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Security type: BK = Bank loan, CA = Canadian bonds, CL = CLOs, CV = Convertibles, DD = Distressed Debt, EM = Emerging Markets, GN = Green finance, HY = High Yield, IG = Investment Grade, LM = Liability Management, MU = Municipals, PP = PIPEs, PF = Preferred Stock, PV = Private Placements, SP = Structured Products

R.G. Barry Corp. BK

R.H. Donnelley BK

R.H. Donnelley Corp. BK

R.J. O’Brien & Associates, Inc. BK

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co. BK

R1 RCM Inc. BK

R3 Treatment Inc. BK

RAAM Global Energy Co. BK


Race Point Power BK

Rackspace Hosting, Inc. BK

Radian Group Inc. BK

Radiant Logistics, Inc. BK

Radiant Systems Inc. BK

Radiation Therapy Services Inc. BK

Radiation Therapy Services, Inc. BK

Radio One Inc. BK

Radio One, Inc. BK

Radio Systems Corp. BK

Radiology Partners BK

Radiology Partners Inc. BK

Radiology Partners, Inc. BK

RadioShack Corp. BK

RadNet Inc. BK

RadNet Inc. BK

Radnet Inc. (Primedex Health Systems Inc.) BK

RadNet Management Inc. BK

RadNet Management, Inc. BK

Radnor Holdings Corp. BK

RagingWire Data Centers BK

RailAmerica Inc. BK

RailAmerica, Inc. BK

Rain Carbon Inc. BK

Rainbow Media Enterprises Inc. (Cablevision Systems Corp.) BK

Rainbow Media Holdings Inc. (Cablevision Systems Corp.) BK

Rainbow National Services LLC BK

Ralcorp Holdings, Inc. BK

Raley's BK

Ralph Lauren Corp. BK

RAM Energy Inc. BK

RAM Energy Resources Inc. BK

RAM Energy Resources Inc. BK

Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust BK

Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust BK

Ramco-Gershenson Properties, LP BK

Rand Logistics Inc. BK

Randgold Resources Ltd. BK

Range Resources Corp. BK

Ranpak Corp. BK

RanPak Corp. BK

Ranpak Holdings Inc. BK

Ranpak Inc BK

Raser Technologies, Inc. BK

RathGibson, Inc. BK

Ravago Holdings America BK

Ravago SA BK

Raven Industries, Inc. BK

Raven Power Finance BK

Raven Power Finance LLC BK

Ravn Air Group, Inc. BK

Ravn Alaska BK

Raycom Media Inc. BK

Raycom TV BK

Raymond James & Associates, Inc./Raymond James & Associates, Inc. BK

Raymond James Financial, Inc. BK

Raymond James Investments, LLC BK

Rayonier A.M. Products Inc. (Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc.) BK

Rayonier A.M. Products LLC BK

Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. BK

Rayonier Inc. BK

Rayonier Operating Co. LLC BK

Rayonier Performance Fibers, LLC (Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc.) BK

Rayovac Corp. BK

Raytheon Co. BK

RBC Bearings Inc. BK

RBC Bearings Inc./Roller Bearing Co. of America, Inc. BK

RBmedia BK

RBS Global Inc. (Rexnord) BK

RBS International Direct Marketing BK

RBS WorldPay BK

RC2 Corp. BK

RC2 Corp. BK


RCN Cable BK

RCN Cable BK

RCN Cable (RCN Services Telecom LLC) BK

RCN Corp. BK

RCN Corp. (Radiate Holdco LLC) BK

RCN Grand Wave (Radiate Holdco LLC) BK

RCN Grande (Radiate Holdco LLC) BK

RCN Metro Fiber BK

RCS Capital Corp. BK

Rdio, Inc. BK

RE/MAX International Inc. BK


ReAble Therapeutics Inc. BK

Reader's Digest Association Inc. BK

Reader's Digest Association, Inc. BK

Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. BK

Real Alloy Holding Inc. BK

Real Alloy Recycling, Inc. BK

Real Mex Restaurants, Inc. BK

RealD Inc. BK

Realogy Corp. BK

Realogy Corp. BK

Realogy Group LLC BK

Realogy Holdings Corp. BK

RealPage, Inc BK

RealPage, Inc. BK

Realty Income Corp. BK

Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc. BK

Recorded Books BK

Recro Pharma, Inc. BK

Recurrent Energy BK

Recycled Paper Greetings Inc. BK

Recycled Paper Greetings, Inc. BK

Red Falcon Trust (Imperial Holdings, Inc.) BK

Red Lobster Management LLC BK

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc. BK

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc. BK

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc. BK

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc. BK

Red Robin International, Inc. BK

Red Ventures BK

Red Ventures LLC BK

Redbox Automated Retail LLC BK

Redcliff Midstream, LLC (Canyon Midstream Partners II, LLC) BK

Reddy Ice Corp. BK

Reddy Ice Holdings Inc. BK

Reddy Ice Inc. (Packaged Ice Inc.) BK

RedPrairie (RP Crown Parent LLC) BK

RedPrairie Corp. BK

RedPrairie Holding Inc. BK

Reece Group BK

Refco Group Ltd. LLC BK

Refinitiv BK

Refresco Group BV BK

Refresco Group NV BK

Refresco Holding BV BK

REG Services Group, LLC and REG Marketing & Logistics, LLC (Renewable Energy Group, Inc.) BK

