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Security type: BK = Bank loan, CA = Canadian bonds, CL = CLOs, CV = Convertibles, DD = Distressed Debt, EM = Emerging Markets, GN = Green finance, HY = High Yield, IG = Investment Grade, LM = Liability Management, MU = Municipals, PP = PIPEs, PF = Preferred Stock, PV = Private Placements, SP = Structured Products

I.A. Hedin Bil AB HY

I.M. Skaugen HY

I.M. Skaugen ASA HY

I.M. Skaugen SE HY

IAA Spinco Inc. (Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc.) HY

IAAI Finance Corp. (Insurance Auto Auctions) HY

IAC/InterActiveCorp HY

IAC/InterActiveCorp. HY

Iasis Healthcare Corp. HY

Iasis Healthcare LLC/Iasis Capital Corp. HY

Iasis Healthcare LLC/Iasis Healthcare Corp. HY

Icade HY

Icahn Enterprises LP HY

Icahn Enterprises LP/Icahn Enterprises Finance Corp. HY

Icahn Enterprises LP/Icahn Enterprises Finance Corp. (Icahn Enterprises Holdings LP) HY

Ice Group Scandinavia Holdings AS HY

Iceland Bondco plc (Iceland Foods Ltd.) HY

Icelandair Group hf. HY

ICON Health & Fitness, Inc. HY

Icon Health & Fitness, Inc. HY

Idavang A/S HY

Ideal Standard International SA HY

Idearc Inc. HY

IDH Finance plc (Integrated Dental Holdings) HY

IDH Finance plc (mydentist) HY

IDI Acquisition Corp. (InterDent Service Corp.) HY

IdleAire Technologies Corp. HY

IDQ Acquisition Corp. HY

IDQ Holdings, Inc. HY

IEG Holdings Corp. HY


Iesy Repository GmbH HY

IFCO Systems NV HY

IGas Energy plc HY

Igas Energy plc HY

Iglo Group HY

Igloo Holdings Corp. (Interactive Data Corp.) HY

IHO Verwaltungs GmbH HY

IHO Verwaltungs GmbH (currently Schaeffler Verwaltungs Zwei GmbH)(Schaeffler AG) HY


IHS Markit Ltd. HY

IKON Office Solutions Inc. HY

IKON Office Solutions, Inc. HY

Illinois Power Co. HY

Illuminate Buyer, LLC/Illuminate Holdings IV, Inc. (Lummus Technology Inc.) HY

IMC Global Inc. HY

IMCO Recycling Escrow Inc. (IMCO Recycling Inc.) HY

IMCO Recycling Inc. HY

Immucor, Inc. HY

Impress Group BV HY

Impress Metals BV HY

IMS Health Inc. HY

IMS Health, Inc. (Healthcare Technology Intermediate, Inc.) HY

Inaer Aviation HY

INC Research, LLC HY

Independent Bank Group Inc. HY

Independent Bank Group, Inc. HY

Independent News & Media HY

Independent Oil & Gas plc HY

Indianapolis Downs, LLC/Indiana Downs Capital Corp. HY

Indigo Natural Resources LLC HY

Indus Gas Ltd. HY

Ineos Finance plc HY

Ineos Finance plc (Ineos Holdings Ltd.) HY

Ineos Finance plc (Ineos Ltd.) HY

Ineos Group Holdings plc HY

Ineos Group Holdings SA HY

Ineos Styrolution Group GmbH HY

Ineos Vinyls Finance plc (EVC Interntational NV) HY

Inergy Finance Corp. HY

Inergy LP/ Inergy Finance Corp. HY

Inergy Midstream, LP/Inergy Midstream Finance Corp. HY

Inergy, LP/Inergy Finance Corp. HY

Infinis plc HY

Infinity Acquisition, LLC/Infinity Acquisition Finance Corp. (Ipreo Holdings LLC) HY

