spitfire Energy Ltd. PP

SPO Medical Inc. PP

Sport Supply Group, Inc. PP

Sports Club Co., Inc. PP

Sports Entertainment Enterprises Inc. PP

SportsClick Inc. PP

SportsQuest, Inc. PP

Spot Coffee (Canada) Inc. PP

Spot Coffee (Canada) Ltd. PP

Spot Mobile International Ltd. PP

Spotlight Innovation Inc. PP

Spriza Media Inc. PP

Sprott Inc. PP

Sprott Molybdenum Participation Corp. PP

Spruce Ridge Resources Ltd. PP

Sprylogics International Corp. PP

Spur Ventures Inc. PP

Spy Inc. PP

SQI Diagnostics Inc. PP

SR Telecom Inc. PP

SRKP 16, Inc. PP

SRKP 7, Inc. (Lixte Biotechnology, Inc.) PP

SSP Offshore Inc. PP

St. Andrew Goldfields Ltd. PP

St. Andrew Goldfields Ltd. PP

St. Augustine Gold and Copper Ltd. PP

St. Bernard Software, Inc. PP

St. Eugene Mining Ltd. PP

St. Genevieve Resources Ltd. PP

Staar Surgical Co. PP

Staccato Gold Resources Ltd. PP

Staffing 360 Solutions, Inc. PP

Stakeholder Gold Corp. PP

Stanadyne Holdings, Inc. PP

Standard Capital Corp PP

Standard Exploration Ltd. PP

Standard Gold, Inc. PP

Standard Management Corp. PP

Standard Pacific Corp. PP

Standard Tolling Corp. PP

Standard Uranium Inc. PP

Stans Energy Corp. PP

Star Bulk Carriers Corp. PP

Star Energy Corp. PP

Star Gold Corp. PP

Star Mountain Resources, Inc. PP

Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. PP

Star Scientific Inc. PP

Star Scientific, Inc. PP

Star Uranium Corp. PP

Star8 Corp. PP

Starcore International Ventures Inc. PP

Starcore International Ventures Ltd. PP

Starcraft Corp. PP

Starfield Resources Inc. PP

Starfire Minerals Inc. PP

Starsoft Inc. PP

Startech Environmental Corp. PP

State Bancorp, Inc. PP

StationDigital Corp. PP

Statmon Technologies Corp. PP

StatSure Diagnostic Systems, Inc. PP

SteadyMed Ltd. PP

Stealth Minerals Ltd. PP

Stealth Ventures Ltd. PP

Steelcloud, Inc. PP

Steele Resources Corp. PP

Steeplejack Industrial Group Inc. PP

Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. PP

Stella-Jones Inc. PP

Stellar Biotechnologies, Inc. PP

Stellar Pacific Ventures Inc. PP

Stellar Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Stellar Technologies Inc. PP