Regal Cinemas Corp. BK

Regal Cinemas Inc. (Regal Entertainment Group) BK

Regal Entertainment Group BK

Regal-Beloit Corp. BK

Regency Centers Corp. BK

Regency Energy Partners LP BK

Regency Gas Services LLC BK

Regency Gas Services LP BK

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. BK

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. BK

Regent Communications Inc. BK

Regent Communications, Inc. BK

Regent Energy Group Ltd. BK

Regent Seven Seas Cruises BK

Regional Management Corp. BK

Regional REIT BK

RegionalCare Hospital Partners (RCHP Inc.) BK

RegionalCare Hospital Partners Inc. BK

Regis Corp. BK

Regus Group LLC BK

RehabCare Group Inc. BK

RehabCare Group, Inc. BK

Reichhold Holdings US, Inc. BK

Reinsurance Group of America, Inc. BK

Relativity Media, LLC BK

Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. BK

Reliant Energy Inc. BK

Reliant Energy Power Supply LLC BK

Reliant Pharmaceuticals Inc. BK

Reliant Resources Inc. BK

Relypsa, Inc. BK

Remington Arms Co. Inc. BK

Remington Oil and Gas Corp. BK

Remington Outdoor Co. BK

Remora Petroleum, LP BK

Remy Cointreau SA BK

Remy International Inc. BK

Remy International Inc. BK

Remy Worldwide Holdings, Inc. BK

Renaissance Learning Inc. BK

Renaissance Reinsurance Ltd. BK

Renal Advantage BK

Renal Advantage Inc. BK

Renew Energy LLC BK

Renewable Energy Systems BK

Renfro Corp. BK

Rent-A-Center Inc. BK

Rental Service Corp. BK

Rentech Energy Midwest Corp. BK

Rentech Nitrogen Partners, LP BK

Rentech, Inc. BK

RentPath Holdings, Inc. BK

RentPath Inc. BK

RepconStrickland BK

Republic Engineered Products Inc. BK

Republic Engineered Products LLC BK

Republic Properties LP BK

Republic Services Inc. BK

Republic Services, Inc. BK

Resaca Exploitation Inc. BK

Resaca Exploitation, Inc. BK

ResCare Inc. BK

Research Now Group Inc. BK

Research Pharmaceuticals Services Inc. BK

Residential Capital LLC BK

Residential Capital LLC (ResCap) BK

Residential Capital, LLC BK

Residential Capital, LLC BK

Residential Funding Co. LLC BK

Residential Funding Co. LLC/GMAC Mortgage LLC BK

Resideo Technologies Inc. BK

ResMAE Mortgage Corp. BK

ResMed Corp. BK

ResMed Inc. BK

ResMed Ltd. BK

Resolute BK

Resolute Aneth LLC BK

Resolute Energy Corp. BK

Resolute Forest Products Inc. BK

Resolute Industrial LLC BK

Resolute Investment Managers BK

Resolute Mining Ltd. BK

Resolution Performance Products LLC BK

Resolution Specialty Materials BK

Resorts International Holdings LLC (Colony Capital LLC) BK

Resource America Inc. BK

Resources Connection, Inc. BK

Restaurant Brands International Inc. BK

Restaurant Brands International Inc. (Burger King Worldwide Inc.) BK

Restaurant Co. BK

Restaurant Technologies Inc. BK

Restoration Hardware Inc. BK

Restoration Hardware, Inc. BK

Retail Opportunity Investments Corp. BK

Retail Properties of America Inc. BK

Retail Properties of America, Inc. BK

Retail Solutions Group BK

Retail Value Inc. BK

Retriever Payment Systems (National Processing Co.) BK

Reunion Industries, Inc. BK

REV Group, Inc. BK

Revel AC Inc. BK

Revel AC, Inc. BK

Revel Entertainment Group LLC BK

Revere Power LLC BK

Revint Solutions BK

Revlon Consumer Products Corp. BK

Revlon Consumer Products Corp. BK

Revlon Consumer Products Corp. (Revlon Inc.) BK

Revlon Consumer Products Corp. (Revlon, Inc.) BK

Revlon Consumers Products Corp. (Revlon Inc.) BK

Revlon Inc. BK

Revlon, Inc. BK

Revolution Studios LLC BK

RevSpring BK

Rex Energy Corp. BK

Rex Radio and Television, Inc. (REX Stores Corp.) BK

Rexair Inc. BK

Rexam Healthcare BK

Rexel BK

Rexford Industrial Realty, Inc. BK

Rexnord Corp. BK

Rexnord Holdings Inc. BK

Rexnord LLC BK

Reyes Holdings LLC BK

Reynolds BK

Reynolds & Reynolds Co. BK

Reynolds American Inc. BK

Reynolds and Reynolds Co. BK

Reynolds Consumer Products LLC BK

Reynolds Group BK

Reynolds Group Holdings Inc. BK

Reynolds Group Holdings Ltd. BK

RF Micro Devices, Inc. BK


RG Steel, LLC BK

RGIS Holdings LLC BK

RGIS Inventory Specialists BK


RGIS Services LLC BK

RHI Entertainment LLC BK

RHI Entertainment, Inc. BK

Rhino Energy BK

Rhino Energy LLC BK

Rhino Resource Partners LP BK

Rhode Island State Energy Center BK

Rhodes Homes BK

Rhodes, Inc. BK

Rhodia Acetow BK

Ribbon Communications Inc. BK

Rice Drilling B LLC BK

Rice Energy Inc. BK

Rice Midstream Partners LP BK

Richardson Electronics Ltd. BK

Richardson Electronics, Ltd. BK

Riddell Sports Group Inc. BK

Ridgeway Petroleum Corp. BK

RigNet Inc. BK

RigNet, Inc. BK

Ring Container Technologies BK

Ring Container Technologies Group, LLC BK

Ring Energy, Inc. BK

Rinker Boat Co. BK

Ripplewood Phosphorus LLC BK

Risk Strategies Co. BK

RiskMetrics Group BK

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Inc. BK

Ritchie Risk-Linked Strategies Trading (Ireland), Ltd./Ritchie Risk-Linked Strategies Trading (Ireland) II, Ltd. BK

Rite Aid Corp. BK

Rite Aid Corp. BK

Ritz Camera & Image, LLC BK

Ritz Camera Centers, Inc. BK

Riverbed Technology Inc. BK

Rivers Pittsburgh Borrower LP BK

Riverside Energy Center, LLC BK

Riverstone Utopia Member LLC BK

Riviera Holdings Corp. BK

RLJ Lodging Trust BK

RM Holdco LLC BK

RoadLink USA, Inc. BK

Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Inc. BK

Roan Resources, Inc. BK

Roanoke Electric Steel Corp. BK

Roaring Fork Intermediate, LLC, Ping Identity Corp. (Ping Identity Holding Corp.) BK

Robb & Stucky Ltd. LLLP BK

Robert Half International Inc. BK

Robertshaw US Holding Corp. BK

Rock Energy Inc. BK

Rock Island Boatworks, Inc. BK

Rock Ohio Caesars BK

Rock Ohio Caesars LLC BK

Rock-Tenn Co. BK

Rock-Tenn Co. BK

Rocket Fuel Inc. BK

Rocket Software Inc. BK

Rocket Software, Inc. BK

RockPile Energy Services, LLC (Triangle Petroleum Corp.) BK

Rockport Group, LLC BK

RockTenn Co. BK

RockTenn CP, LLC, Rock-Tenn Converting Co. and MeadWestvaco Virginia Corp. (WestRock Co.) BK

Rockwell Automation Inc. BK

Rockwell Automation, Inc. BK

Rockwell Collins, Inc. BK

Rockwood Holdings Inc. BK

Rockwood Specialties Group Inc. BK

Rockwood Specialties Group Inc. BK

Rocky Brands, Inc. BK

Rocky Mountain Energy Center, LLC BK

Rocky Shoes & Boots, Inc. BK

Rodan & Fields, LLC BK

Rodeo Creek Gold BK

Rogers Communications Inc. BK

Rogers Corp. BK

Rohm BK

Roku, Inc. BK

Roller Bearing Co. of America, Inc. BK

Rollins Inc. BK

Rollins, Inc. BK

Romacorp, Inc. BK

Romano’s Macaroni Grill BK

Rondo Intermediate Holdings, LLC, Rondo Holdings, LLC (Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc.) BK