Infor (US), Inc. HY

Infor Software Parent, LLC/Infor Software Parent, Inc. HY

InfraBuild Australia Pty. Ltd. HY

Infront ASA HY


ING U.S., Inc. HY

Ingevity Corp. HY

Ingles Markets, Inc. HY

Ingram Micro HY

Inmarsat Finance II plc HY

Inmarsat Finance plc HY

Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort & Casino HY

Innophos Holdings, Inc. HY

Innophos Inc. HY

Innophos Investments Holdings Inc. HY

Innovatec SpA HY

Innovation Ventures, LLC/Innovation Ventures Finance Corp. (5-Hour Energy) HY

Innovia Group (Finance) plc HY

Inovyn Finance plc HY

Insight Communications Co., Inc. HY

InSight Health Services Corp. HY

Insight Midwest, LP/Insight Capital Corp. HY

Insight Midwest, LP/Insight Capital, Inc. HY

Instabank ASA HY

Installed Building Products, Inc. HY

Intcomex Inc. HY

Intcomex, Inc. HY

Integra Telecom Holdings, Inc. HY

Integrated Alarm Services Group Inc. HY

Integrated Dental Holdings/IDH Finance plc HY

Integrated Electrical Services, Inc. HY

Intelsat (Bermuda) Ltd. HY

Intelsat (Bermuda), Ltd. HY

Intelsat (Luxembourg) SA (Intelsat SA) HY

Intelsat Bermuda Ltd. HY

Intelsat Connect Finance SA (Intelsat SA) HY

Intelsat Corp. HY

Intelsat Intermediate Holding Co., Ltd. HY

Intelsat Jackson Holdings HY

Intelsat Jackson Holdings SA HY

Intelsat Jackson Holdings SA (Intelsat SA) HY

Intelsat Jackson Holdings, Ltd. HY

Intelsat Jackson Holdings, SA HY

Intelsat Jackson SA HY

Intelsat Subsidiary Holding Co., Ltd. HY

Inter Media and Communication SpA HY

Inter Media and Communications S.p.A. (F.C. Internazionale Milano S.p.A.) HY

Inter-American Development Bank HY

Interactive Data Corp. HY

Interactive Data Corp. (Igloo Merger Corp.) HY

Interactive Health LLC/Interactive Health Finance Corp. HY

Interconexion Electrica HY

Interface Inc. HY

Interface Master Holdings, Inc. HY

Interface Security Systems Holdings, Inc./Interface Security Systems, LLC HY

Interface, Inc. HY

InterGen NV HY

Interline Brands Inc. HY

Interline Brands, Inc. HY

Interline Brands, Inc. HY

Intermet Corp. HY

International Automotive Components Group SA HY

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) HY

International Bank for Reconstruction/Development (World Bank) HY

International Coal Group, Inc. HY

International Design Group SpA HY

International Finance Corp. HY

International Game Technology plc HY

International Lease Finance Corp. HY

International Mining & Infrastructure Corp. plc HY

International Personal Finance plc HY

International Power Finance (2010) plc HY

International Seaways, Inc. HY

International Specialty Holdings, Inc. HY

International Steel Group Inc. HY

International Wire Group Holdings, Inc. HY

International Wire Group, Inc. HY

Interoil Exploration & Production ASA HY

Interoute Finco plc (Interoute Communication Holdings SA) HY

Interpublic Group of Cos., Inc. HY

Intertape Polymer US Inc. (Intertape Polymer Group Inc.) HY

Intertrust Group BV HY

Interval Acquisition Corp. (Interval Leisure Group) HY

InterXion Holding HY

InterXion Holding NV HY

INTL FCStone Inc. HY

Intralot Capital Luxembourg SA (Intralot SA) HY

Intralot Finance Luxembourg SA (Intralot) HY

Intrawest Corp. HY

Intrepid Aviation Group Holdings, LLC HY

Intrepid Aviation Group Holdings, LLC/Intrepid Finance Co. HY

Intrum AB HY

Intrum Justitia AB HY