Stem Cell Assurance, Inc. PP

Stem Cell Innovations, Inc. PP

Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. PP

StemCells Inc. PP

StemCells, Inc. PP


Sten Corp. PP

Stereotaxis, Inc. PP

Sterling Financial Corp. PP

Sterling Group Ventures, Inc. PP

Sterling Mining Co. PP

Sterling Resources Ltd. PP

Stetson Oil & Gas Ltd. PP

Stevia Agritech Corp. PP

Stevia Corp. PP

Stevia First Corp. PP

Stevia Nutra Corp. PP

Stifel Financial Corp. PP

Stikine Energy Corp. PP

Stikine Gold Corp. PP

Stina Resources Ltd. PP

Stinger Systems, Inc. PP

StockerYale Inc. PP

StockerYale, Inc. PP

Stockgroup Information Systems Inc. PP

Stockport Exploration Inc. PP

Stompy Bot Corp. PP

Stone Harbor Investments, Inc. PP

Stonefire Energy Corp. PP

Stonegate Agricom Ltd. PP

Stoneham Drilling Trust PP

Stonehaven Exploration Ltd. PP

Stonepath Group, Inc. PP

StonePoint Global Brands Inc. PP

Stoneshield Capital Corp. PP

StoneShield Capital Corp. PP

Stoneshield Capital Corp. PP

StorageVault Canada Inc. PP

Storm Cat Energy Corp. PP

Storm Exploration Inc. PP

Storm Resources Ltd. PP

Stornoway Diamond Corp. PP

STR Holdings Inc. PP

Stragenics, Inc. PP

Strainwise, Inc. PP

Strait Gold Corp. PP

Strat Petroleum Ltd. PP

Strata Minerals Inc. PP

Strata Skin Sciences, Inc. PP

Strata-X Ltd. PP

Stratabound Minerals Corp. PP

Stratacom Technology Inc. PP

StrataGold Corp. PP

Strateco Resources Inc. PP

Strategic American Oil Corp. PP

Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources, Inc. PP

Strategic Gaming Investments, Inc. PP

Strategic Hotels & Resorts Inc. PP

Strategic Internet Investments, Inc. PP

Strategic Merchant Bancorp Ltd. PP

Strategic Metals Ltd. PP

Strategic Mining Corp. PP

Strategic Nevada Resources Corp. PP

Strategic Oil & Gas Ltd. PP

Strategic Resource Acquisition Corp. PP

Stratex Oil & Gas Holdings, Inc. PP

Strathallen Industrial Properties Inc. PP

Strathmore Investments, Inc. PP

Strathmore Minerals Corp. PP

Stratic Energy Corp. PP

Stratos Renewables Corp. PP

Stratton Capital Corp. PP

Stratton Resources Inc. PP

Stratus Media Group, Inc. PP

Stratus Properties Inc. PP

Stream Communications Network and Media Inc. PP

Stream Global Services, Inc. PP

Stream Oil & Gas Ltd. PP

Streamline Health Solutions Inc. PP

Street Resources Inc. PP

Streetlight Intelligence Inc. PP

Streicher Mobile Fueling Inc. PP

Streicher Mobile Fueling, Inc. PP

Stressgen Biotechnologies Corp. PP

Stria Lithium Inc. PP

Strike Diamond Corp. PP

Strike Graphite Corp. PP

Strike Minerals Inc. PP

Strike Petroleum Ltd. PP

StrikeForce Technologies Inc. PP

StrikePoint Gold Inc. PP

Strong Technical Inc. PP

Strongbow Exploration Inc. PP

Stronghold Metals Inc. PP

Stronghold Technologies, Inc. PP

Stroud Resources Ltd. PP

STT Enviro Corp. PP

Stuart Olson Inc. PP

Student Transportation of America Ltd. PP

Student Transportation of America, Ltd. PP

Studio One Media, Inc. PP

Stylus Energy Inc. PP

Success Holding Group International Inc. PP

Suffolk Bancorp PP

SugarMade, Inc. PP

Sulliden Exploration Inc. PP

Sulliden Gold Corp. Ltd. PP

Sulliden Mining Capital Inc. PP

SulphCo Inc. PP

SulphCo Inc. PP

SulphCo, Inc. PP

Sultan Minerals Inc. PP

Summer Energy Holdings, Inc. PP

Summit Financial Group, Inc. PP

Summit Global Logistics, Inc. PP

Summit Hotel Properties, Inc. PP

Summit Hotel Properties, LLC PP

Summit Hotel Properties, LLC PP

Summus Capital Corp. PP

Summus Inc. PP

Summus, Inc. PP

SumTotal Systems, Inc. PP

Sun Bancorp, Inc. PP

Sun BioPharma, Inc. PP