Roofing Supply Group BK

Roofing Supply Group LLC BK

RoomStore, Inc. BK

Root Bidco Sarl (Rovensa) BK

Roper Industries Inc. BK

Roper Industries Inc. BK

Roper Industries, Inc. BK

Roper Technologies Inc. BK

Roseburg Forest Products Co. BK

Rosehill Resources Inc. BK

Rosetta Resources Inc. BK

Roskam Baking Co. BK

Ross Stores Inc. BK

Rotech Healthcare Inc. BK

Roto Rooter Inc. BK

Rouge Industries Inc. BK

Rough Country BK

Roundy's Supermarkets Inc. BK

Roundy’s Supermarkets Inc. BK

Rouse Properties Inc. BK

Rouse Properties, Inc. BK

Rouse’s BK

Rovensa (Root Bidco Sarl) BK

Rovi Corp. BK

Rovi Solutions Corp. BK

Rowan Cos. Inc. BK

Rowan Cos. plc BK

Rowan Cos., Inc. BK

Rowe Cos. BK

Royal Adhesives & Sealants BK

Royal Adhesives & Sealants LLC BK

Royal Adhesives Inc. BK

Royal Boskalis Westminster NV BK

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. BK

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. BK

Royal Caribbean Ltd. BK

Royal Gold Inc. BK

Royal Gold Inc. BK

Royal Island Bahamas BK

Royal Oak Enterprises LLC BK

Royal Oak Enterprises LLC (Ozark Holdings LLC) BK

Royall & Co. BK

Royalty Pharma BK

Royalty Pharma Investments Finance Trust BK

Royster-Clark Inc. BK

Royston Run-Off Ltd. (Enstar Group Ltd.) BK

RPI Finance Trust (Royalty Pharma) BK

RPM International Inc. BK

RPM New Horizons Netherlands, BV (RPM International Inc.) BK

RPT Realty BK

RPX Corp. BK

RREEF Property Trust, Inc. BK


RSA Security (Redstone Buyer LLC) BK

RSC Equipment Rental Inc. BK

RSC Holdings Inc. BK

RSP Permian, LLC BK

RTI International Metals Inc. BK

RTI International Metals, Inc. BK

RTI Surgical, Inc BK

RTI Surgical, Inc. BK

RTI Surgical, Inc. (RTI Surgical Holdings, Inc.) BK

Ruby Tuesday Inc. BK

Ruby Tuesday, Inc. BK

Ruby Western Pipeline Holdings BK

Rue21, Inc. BK

Runway Growth Credit Fund Inc. BK

Rural/Metro Corp. BK

Rural/Metro Corp. BK

Rush Enterprises, Inc. BK

Russ Berrie and Co. Inc. BK

Russ Berrie U.S. Gift, Inc. (Russ Berrie and Co. Inc.) BK

Russell Corp. BK

Russell Investments BK

Russell Investments US Institutional Holdco, Inc. BK

Ruth's Hospitality Group, Inc. BK

Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Inc. BK


Ryan Specialty Group LLC BK

Ryan, LLC BK

Ryckman Creek Resources, LLC BK

Ryder System, Inc. BK

Ryerson Holding Corp. BK

Ryerson Inc. BK

Ryerson Tull Inc. BK

Ryerson Tull, Inc. BK

Ryland Group Inc. BK

Ryland Group, Inc. BK

Ryman Hospitality Properties Inc. (RHP Hotel Properties LP) BK

Ryman Hospitality Properties, Inc. BK

Ryman Hospitality Properties, Inc. (RHP Hotel Properites LP) BK

Ryman Hospitality Properties, Inc. (RHP Hotel Properties LP) BK

Saba Software BK

Sabert Corp. BK

Sabic Innovative Plastics Holding BV BK

Sabine Oil & Gas Corp. BK

Sabine Pass Liquefaction LLC BK

Sabine Pass Liquefaction LLC (Cheniere Energy Partners, LP) BK

Sabine Pass Liquefaction, LLC BK

Sabine Pass LNG LP (Cheniere Energy Inc.) BK

Sabine Pass LNG, LP BK

Sable International Finance Ltd. BK

Sable International Finance Ltd. (Cable & Wireless Communications plc) BK

Sable International Finance Ltd. and Coral-US Co-Borrower LLC (Liberty Global plc) BK

Sable International Finance Ltd./Coral-US Co-Borrower LLC (Liberty Global plc) BK