Invacare Corp. HY

Invensys plc HY

Inverness Medical Innovations Inc. HY

Inverness Medical Innovations, Inc. HY

Invesco Office J-REIT, Inc. HY

Investar Holding Corp. HY

Investcorp Credit Management BDC, Inc. HY

Invista/Arteva Specialties Sarl (Luxembourg) HY

ION Geophysical Corp. HY

Ipalco Enterprises Inc. HY

Ipalco Enterprises, Inc. HY

IPC Acquisition Corp. HY

IPD 3 BV (InfoPro Digital) HY

Iqvia Inc. HY

Iqvia Inc. (Iqvia Holdings Inc.) HY

Iracore International Holdings, Inc. HY

IRB Holding Corp. (Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc.) HY

IRB Holdings Corp. (Inspire Brands) HY

Iridium Communications Inc. HY

Iris Merger Sub 2019 (Innophos Holdings Inc.) HY

Iron Mountain (UK) plc (Iron Mountain Inc.) HY

Iron Mountain Europe plc HY

Iron Mountain Inc. HY

Iron Mountain US Holdings, Inc. (Iron Mountain Inc.) HY

Isle of Capri Casinos Inc. HY

Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc. HY

ISP Chemco Inc. HY

Ispat Inland ULC HY

ISS Financing plc (ISS Global A/S) HY

ISS Holding A/S HY

IT Holding Finance SA HY

IT Holdings Finance SA HY

Italcementi Finance SA HY

Italics Merger Sub Inc. (Informatica Corp.) HY

Italy HY

Itas Mutua HY

ITC^DeltaCom, Inc. HY

Ithaca Energy (North Sea) plc HY

Ithaca Energy Inc. HY

Itron Inc. HY

Itron, Inc. HY

ITV plc HY

IVD Acquisition Corp. (Immucor, Inc.) HY

IVS F SpA (International Vending Services) HY



IWO Escrow Co./IWO Holdings (Independent Wireless One Corp.) HY

IWO Holdings, Inc. HY

Ixat Intressenter AB (Cabonline Group) HY

J. Ray McDermott, SA HY

J.B. Poindexter & Co. HY

J.B. Poindexter & Co. Inc. HY

J.B. Poindexter & Co., Inc. HY

J.C. Penney Co., Inc./J.C. Penney Corp., Inc. HY

J.C. Penney Corp., Inc. HY

J.C. Penney Corp., Inc. (J.C. Penney Co., Inc.) HY

J.Crew Brand, LLC/J.Crew Brand Corp. HY

Jabil Circuit Inc. HY

Jabil Circuit, Inc. HY

JAC Products HY

Jack Cooper Finance Co. (Jack Cooper Holdings Corp.) HY

Jack Cooper Holdings Corp. HY

Jack Cooper Holdings/Jack Cooper Transport HY

Jack Ohio Finance LLC/Jack Ohio Finance 1 Corp. (Jack Entertainment LLC) HY

Jacobs Entertainment HY

Jacobs Entertainment Inc. HY

Jacobs Entertainment, Inc. HY

Jacuzzi Brands, Inc. HY

Jafra Cosmetics International, Inc. and Distribuidora Comercial Jafra, SA de CV HY

Jagged Peak Energy Inc. HY

Jaguar Holding Co. I (Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC) HY

Jaguar Holding Co. I (PPDI) HY

Jaguar Holding Co. II/PPD Development, LP (Pharmaceutical Product Development) HY

Jaguar Land Rover Automotive HY

Jaguar Land Rover Automotive plc HY

Jaguar Land Rover plc HY

James Hardie Industries plc HY

James Hardie International Finance DAC (James Hardie Industries plc) HY

James Hardie International Finance Ltd. HY

James Hardie International Finance Ltd. (James Hardie Industries plc) HY

James River Coal Co. HY

James River Escrow Inc./James River Coal Co. HY

Japan Excellent, Inc. HY

Jarden Corp. HY

JBS Investments II GmbH HY

JBS Investments II GmbH (JBS SA) HY


JBS USA Lux SA, JBS USA Food Co./JBS USA Finance, Inc. HY

JBS USA Lux SA/JBS USA Food Co./JBS USA Finance, Inc. HY

JBS USA Lux, SA/JBS USA Finance, Inc. HY


JC Penney Corp. Inc. HY

JCH Parent, Inc. (Jack Cooper Holdings Corp.) HY

JDA Bond Finance, Inc./JDA Escrow (RP Crown Parent, LLC) (JDA Software Group Inc.) HY