Sun Communities, Inc. PP

Sun Microsystems, Inc. PP

Sun New Media Inc. PP

Sun New Media, Inc. PP

Sun River Energy Inc. PP

Sun Sports and Entertainment, Inc. PP

Sunair Electronics Inc. PP

Sunair Services Corp. PP

SunCoast Bancorp Inc. PP

Suncrest Bank PP

Sundance Strategies Inc. PP

Sundial Growers Inc. PP

Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

SunLink Health Systems, Inc. PP

Sunoco LP PP

Sunovia Energy Technologies, Inc. PP

Sunovia Energy Technologies, Inc. PP

Sunpeaks Ventures Inc. PP

Sunpeaks Ventures, Inc. PP

SunPower Corp. PP

Sunridge Energy Corp. PP

Sunridge Gold Corp. PP

Sunrise Broadband Group, Inc. PP

Sunrise Energy Resources, Inc. PP

Sunrise Minerals Inc. PP

Sunrise Mining Corp. PP

Sunrise Real Estate Development Group, Inc. PP

Sunrise Senior Living Real Estate Investment Trust PP

Sunset Cove Mining Inc. PP

Sunshine Bancorp, Inc. PP

Sunshine Biopharma, Inc. PP

Sunshine Heart, Inc. PP

Sunstone Hotel Investors Inc. PP

Sunstone Hotel Investors, Inc. PP

Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. PP

Sunvalley Solar, Inc. PP

Sunward Resources Ltd. PP

Sunwin International Neutraceuticals, Inc. PP

Supatcha Resources Inc. PP

Super Nova Minerals Corp. PP

Super Vision International, Inc. PP

Superclick, Inc. PP

SuperCom Ltd. PP

Superconductive Components, Inc. PP

Superconductor Technologies Inc. PP

SuperGen, Inc. PP

Superior Bancorp PP

Superior Bank PP

Superior Canadian Resources Inc. PP

Superior Copper Corp. PP

Superior Diamonds Inc. PP

Superior Drilling Products, Inc. PP

Superior Galleries Inc. PP

Superior Mining Corp. PP

Superior Mining International Corp. PP

Superior Plus Corp. PP

Supertel Hospitality, Inc. PP

Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Supreme Realty Investment, Inc. PP

Sur American Gold Corp. PP

Suramina Resources Inc. PP

Sure Energy Inc. PP

SurePure, Inc. PP

Surfect Holdings, Inc. PP

SurfNet Media Group Inc. PP

Surge Global Energy Inc. PP

Surge Resources Inc. PP

Surna Inc. PP

Suroco Energy Inc. PP

Surya Pharmaceuticals Ltd. PP

Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd. PP

Sustainable Environmental Technologies Corp. PP

Sutcliffe Resources Ltd. PP

Sutor Technology Group Ltd. PP

Sutter Gold Mining Inc. PP

Sutura, Inc. PP

Sweet Success Enterprises Inc. PP

Swisher Hygiene Inc. PP

Swiss Medica Inc. PP

SwissINSO Holding Inc. PP

SWK Holdings Corp. PP

SWS Group, Inc. PP

Sydney Resource Corp. PP

Sylogist Ltd. PP

Symantec Corp. PP

Symbid Corp. PP

Symbollon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

SYMC Resources Ltd. PP

Symmetry Holdings Inc. PP

Synchronica plc PP

Syndication Net.com, Inc. PP

Synenco Energy Inc. PP

Synergy Brands, Inc. PP

Synergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Synergy Resources Corp. PP

Synergy Strips Corp. PP

Synex International Inc. PP

Synodon Inc. PP

Synova Healthcare Group, Inc. PP

Synovics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp. PP

Syntax-Brillian Corp. PP

Syntec Biofuel Inc. PP

SyntheMed, Inc. PP

Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc PP

Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. PP

Synthetic Biologics, Inc. PP

Synthetic Blood International Inc. PP

Synthetic Blood International, Inc. PP

Syntroleum Corp. PP

Synutra International, Inc. PP

SYS Technologies, Inc. PP

Syscan Imaging Inc. PP

Syscan International Inc. PP

Sysorex Global Holdings Corp. PP

Systems Evolution Inc. PP

Sysview Technology, Inc. PP

Syzygy Entertainment Ltd. PP