Sable Permian Resources LLC BK

Sabra Health Care LP (Sabra Health Care LP) BK

Sabra Health Care REIT Inc. BK

Sabra Health Care REIT, Inc. BK

Sabre Communications Corp. BK

Sabre GLBL Inc. BK

Sabre Inc. BK

Sabre Industries Inc. BK

Safe Bulkers, Inc. BK

Safe Fleet Acquisition Corp. BK

Safe Fleet Holdings LLC BK

Safe-Guard (SG Acquisition Inc.) BK

Safe-Guard Products International (SG Acquisition Inc.) BK

Safe-Guard Products International LLC BK

Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. BK

SafeNet Inc. BK

Safestore BK

Safety-Kleen Systems Inc. BK

Safetykleen Europe (Shilton Bidco UK) BK

Safway Group Holding LLC BK

Safway Services LLC BK

Saga Communications, Inc. BK

Saga plc BK

Sage Automotive Holdings Inc. BK

Sage Automotive Holdings Inc. BK

Sage Automotive Interiors Inc. BK

Sage Communications, Inc. BK

Sage Products Holdings III LLC BK

Sage Products Holdings III LLLC BK

Sage Products Inc. BK

Sagent Pharmaceuticals Inc. BK

Sagittarius Restaurants (Captain D’s Inc.) BK

Saguaro Utility Group LP BK

SAI Global BK

Saia Inc. BK

Saia, Inc. BK

SAIC Gemini, Inc. (SAIC, Inc.) BK

SailPoint Technologies Holdings, Inc. BK

Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers BK

Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers of New York BK

Saks Inc. BK

Salem Communications Corp. BK

Salem Communications Holding Corp. BK

Salem Leasing/Salem Carriers BK

Salesforce.com BK

Salient CRGT Inc. BK

Salient Partners LP BK

Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. BK

Sally Beauty Co. BK

Sally Beauty Holdings Inc. BK

Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. BK

Salton Inc. BK

Salton, Inc. BK

Samchully Midstream BK

Samson Investment Co. BK

Samson Oil & Gas Ltd. BK

Samson Resources Corp. BK

Samson Resources II, LLC BK

Samsonite Corp. BK

Samsonite International SA BK

Samuels Jewelers BK

San Diego Gas & Electric Co. BK

San Jose Water Co. (SJW Corp.) BK

San Juan Cable LLC BK

Sanchez Energy Corp. BK

Sanchez Production Partners LP BK

Sanderson Farms, Inc. BK

SandRidge Energy Inc. BK

Sandridge Energy Inc. BK

Sandridge Energy, Inc. BK

Sands China Ltd. BK

Sandstorm Gold Ltd. BK

Sandvine Corp. BK

Sandvine Corp. (PNI Canada Acquireco Corp.) BK

Sandy Creek Energy Associates LP BK

Sanmina Corp. BK

Sanmina-SCI Corp. BK

Sanmina-SCI Corp. BK

Sanoma Corp. BK

Santa Anita Cos. BK

Santander Asset Management BK

Sapec Agro (European Crops Products 2 Sarl) BK

Sapphire Power Holdings BK

Saputo Inc. BK

Sara Lee Corp. BK

Saratoga Resources Inc. BK

Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. BK

Sarnova BK

Sarnova Inc. BK

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool BK

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Inc. BK

Sasol Financing USA LLC BK

Sasol Ltd. BK

Saul Centers, Inc. BK

Saul Holdings LP BK

Savage Enterprises LLC BK

Savanna Energy Services Corp. BK

Save Mart Supermarkets BK

Save-A-Lot BK

Savers Inc. BK

Savvis Inc. BK

Savvis, Inc. BK

Saxco International BK

Saxon Energy Services Inc. BK

SBA Communications Corp. BK

SBA Communications Corp. BK

SBA Senior Finance II BK

SBA Senior Finance II LLC BK

SBA Senior Finance II LLC (SBA Communications Corp.) BK

SBA Senior Finance Inc. BK

SBA Senior Finance Inc. (SBA Communications Corp.) BK

SBA Senior Finance Inc. II LLC BK

Sbarro Inc. BK

Sbarro Inc. BK

SBP Holdings BK

SCA Packaging North America BK

Scana Corp. BK

ScanSource Inc. BK

Scapa Group plc BK

Scarlett's Pearl Casino Report BK

Scatec Solar ASA BK

Scenic (Columbus Finance BV) BK

Schaeffler (INA Beteiligungsgesellschaft GmbH) BK

Schaeffler AG BK

Schaeffler AG (INA Beteiligungs GmbH) BK

Schaeffler Finance BV BK

Schaffler (INA Beteiligungsgesellschaft GmbH) BK

Schiff Nutrition Group Inc. BK

Schneider National, Inc. BK

Schneller, Inc. BK

Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc. BK

Scholastic Corp. BK

School Specialty Inc. BK

School Specialty, Inc. BK

Schrader BK

Schrader International BK

Schrader International Inc. BK

Schroder UK Public Private Trust plc BK

Schumacher Clinical Partners BK

Schumacher Group BK

Schumacher Group BK

Schutt Sports, Inc. BK

Schweitzer-Mauduit International, Inc. BK

Sciele Pharma Inc. BK

Science Applications International Corp. BK

Scientific Games Corp. BK

Scientific Games Corp. BK

Scientific Games Corp. (Scientific Games International, Inc.) BK

Scientific Games International Inc. BK

SciQuest Inc. BK

Scitor Corp. BK

SCO Group, Inc. BK

Scorpio Bulkers Inc. BK

Scorpio Bulkers, Inc. BK

Scorpio Tankers Inc. BK

Scorpion Drilling (Scorpion Offshore) BK

Scotia Pacific Co. LLC (Pacific Lumber Co.) BK

Scotsman Industries Inc. BK

Scottish Salmon Co. Ltd. (Scottish Salmon Co. plc) BK

Scotts Co. BK

Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. BK

Scovill Fasteners Inc. BK

SCP Pool Corp. BK

SCP Private Credit Income BDC LLC BK

Screenvision LLC BK

Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc. BK

SDI Media Group BK

Sea Containers Ltd. BK

Sea Island Co. BK

Sea Launch Co., LLC BK


SEA-Vista I LLC (Seacor Holdings Inc.) BK

Seaboard Corp. BK

Seaboard Foods LLC BK

Seacor Marine Holdings Inc. BK

Seadrill Ltd. BK

Seadrill Operating LP (Seadrill Partners Finco LLC) BK

Seadrill Partners LLC BK

Seagate Technology BK

Seagate Technology BK

Seagate Technology plc BK

Seahawk Drilling Inc. BK

Seahawk Holdings Ltd. (Dell Software) BK

Sealed Air Corp. BK

Sealy Corp. BK

Sealy Mattress Co. BK

Sealy Mattress Corp. BK

Sears Canada Inc. BK

Sears Holdings Corp. BK

Sears Holdings Corp. BK

Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores Inc. BK

Sears Hometown Stores, Inc. BK

Seaspan Corp. BK

Seaspan Holdco III Ltd. (Seaspan Corp.) BK

SeaStar Solutions BK

Seattle SpinCo (Micro Focus International plc) BK

SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. BK

SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. BK

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc. BK

Sebia BK

Secure Computing Corp. BK

Secure Energy Services Inc. BK

Securitas AB BK

Security National Properties Funding III, LLC BK

Securus Technologies BK

Securus Technologies Holdings Inc. BK

Securus Technologies Inc. BK

Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc. BK

Sedgwick CMS Holdings Inc. BK

Sedgwick Inc. BK

Segra (MTN Infrastructure TopCo Inc.) BK

Segra (MTN Infrastructure TopCo Inc.) BK

SEI Holding I Corp. BK

SEI Investments Co. BK

Select Comfort Corp. BK

Select Income REIT BK

Select Medical Corp. BK

Select Medical Holdings Corp. BK

Select Medical Holdings, Corp. BK

Select Personnel Services (Koosharem Corp.) BK

Select Staffing BK

Select Staffing (Koosharem LLC) BK

SelectRemedy BK

Selig Sealing Products Inc. BK

Semafo Inc. BK

Semco Energy Inc. BK

SemCrude LP BK

SemGroup Corp. BK

Semgroup Energy Partners LP BK

SemGroup LP BK

SemGroup LP BK

SemGroup, LP/SemCrude, LP BK

Seminis Inc. BK

Seminole Group LP BK

Seminole Hard Rock Entertainment Inc. BK

Seminole Tribe of Florida BK

Sempra Energy BK

Sempra Global BK

Sempra Global (Sempra Energy) BK

Semtech Corp. BK

Seneca Foods Corp. BK

Seneca Gaming Corp. BK

Senior Housing Properties Trust BK

Senneca Holdings BK

Sensata Technologies BK

Sensata Technologies BV BK

Sensata Technologies Holding NV BK

Sensata Technologies Inc. BK

Sensata Technologies, Inc. BK

Sensient Technologies Corp. BK

Sensis BK

Sensis (Project Sunshine IV Pty Ltd.) BK

Sensus Metering Systems Inc. BK

Sensus USA Inc. BK

Sequa Automotive Group BK

Sequa Corp. BK

Sequential Brands Group, Inc. BK

Sequential Brands Inc. BK

Sequoia Economic Infrastructure Income Fund Ltd. BK

Serena Software BK

Serena Software Inc. BK

Seritage Growth Properties BK

Seritage Growth Properties, LP BK

Serologicals Corp. BK

Serologicals Inc. BK

Serta Simmons Holdings LLC BK

Service Corp. International BK

Service Corp. International BK

Service King Collision Repair Centers BK

Service Net Solutions LLC BK

ServiceMaster Co. BK

ServiceMaster Co. LLC BK

ServiceMaster Global Holdings, Inc. BK

Servpro LLC BK

Sesac BK


Sesac Holdings BK

Sevan Drilling AS BK

Sevan Drilling ASA BK

Sevan Marine ASA BK

Seven Seas Cruises S de RL BK

Seven Seas Cruises S DE RL BK

Seventy Seven Energy Inc. BK

Severstal Warren Inc. BK

SFBC International Inc. BK

SFK Pulp Fund BK

SFN Group Inc. BK


SFX Entertainment Inc. (Clear Channel Entertainment) BK

SFX Entertainment, Inc. BK

SG Resources Mississippi LLC BK

SGL Carbon AG BK

SGS International Inc. BK

Shale-Inland Holdings LLC BK

Shanda Interactive Entertainment Ltd. BK

Shape Technologies Group Inc. (Waterjet Holdings Inc.) BK

Shapes/Arch Holdings, LLC BK

SharkNinja BK

Sharper Image Corp. BK

Sharper Image Corp. BK

Sharyland Distribution & Transmission Services, LLC (InfraREIT, Inc.) BK

Shaw Group Inc. BK

Shaw Group Inc. BK

Shaw Group, Inc. BK

ShawCor Ltd. BK

Shea Capital BK

Shea Homes LP BK

Shea Mountain House BK

Shearer's Foods LLC BK

Shearer’s Foods Inc. BK

Shelf Drilling BK

Shelf Drilling International Holdings Ltd. BK

Shenandoah Telecommunications Co. BK

Shepherd Neame Ltd. BK

Sheridan Group Inc. BK

Sheridan Healthcare Inc. BK

Sheridan Holdings Inc. BK

Sheridan Holdings Inc. BK

Sheridan Production Partners BK

Sheridan Production Partners BK

Sherman Financial Group LLC BK

Sherwin-Williams Co. BK

Sherwin-Williams Luxembourg Sarl BK

Shields Health Solutions Holdings LLC BK

Shift4 Payments LLC BK

Shiloh Holdings Netherlands BV (Shiloh Industries, Inc.) BK

Shiloh Industries Inc. BK

Shiloh Industries Inc. BK

Shiloh Industries, Inc. BK

Shingle Springs Tribal Gaming Authority BK

Shire plc BK

Shoes for Crews BK

Shopko Stores Inc. BK

ShopKo Stores Inc. BK

Shoreline Energy BK

Shoreline Energy LLC BK

Shorenstein Properties LLC BK


Shuffle Master Inc. BK

Shutterfly Inc. BK

Shutterfly, Inc. BK

SI Group BK

SI International BK

SI International Inc. BK

SI Organization BK

SI Organization Inc. BK

Sidera Networks BK

Sidera Networks Inc. BK

Siemens Audiology Systems (Auris Luxembourg III Sarl) BK

Sienna Senior Living Inc. BK

Sierra Health Services Inc. BK

Sierra Income Corp. BK

Sierra Metals Inc. BK

Sierra Pacific Power Co. BK

Sierra Pacific Power Co. (NV Energy, Inc.) BK

SIG Combibloc Group AG BK

SIG Combibloc Group AG (Onex Wizard Acquisition) BK

SIG Combibloc Group AG (Onex Wizard Acquisition/SIG Combibloc Purchase Co. Sarl) BK

SIGA Technologies, Inc. BK

Sigma-Aldrich Corp. BK

Signal International, Inc. BK

Signet Jewelers Ltd. BK

Signify BK

Signode Industrial BK

Signode Industrial (Industrial Packaging Group) BK

Silgan Holdings Inc. BK

Silicon Graphics Inc. BK

Silicon Graphics International Corp. BK

Silicon Graphics, Inc. BK

Silicon Laboratories Inc. BK

Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp. BK

Silver Standard Resources Inc. BK

Silver Wheaton Corp. BK

Silverleaf Finance IV LLC (Silverleaf Resorts Inc.) BK

Simmons Bedding Co. BK

Simmons Co. BK

Simmons First National Corp. BK

Simmons Holdco, Inc. (Simmons Co.) BK

Simon Property Group, Inc. BK

Simon Property Group, LP BK

Simon Property Group, LP (Simon Property Group, Inc.) BK

Simply Good Foods Co. (Atkins Nutritional Holdings Inc.) BK

Simply Wheelz LLC (Advantage Rent a Car) BK

Simply Wheelz LLC (Advantage Rent A Car) BK

Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc. BK

Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. BK

Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. (Diamond Sports Group LLC) BK

Sinclair Television Corp. BK

Sinclair Television Group (Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc.) BK

Sinclair Television Group Inc. BK

Sinclair Television Group Inc. BK

Sinclair Television Group Inc. (Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc.) BK