JDA Software Group, Inc. HY

Jefast Holding AB HY

Jefferies Finance LLC/Jefferies Co-Issuer Corp. HY

Jefferies Finance LLC/JFIN Co-Issuer Corp. HY

Jefferies Group LLC/Jefferies Group Capital Finance Inc. HY

Jefferies LoanCore LLC/JLC Finance Corp. HY

Jefferson Smurfit Corp. (U.S.) HY

Jefferson Smurfit plc (MDP Acquisitions plc) HY

Jeld-Wen Escrow Corp., Inc. (Jeld-Wen, Inc.) HY

Jeld-Wen, Inc. HY

Jenoptik AG HY

Jerrold Finco (Jerrold Holding Ltd.) HY

Jerrold Finco plc (Jerrold Holdings Ltd.) HY

Jerrold FinCo plc (Together Financial Services Ltd.) HY

Jerrold Finco plc (Together Financial Services Ltd.) HY

Jetblue Airways Corp 2004-01 HY

JetBlue Airways Corp. HY

Jetpak Top Holding AB HY

Jewel UK Bondco plc (Aurum Holdings Ltd.) HY

JII Holdings LLC/JII Holdings Finance Corp. (Jordan Industries, Inc.) HY

JLG Industries, Inc. HY

JLL/Delta Dutch Newco BV (Patheon Inc.) HY

JLL/Delta Dutch Pledgeco BV (Dpx Holdings BV) HY

JM Huber Corp. HY

JMC Steel Group, Inc. HY

JMP Group Inc. HY


Jo-Ann Stores Holdings Inc. HY

Jo-Ann Stores Inc. HY

Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG HY

John Q. Hammons Hotels LP/Finance Corp. III HY

JohnsonDiversey Holdings, Inc. HY

JohnsonDiversey, Inc. HY

Johnston Press Bond plc (Johnston Press plc) HY

Jonah Energy LLC HY

Jones Energy Holdings LLC/Jones Energy Finance Corp. HY

Jones Energy Holdings, LLC/Jones Energy Finance Corp. HY

Jones Group, Inc. HY

Joseph T. Ryerson & Son, Inc. HY

Joseph T. Ryerson & Son, Inc. (Ryerson Holding Corp.) HY

Jostens Holding Corp. HY

Jostens IH Corp. HY

Jotul Holdings Sarl HY

Joy Global Inc. HY

JPW Industries, Inc. HY

JRP Group plc (Just Retirement Ltd.) HY

JSG Funding plc (Jefferson Smurfit Group plc) HY

JSG Holdings plc (Jefferson Smurfit Group plc) HY

Jurassic Holdings III, Inc., (Nesco, LLC,Nesco Finance Corp.) HY

JW Aluminum Co. HY

JW Aluminum Continuous Cast Co. HY

Jyske Bank A/S HY

K&F Acquisition Inc. HY

K&F Industries, Inc. HY

K&F Parent Inc. HY


K. Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. HY

K. Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. (Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc.) HY