Sinclair Television Group, Inc. BK

Sino-Forest Corp. BK

Sirius Computer Solutions Inc. BK

Sirius Computer Solutions Inc. (SCS Holdings I Inc.) BK

Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. BK

Sirius International Insurance Group Ltd. BK

Sirius Satellite Radio BK

Sirius XM Holdings Inc. BK

Sirius XM Radio Inc. BK

Sirva Inc. BK

Sirva Worldwide, Inc. BK

Sirva, Inc. BK

Sirva, Inc. BK

Site Centers Corp. BK

Sitel Corp. BK

Sitel Worldwide Corp. BK

SiteOne Landscape Supply BK

SiteOne Landscape Supply Inc. BK

Sivantos Group (Auris Luxembourg III Sarl) BK

Six Flags Enertainment Corp. BK

Six Flags Entertainment Corp. BK

Six Flags Inc. BK

Six Flags Theme Parks Inc. BK

Six3 Systems Inc. BK

SJW Corp. BK

Skechers USA Inc. BK

Skill Holdings LP BK

Skilled Healthcare Group Inc. BK

SkillSoft Corp. BK

Skillsoft Ltd. BK

SkillSoft Ltd. BK

SkillSoft plc BK

Sky Betting & Gaming BK

Skyline Champion Corp. BK

SkyMiles IP Ltd. (Delta Air Lines Inc.) BK

Skype Technologies BK

Skype Technologies (Springboard Finance LLC) BK

SL Green Realty Corp. BK

SL Green Realty Corp./SL Green Operating Partnership, LP BK

Slate Retail REIT BK

Slate Retail REIT BK

Slate U.S. Opportunity (No. 1) Realty Trust BK

Slate U.S. Opportunity (No. 3) Realty Trust BK

Sleep Innovations BK

Sleepy's Intermediate LLC BK

SLS Las Vegas BK

SM Energy Co. BK

SM Energy Co. BK

SM&P Utility Resources Inc. BK

Smart & Final Holdings Corp. BK

Smart & Final Inc. BK

Smart & Final Stores Inc. BK

Smart Balance Inc. BK

Smart Foodservice (Sage Borrowco LLC) BK

Smart Global Holdings, Inc. BK

Smart Modular Technologies Inc. BK

Smart Papers, LLC BK

Smart Start Inc. BK

Smart Technologies ULC (Smart Technologies, Inc.) BK

SmartStop Self Storage, Inc. BK

SMB Shipping Logistics BK

SMB Shipping Logistics LLC BK


SMG (Stadium Management Group) BK

SMG Holdings Inc. (Stadium Management Group) BK

Smile Brands Group Inc. BK

Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. BK

Smith-Cooper International BK

Smithfield Foods Inc. BK

Smithfield Foods Inc. BK

Smithfield Foods, Inc. BK

SMS Systems Maintenance Services Inc. BK


Smurfit Kappa Group plc BK

Smurfit-Stone Container Corp. BK

Smurfit-Stone Container Corp. BK

Snap-On Inc. BK

Snap-on Inc. BK


SnapAV/Wirepath LLC BK

SNL Financial BK

SNL Financial LC BK

SNL Financial LLC BK

Snoqualmie Entertainment Authority BK

Snoqualmie Indian Tribe BK

Snyder's-Lance, Inc. BK

Sociedad Minera Cerro Verde SAA BK

Socotec BK

SoftLayer Technologies Inc. BK

Soil Safe Holdings, Inc. BK

SOLA International Inc. BK

Solana Petroleum Exploration Ltd. BK

Solar Capital Ltd. BK

Solar Millennium, Inc. BK

Solar Senior Capital Ltd. BK

SolarCity Corp. BK

SolarWinds BK

SolarWinds, Inc. BK

Solectron Corp. BK

Solenis Holdings LLC BK

Solenis International LP (Ashland Water Technologies) BK

Solenis LLC BK

Solera Holdings Inc. BK

Solera Holdings LLC BK

Solera Holdings, Inc. BK

Solera LLC BK

Solo Cup Co. BK

Solo Cup Co. BK

Solutia Europe SA/NV BK

Solutia Inc. BK

Solutia Inc. BK

Solyndra LLC BK

Sonic Automotive Inc. BK

Sonic Automotive, Inc. BK

Sonic Corp. BK

SonicWALL Inc. BK

Sonneborn LLC BK

Sonoco Products Co. BK

Sophia LP (Sungard Higher Education/Datatel Inc.) BK

Sophos BK

Sophos Ltd. BK

Sophos Ltd. (Shield Finance Co. Sarl) BK

Sophos plc BK

Sorenson Communications BK

Sorenson Communications Inc. BK

Sorenson Communications LLC BK

Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. BK

Sotera Defense Solutions BK

Sotera Health Holdings LLC BK

Sotheby's BK

Sotheby's Holdings Inc. BK

Sotheby’s BK

Sound Inpatient Physicians Holdings LLC BK

Sound Physicians BK

Sound Shore Medical Center of Westchester BK

Source Interlink Cos. Inc. BK

Source Interlink Cos. Inc. BK

Source Interlink Cos., Inc. BK

Sourcecorp Inc. BK

SourceCorp. Inc. BK

SourceHOV BK


SourceMedia Inc. BK

South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. BK

South Carolina Fuel Co., Inc. BK

South Edge BK

South Franklin Circle BK

South Jersey Gas Co. BK

South Jersey Industries, Inc. BK

Southaven Power, LLC BK

Southcross Energy Partners LP BK

Southcross Energy Partners, LP BK

Southcross Holdings Borrower LP BK

Southcross Holdings LP BK

Southeast PowerGen LLC BK

Southern Air Holdings, Inc. BK

Southern Air Inc. BK

Southern California Edison Co. BK

Southern California Gas Co. BK

Southern California Gas Co., San Diego Gas & Electric Co. BK

Southern Graphic Systems Inc. BK

Southern Graphics Inc. BK

Southern Management Corp. BK

Southern Pacific Resource Corp. BK

Southern Pacific Resources Corp. BK

Southern Pines Energy Center BK

Southern Power Co. BK

Southern Veterinary Partners LLC BK

Southern Wine & Spirits of America Inc. BK

Southern Wine & Spirits of America Inc. BK

SouthernCare Inc. BK

SouthernCarlson, Inc. BK

Southland Royalty Co. LLC BK

Southwest Airlines Co. BK

Southwest Airlines, Inc. BK

Southwest Convenience Stores LLC BK

Southwest Convenience Stores, LLC BK

Southwest Gas Corp. BK

Southwest Gas Holdings Inc. BK

Southwest Georgia Ethanol, LLC BK

Southwest Sports Group Inc. BK

Southwestern Energy Co. BK

Southwestern Energy Co. BK

Southwestern Public Service Co. BK

Southwire Co. BK

Southwire Co., LLC BK

Sovos Brands Intermediate Inc. BK

Sovran Self Storage Inc. BK

SP Newsprint Co. BK

SP Newsprint Co. BK

SP Newsprint Holdings LLC BK

SP Plus Corp. BK

Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) BK

Space Systems/Loral Inc. BK

Space Systems/Loral, Inc. BK

Spanish Broadcasting System Inc. BK

Spanish Peaks BK

Spansion Inc. BK

Spansion Inc. BK

Spansion LLC BK

Spansion LLC (Advanced Micro Devices Inc.) BK

Spark Energy, Inc. BK

Sparta Systems Inc. BK

Spartan Motors, Inc. BK

Spartan Stores, Inc. BK

SpartanNash Co. BK

Sparton Corp. BK

Special Devices, Inc. BK

Specialized Technology Resources, Inc. BK

Specialty Products Holding Corp. (RPM International Inc.) BK

SpecialtyCare BK

SpectaGuard Acquisitions LLC BK

Spectra Energy Corp. BK

Spectra Energy Partners, LP BK

Spectranetics Corp. BK

SpectraSite Communications Inc. BK

Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc. BK

Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. BK

Spectrum Brands Inc. BK

Spectrum Brands, Inc BK

Spectrum Brands, Inc. BK

Spectrum Brands, Inc. BK

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. BK

Spectrum Plastics Group BK

Speed Commerce, Inc. BK

Speedcast International Ltd. BK

Speedway Motorsports Inc. BK

Speedway Motorsports, Inc. BK

Speedy Cash BK

Speedy Hire plc BK

Spencer Spirit BK

Spencer Spirit Holdings Inc. BK

Spencer Spirit Holdings, Inc. BK

Spherion Corp. BK

Spheris Inc. BK

SPI Petroleum LLC BK

SpinCo Borrower (Gardner Denver Holdings, Inc.) (Ingersoll-Rand Services Co.) BK

Spindle Hill Energy LLC BK

Spire Inc. BK

Spire Inc./Laclede Gas Co./Alabama Gas Corp. BK

Spire Missouri Inc. BK

Spirit AeroSystems Holdings Inc. BK

Spirit AeroSystems Holdings, Inc. BK

Spirit AeroSystems Inc. BK

Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. BK

Spirit Airlines, Inc. BK

Spirit Finance Corp. BK

Spirit Realty Capital Inc. BK

Spirit Realty Capital, Inc. BK

Sportcraft Ltd. BK

Sports Authority Inc. BK

Sports Authority Inc. BK

Sportsman's Warehouse Holdings, Inc. BK

Sportsman's Warehouse Inc. BK

Sportsman's Warehouse, Inc. BK

Sportsman’s Warehouse BK

Spot Chalet, Inc. BK

Spotless Holdings BK

Sprague Operating Resources LP BK

Sprague Resources LP BK

Spring Education Group BK

Springer Nature BK

Springer Science + Business Media BK

Springleaf Financial Funding Co. BK

Springs Industries Inc. BK

Springs Window Fashions Inc. BK

Springs Window Fashions Inc. (SIWF Holdings Inc.) BK

Springs Window Fashions LLC BK

Springs Window Fashions, LLC BK

Sprint Communications, Inc. BK

Sprint Communications, Inc. (Sprint Corp.) BK

Sprint Corp. BK

Sprint Industrial Holdings LLC BK

Sprint Nextel BK

Sprint Nextel Corp. BK

Sprint Nextel Corp. BK

Sprouts Farmers Market BK

Sprouts Farmers Market Inc. BK

Sprouts Farmers Markets, LLC BK

SPS Technologies Inc. BK

SPX Corp. BK

SPX Flow, Inc. BK

Square Inc. BK

SquareTwo Financial Corp. BK

SquareTwo Financial Services Corp. BK

SRA International Inc. BK



SRAM International Corp. BK



SRC Energy Inc. BK

SRS Distribution Inc. BK

SS&C European Holdings SaRL (SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc.) BK