K.P. Germany Erste GmbH (Klockner Pentaplast) HY

K2 Inc. HY

Kabel BW Erste Beteiligungs GmbH/Kabel Baden-Wuerttemberg GmbH & Co. KG HY

Kabel BW Holdings GmbH HY

Kabel Deutschland GmbH HY

Kabel Deutschland Holding AG HY

Kabel Deutschland Holding GmbH HY

Kabel Deutschland Vertrieb und Service GmbH HY

Kaefer Isoliertechnik GmbH & Co. HY

Kaiser Aluminum Corp. HY

Kansas City Southern HY

Kansas City Southern de Mexico, SA de CV HY

Kansas City Southern Railway Co. HY

Kappa Beheer BV HY

KAR Auction Services Inc. HY

KAR Holdings Inc. HY

Karlsberg Brauerei GmbH HY

Katjes International GmbH & Co. KG HY

Kayne Anderson Midstream Energy Fund, Inc. HY

Kayne Anderson MLP Investment Co. HY

KB Home HY



KBR, Inc. HY

KCA Deutag UK Finance plc HY

KCAP Financial Inc. HY

KCAP Financial, Inc. HY

KCG Holdings, Inc. HY

KCS Energy Inc. HY

Kedrion SpA HY

KeHE Distributors, LLC/KeHE Finance Corp. HY

KeHE Finance Corp./KeHE Distributors LLC HY

Keilaniemen Kiinteistökehitys Oy HY

Kellwood Co. HY

Kemet Corp. HY

Kemper Corp. HY

Ken Garff Automotive LLC HY

Kenan Advantage Group, Inc. HY

Kennedy-Wilson Holdings Inc. HY

Kennedy-Wilson, Inc. HY

Kensington Group plc HY

Keppel Corp. Ltd. HY

Kerling plc HY

Kerneos Tech Group SAS HY

Key Energy Services Inc. HY

Key Energy Services, Inc. HY

Key Plastics Finance Corp. HY

Key3Media Group, Inc. HY

Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc. HY

Keystone Financing plc (Keepmoat Group) HY

KFC Holding Co., Pizza Hut Holdings, LLC, Taco Bell of America, LLC (Yum! Brands, Inc.) HY

KFC Holding Co./Pizza Hut Holdings, LLC/Taco Bell of America, LLC (Yum! Brands, Inc.) HY

KGA Escrow, LLC/Ken Garff Automotive, LLC (Ken Garff Automotive Group) HY

KI Holdings Inc. (Koppers Inc.) HY

Kimball Hill Inc. HY

Kinder Morgan Finance HY

Kinder Morgan, Inc. HY

Kindred Escrow Corp. II/Kindred Healthcare, Inc. HY

Kindred Healthcare Escrow Corp. (Kindred Healthcare, Inc.) HY

Kindred Healthcare, Inc. HY

Kinetek Industries, Inc. HY

Kinetic Concepts Inc. HY

Kinetic Concepts, Inc./KCI USA, Inc. HY

Kinetic Concepts, Inc./KCI USA, Inc. (Acelity LP Inc.) HY

Kingstone Cos. Inc. HY

Kinove German Bondco GmbH (Evonik Carbon Black Ltd.) HY

KION Finance SA HY

Kion Finance SA (KION Group GmbH) HY

Kirk Beauty One GmbH (Douglas AG) HY

Kirk Beauty Zero GmbH (Douglas AG) HY

KIRS Midco 3 plc (KIRS Group Ltd.) HY

Kistefos AS HY

Kjell Midco AB (Kjell & Co.) HY

Klaveness Combination Carriers ASA HY

Klaveness Ship Holding AS HY

Kleopatra Holdings 1 (Kloeckner Pentaplast) HY

Kloeckner Investment SCA HY

Kloeckner Pentaplast of America, Inc. (Kleopatra Holdings 2 SCA) HY

Klovern AB HY

Klovern AB (publ) HY

KLX Energy Services Holdings, Inc. HY


Klövern AB HY

KM Germany Holdings GmbH/KM US Holdings II, Inc. (KraussMaffei AG) HY


Knowledge Learning Corp. HY

Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp. HY

Kojamo plc HY

Kongsberg Automotive ASA HY

Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize NV HY

Koppers Inc. HY

Korn Ferry HY

Kosmos Energy Ltd. HY

Kraton Polymers LLC/Kraton Capital Corp. HY

Kraton Polymers LLC/Kraton Polymers Capital Corp. HY

Kraton Polymers LLC/Kraton Polymers Capital Corp. (Kraton Corp.) HY

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. HY

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. via Acquisition Co. Lanza Parent HY

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. HY

Kronos International Inc. HY

Kronos International, Inc. HY


Kungsleden AB HY

Kvalitena AB HY

L Brands, Inc. HY

L-3 Communications Corp. HY

L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc. HY

La Financier Atalian SAS HY

La Financiere Atalian SA HY

La Financiere Atalian SAS HY

La Quinta Properties Inc. HY

La Quinta Properties, Inc. HY

Labco SAS HY

Labeyrie Fine Foods SAS HY

LABL Escrow Issuer, LLC, to be merged with/into LABL, Inc. (Multi-Color Corp.) HY

LaBranche & Co. Inc. HY

Ladbrokes Group Finance plc HY

Ladbrokes Group Finance plc (Ladbrokes Coral Group plc) HY

Ladder Capital Finance Holdings LLLP/Ladder Capital Finance Corp. HY

Ladder Capital Finance Holdings LLLP/Ladder Capital Finance Corp. (Ladder Capital Corp.) HY

Ladder Capital Finance Holdings/Ladder Capital Finance Corp. HY

Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc. HY

Lafarge SA HY

Laidlaw International, Inc. HY

Lake Bridge International plc (Global University Systems BV) HY

Lakeland Bancorp, Inc. HY

Lamar Advertising Co. HY

Lamar Media Corp. HY

Lamar Media Corp. (Lamar Advertising Co.) HY

Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. HY

Land O'Lakes, Inc. HY

Landeskreditbank Baden-Wurttemberg-Forderbank HY

Landry's Holdings II, Inc. HY

Landry's Inc. HY

Landry's Restaurants Inc. HY

Landry's Restaurants, Inc. HY

Landry's, Inc. HY

Landry’s Holdings, Inc. HY

Landsvirkjun HY

Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank HY

Language Line Holdings Inc. HY

Language Line Inc. HY

Lannett Co. Inc. HY

Lansing Trade Group LLC HY

Lantheus Medical Imaging, Inc. HY

Lanxess AG HY

Laredo Petroleum, Inc. HY

Las Vegas Sands Corp. HY

Laureate Education, Inc. HY

Lawson Software, Inc. (Infor (US), Inc.) HY

Lazydays R.V. Center Inc. HY

LBC Luxembourg Holdings SCA HY

LBC Tank Terminals Holding Netherlands BV HY

LBI Media Holdings, Inc. HY

LBI Media, Inc. HY

LCPR Senior Secured Financing DAC (Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico) HY