SS&C Technologies Holdings Inc. BK

SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. BK

SS&C Technologies Inc. BK

SS&C Technologies, Inc. (SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc.) BK

SSA Global Technologies Inc. BK

SSI Investments II Ltd. BK

SSI Investments II Ltd. (Skillsoft) BK

St. George's University BK

St. George’s University BK

St. John Knits International Inc. BK

St. Joseph Energy Center BK

St. Jude Medical, Inc. BK

St. Mary Land & Exploration Co. BK

St. Mary Land and Exploration Co. BK

St. Marys Cement Inc. BK

Stackpole International BK

STAG Industrial Inc. BK

STAG Industrial Operating Partnership, LP BK

STAG Industrial, Inc. BK

Stage Entertainment BV BK

Stage Stores, Inc. BK

Stagecoach Group plc BK

Stallion Oilfield Holdings Inc. BK

Stallion Oilfield Services Ltd. BK

Stamps.com Inc. BK

Stamps.com, Inc. BK

Stanadyne Corp. BK

StanCorp Financial Group, Inc. BK

Standard Aero BK

Standard Aero Holdings Inc. BK

Standard Commercial Corp. BK

Standard Life European Private Equity Trust plc BK

Standard Media Group LLC BK

Standard Motor Products, Inc. BK

Standard Pacific Corp. BK

Standard Parking Corp. BK

Standard Register Co. BK

Standard Register Co. BK

Standard Steel LLC BK

StandardAero BK

StandardAero (DAE Aviation Holdings Inc.) BK

StandardAero (Dynasty Acquisition Co. Inc.) BK

StandardAero Aviation Holdings Inc. BK

StandardAero Aviation Holdings Inc. (Dynasty Acquisition Co. Inc.) BK

Standex International Corp. BK

Stanley Black & Decker Inc. BK

Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. BK

Stanley Inc. BK

Stant Corp. BK

Stantec Inc. BK

Staples, Inc. BK

Star Gas Partners, LP BK

Star Gas Partners, LP BK

Star Generation BK

Star Group, LP BK

Star Propane (Star Gas Partners LP) BK

Star Tribune Co. BK

Star West Generation LLC BK

Starbucks Corp. BK

Starlight U.S. Multi-Family (No. 5) Core Fund BK

Stars Group Inc. BK

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. BK

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. BK

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. BK

Starwood Property Mortgage BK

Starwood Property Trust BK

Starwood Property Trust Inc. BK

Starwood Property Trust, Inc. BK

Starwood Waypoint Residential Trust BK

Starz LLC BK

State Auto Property & Casualty Insurance Co. BK

State Class Tankers BK

Stater Bros. Markets BK

Stater Bros. Markets (Stater Bros. Holdings Inc.) BK

Station Casinos Inc. BK

Station Casinos Inc. BK

Station Casinos LLC BK

Station Casinos, Inc. BK

Station Casinos, LLC BK

Stats LLC BK

Steak n Shake Operations Inc. BK

Steak ‘n Shake BK

Stearns Holdings LLC BK

Steel Dynamics Inc. BK

Steel Dynamics Inc. BK

Steel Dynamics, Inc. BK

Steel Energy Ltd. (Steel Excel Inc.) BK

Steel Partners Holdings LP BK

Steel Technologies Inc. BK

Steelcase Inc. BK

SteelRiver Infrastructure Partners LP BK

Stein Mart, Inc. BK

Steiner U.S. Holdings Inc. BK

Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. BK

Stelco Inc. BK

Stellus Capital Investment Corp. BK

Stena International SA BK

Stepan Co. BK

Stepan Co. BK

Stericycle Inc. BK

Stericycle Inc. BK

Stericycle, Inc. BK

Sterigenics International BK

Sterigenics International Inc. BK

Sterigenics International LLC (STHI Holding Corp.) BK

Sterigenics-Nordion Holdings LLC BK

Steris Corp. BK

Sterling Chemicals BK

Sterling Construction Co. Inc. BK

Sterling Holdings Ultimate Parent Inc. (SterlingBackcheck) BK

Sterling Infosystems Inc. BK

Sterling Resources Ltd. BK

Sterling Talent Solutions BK

SterlingBackcheck BK

Stetson Midstream BK

Steward Health Care System LLC BK

Stewart & Stevenson LLC BK

Stewart Enterprises Inc. BK

Stewart Enterprises Inc. BK

Stewart Enterprises, Inc. BK

Stewart Information Services Corp. BK

STG Group, Inc. BK

Stick LLC BK

Stiefel Laboratories Inc. BK

Stillwater Mining Co. BK

Stock Building Supply Holdings, LLC BK

Stolle Machinery Co. LLC BK

Stolle Machinery Co. LLC BK

Stolt-Nielsen Ltd. BK

Stone Container Corp. BK

Stone Energy Corp. BK

StoneMor Operating LLC (StoneMor Partners LP) BK

StoneMor Partners LP BK

Stonepeak Lonestar BK

Stoneridge Inc. BK

Stoneridge, Inc. BK

StoneRiver Group LP BK

Stonewall Energy Center BK

Stonewall Gas Gathering LLC BK

Stora Enso BK

Store Capital Corp. BK

Storm Cat Energy Corp. BK

Storm Cat Energy Corp. BK

STR Holdings, Inc. BK

Stratasys Ltd. BK

Strategic Education, Inc. BK

Strategic Hotel Capital, Inc. BK

Strategic Hotels & Resorts Inc. BK

Strategic Hotels & Resorts, Inc. BK

Strategic Materials Inc. BK

Strategic Materials Inc. BK

Strategic Outsourcing Inc. BK

Strategic Partners BK

Strategic Partners Acquisition Corp. BK

Strategic Storage Operating Partnership, LP BK

Strategic Storage Trust II, Inc. BK

Strategic Wireless Infrastructure Funds Management, LLC BK

Stratos Global Corp. BK

Stratose Inc. BK

Stratus Block 21, LLC BK

Stratus Global Corp. BK

Stratus Technologies Inc. BK

Strayer Education, Inc. BK

Stream Global Services Inc. BK

Strike LLC BK

Stryker Corp. BK

Stuart Weitzman LLC BK

Student Transportation Inc. BK

Studio City Co. Ltd. BK

Sturm Foods Inc. BK

STV Group BK

Styrolution BK

Styrolution (Styrolution Group GmbH and Styrolution US Holding LLC) BK

Styron BK

SubCom (Crown Subsea Communications Holding Inc.) BK

Suburban Propane Partners LP BK

Suburban Propane Partners LP BK