Le-Nature’s, Inc. HY

Lear Corp. HY

Leax Group AB HY

Lebara Group HY

Lecta SA HY

Lee Enterprises Inc. HY

Legacy Reserves LP/Legacy Reserves Finance Corp. HY

LegacyTexas Financial Group Inc. HY

LegacyTexas Financial Group, Inc. HY

Legend Acquisition Sub, Inc. (M*Modal Inc.) HY

Legrand SA (Fimep SA) HY

Legrand, SA (Fimep SA) HY

Legres AB HY

Leiner Merger Corp. (Leiner Health Products Inc.) HY

Lender Processing Services HY

Lender Processing Services, Inc. HY

Lennar Corp. HY

Leonardo SpA HY

Leslie's Poolmart Inc. HY

Leucadia National Corp. HY

Level 3 Communications Inc. (HoldCo) HY

Level 3 Communications, Inc. HY

Level 3 Escrow II, Inc. (Level 3 Communications, Inc.) HY

Level 3 Escrow Inc. (Level 3 Communications, Inc.) HY

Level 3 Financing Inc. HY

Level 3 Financing Inc. (FinCo/OpCo) HY

Level 3 Financing Inc. (Level 3 Communications Inc.) HY

Level 3 Financing Inc. (Level 3 Communications, Inc.) HY

Level 3 Financing Inc. (Level 3 Parent, LLC) HY

Level 3 Financing, Inc. HY

Level 3 Financing, Inc. (CenturyLink, Inc.) HY

Level 3 Financing, Inc. (Level 3 Communications, Inc.) HY

Level 3 Financing, Inc. (Level 3 Parent, LLC) HY

Levi Strauss & Co. HY

Leviathan Bond Ltd. HY

Levitz Home Furnishings Inc. HY

LGI Homes, Inc. HY

LHC3 plc (Allfunds Bank) HY

LHMC Finco 2 Sarl (Cirsa Gaming) HY

LHMC Finco SARL (Cirsa Gaming Corp. SA) HY

Libbey Glass Inc. HY

Libbey Glass Inc. (Libbey Inc.) HY

Libbey Inc. HY

Liberty Mutual Group Inc. HY

Liberty Tire Recycling Holdco LLC HY

Liberty Tire Recycling Holdco, LLC/Liberty Tire Recycling Finance, Inc. HY

LifeCare Holdings Inc. HY

LifePoint Health, Inc. HY

LifePoint Hospitals, Inc. HY

Light Tower Rentals, Inc. HY

Lighthouse International Co. SA (SEAT Pagine Gialle SpA) HY

Lima Corporate SpA HY

Limited Brands Inc. HY

Limited Brands, Inc. HY

LIN Holdings Corp. HY

LIN Television Corp. HY

LIN Television Corp. HY

Linc USA GP/Linc Energy Finance (USA), Inc. HY

Lincoln Finance Ltd. (LeasePlan Corp. NV) HY

Lincoln Financing Sarl (LeasePlan Corp. NV) HY

Lindorff Group (Lock AS) HY

Lindorff Group (Lock Lower Holding AS) HY

Linens 'n Things, Inc. HY

Link Mobility Group ASA HY

Linn Energy LLC/Linn Energy Finance Corp. HY


Linn Energy, LLC HY

Linn Energy, LLC/Linn Energy Finance Corp. HY

LINN Energy, LLC/LINN Energy Finance Corp. HY

Lion/Seneca France 2 SAS (Alain Afflelou) HY

Lions Gate Entertainment, Inc. HY

Lithia Motors, Inc. HY

Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians HY

Live Nation Entertainment Inc. HY

Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. HY

Liz Claiborne, Inc. HY

LKQ Corp. HY

LKQ European Holdings BV (LKQ Corp.) HY

LKQ Italia Bondco SpA (LKQ Corp.) HY

LM Group Holding A/S HY

LMI Aerospace, Inc. HY

LNR Property Corp. HY

Local TV Finance, LLC/Local TV Finance Corp. HY

Lock AS (Lindorff Group AB) HY

Lock AS (Lindorff Group) HY

LodgeNet Entertainment Corp. HY

Loehmann Capital Corp. HY

Loews Cineplex Theatres HY

Logan's Roadhouse HY

Logan's Roadhouse, Inc. HY

Logistri Portfolio 1 AB HY

LogMeIn, Inc. HY

Lone Star Technologies, Inc. HY

Lonestar Resources America Inc. HY

Lonestar Resources US Inc. HY

Longview Fibre HY

Longview Fibre Paper/Packaging, Inc. HY

Lopro Corp. HY

Loral Skynet Corp. HY

Lottomatica SpA HY

Louis Dreyfus Co. BV HY

Louis Dreyfus Commodities BV HY

Louisiana-Pacific Corp. HY

Louvre Bidco SAS (Promontoria MCS Holding SAS) HY

Louvre Bidco SAS (Promontoria MCS Holding) HY

Lowell Group Financing plc HY

Lowell Group Ltd. HY

Loxam Group HY

Loxam SAS HY

LPL Holdings, Inc. HY

LPL Holdings, Inc. (Linsco/Private Ledger Corp.) HY

LPL Holdings, Inc. (LPL Financial Holdings, Inc.) HY

LSB Industries, Inc. HY

LSC Communications, Inc. HY

LSF9 Balta Issuer SA (Balta Group) HY

LSF9 Canto Investments SpA (N&W Global Vending SpA) HY

LSF9 Canto MidCo DAC HY

LTF Merger Sub, Inc./Life Time Fitness, Inc. HY

Lucite International Finance plc HY

Lynx I Corp. (Virgin Media) HY

Lynx II Corp. (Virgin Media) HY

Lyondell Chemical Co. HY

Lyondell Chemical Co. (LBI Escrow Corp.) HY

LyondellBasell Industries NV HY

Lyse AS HY