Suburban Propane Partners, LP BK

Suburban Propane Partners, LP, Suburban Propane, LP BK

Sucampo Pharmaceuticals Inc. BK

Suddenlink Communications BK

SugarHouse Casino BK

Summer Infant, Inc. BK

Summit Business Media BK

Summit Business Media LLC BK

Summit Entertainment LLC BK

Summit Global Logistics, Inc. BK

Summit Hotel OP, LP (Summit Hotel Properties Inc.) BK

Summit Hotel Properties Inc. BK

Summit Hotel Properties Inc. BK

Summit Hotel Properties, Inc. BK

Summit Industrial Income REIT BK

Summit JV MR 1, LLC (Summit Hotel Properties, Inc.) BK

Summit Materials LLC BK

Summit Materials LLC BK

Summit Materials LLC (Summit Materials, Inc.) BK

Summit Materials, LLC BK

Summit Midstream Holdings, LLC BK

Summit Midstream Partners Holdings LLC BK

Summit Research Labs BK

SumTotal Systems Inc. BK

Sun Communities Inc. BK

Sun Communities Operating LP BK

Sun Communities, Inc. BK

Sun Healthcare Group Inc. BK

Sun Healthcare Group, Inc. BK

Sun Hydraulics Corp. BK

Sun Media Corp. BK

Sun Products Corp. BK

SunCal Cos. (Ritter Ranch) BK

SunCal Master I BK

SunCoke Energy Inc. BK

SunCoke Energy Partners LP BK

SunCoke Energy Partners, LP BK

SunCoke Energy, Inc. BK

Sundance Energy Australia Ltd. BK

Sundance Energy, Inc. BK

Sundevil Power Holdings, LLC BK

Sundial Brands LLC BK

Sundial Growers Inc. BK

Sundyne (Star US Bidco LLC) BK

Sundyne US Purchaser Inc. BK

SunEdison Inc. BK

SunEdison Semiconductor Ltd. BK

SunEdison, Inc. BK

Sunens Farms Inc. BK

SunGard BK

Sungard AS BK

SunGard Availability Services BK

SunGard Data Systems BK

SunGard Data Systems Inc. BK

SunGard Public Administration and Public Safety BK

Sungevity, Inc. BK

Suniva, Inc. BK

Sunlight Financial LLC BK

Sunnova Energy Corp. BK

Sunnova Energy International Inc. BK

Sunny Delight Beverages Co. BK

Sunoco Logistics Partners Operations LP BK

Sunoco LP BK

Sunoco, LP BK

SunOpta Inc. BK

SunPower Corp. BK

SunPower Corp. BK

Sunquest Information Systems BK

Sunrise Medical (Cidron Ollopa Holdings BV) BK

Sunrise Medical Inc. BK

Sunrise Senior Living Inc. BK

Sunrun Inc. BK

SUNS SPV LLC (Solar Senior Capital Ltd.) BK

Sunshine Oilsands Ltd. BK

SunSource BK

SunSource (STS Operating Inc.) BK

SunSource Holdings Inc. BK

SunSource Holdings, Inc. (STS Operating Inc.) BK

Sunstone Hotel Investors Inc. BK

Sunstone Hotel Partnership LLC BK

Sunstone Hotel Partnership, LLC BK

Suominen Corp. BK

Super Micro Computer, Inc. BK

Superior Energy Services Inc. BK

Superior Energy Services Inc. BK

Superior Energy Services, Inc. BK

Superior Essex Inc. BK

Superior Group of Cos., Inc. BK

Superior Industries International, Inc. BK

Superior Offshore International Inc. BK

Superior Offshore International, Inc. BK

Superior Pipeline Co., LLC BK

Superior Plus Corp. BK

Superior TeleCom Inc. BK

Superior Uniform Group BK

Superior Uniform Group, Inc. BK

Superior Well Services Inc. BK

SuperValu Inc. BK

Supervalu Inc. BK

SuperValu Inc. BK

Supervalu Inc. BK

Supreme Cannabis Co., Inc. BK

Supremex Inc. BK

Sur La Table, Inc. BK

SureWest Communications BK

SureWest Communications BK

Surgery Center Holdings Inc. BK

Surgery Center Holdings Inc. (Surgery Partners) BK

Surgery Center Holdings, Inc. BK

Surgery Partners Inc. (Surgery Center Holdings Inc.) BK

Surgery Partners, Inc. BK

Surgical Care Affiliates BK

Surgical Care Affiliates Inc. BK

Surgical Care Affiliates LLC BK

Surgical Specialties Corp. BK

Survey Sampling Inc. BK

Survey Sampling International LLC BK

SurveyMonkey BK

SurveyMonkey Inc. BK

SUSE (Marcel BidCo) BK

SUSE (Marcel Lux IV Sarl) BK

Susquehanna Media Co. BK

Susser Holdings Corp. BK

Susser Petroleum Partners LP BK

Sutherland Global Services Inc. BK

Sutherland Global Services, Inc. BK

Svenska Cellulosa AB SCA BK

SVP Worldwide BK

Swank Audio Visuals, LLC BK

Sweeping Corp. of America BK

Swett & Crawford BK

Swett & Crawford Group Inc. BK

Swift & Co. BK

Swift Energy Co. BK

Swift Holdings Corp. BK

Swift Transportation Co LLC BK

Swift Transportation Co. BK

Swift Transportation Co. Inc. BK

Swisher Hygiene Inc. BK

Swissport Financing Sarl BK

Swissport Group BK

Switch and Data BK

Switch and Data Facilities Co. Inc. BK

Switch and Data Management Co. LLC BK

Switch Ltd. BK

Switch Ltd. (Switch, Inc.) BK

SXC Health Solutions Corp. BK

Sybron Dental Specialties Inc. BK

Sykes Enterprises Inc. BK

Sykes Enterprises, Inc BK

Sykes Enterprises, Inc. BK

Symantec Corp. BK

Symbion Inc. BK

Symbol Technologies Inc. BK

Symbol Technologies, Inc. BK

Symetra Financial Corp. BK

Symmetry Holdings Inc. BK

Symmetry Medical Inc. BK

Symmetry Medical Inc. BK

SymphonyIRI Group Inc. BK

Syms Corp BK

Synagro Technologies Inc. BK

Synagro Technologies, Inc. BK

Synalloy Corp. BK

Synaptics Inc. BK

Synarc-BioCore Holdings LLC BK

Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. BK

Synchronous Aerospace Group BK

Syncsort Inc. BK

Syneos Health Inc. BK

Synergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc. BK

Synergy Resources Corp. BK

Syniverse Holdings BK

Syniverse Holdings Inc. BK

Syniverse Technologies BK

Syniverse Technologies Inc. BK

Synlab BK

Synlab Bondco plc BK

Synnex Corp. BK

Synopsys, Inc. BK

Syntax-Brillian Corp. BK

Syntel, Inc. BK

Syratech Corp. BK

Sysco Canada, Inc./Sysco EU II Sarl (Sysco Corp.) BK

Sysco Corp. BK

Systemax Inc. BK

Systems Maintenance Services BK