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I.M. Skaugen SE DD

IAP Worldwide Services Inc. DD

Idearc Inc. DD

IdleAire Technologies Corp. DD

Ignite Restaurant Group, Inc. DD

IIG Funding Ltd. - International Investment Group KSCC DD

IIG Funding Ltd. – International Investment Group KSCC DD

III to I Maritime Partners Cayman I, LP DD

Illinois Power Generating Co. DD

ILX Resorts Inc. DD

Imcopa Importacao, Exportacao Industria e Oleos SA DD

Imperial Capital Bancorp, Inc. DD

Imstalcon JSC DD

Incentra Solutions, Inc. DD

Indalex Holdings Finance, Inc. DD

Indalex Holdings Finance, Inc. (Indalex Holding Corp.) DD

Indalex Ltd. DD

Independencia SA DD

Indianapolis Downs, LLC DD

Indus (Eclipse 2007-1) plc DD

Industrial Development Authority of the City of St. Louis DD

Industrias Metalurgicas Pescarmona SAIC y F (Impsa) DD

IndyMac Bancorp, Inc. DD

Inland Fiber Group, LLC DD

Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino DD

Inner City Media Corp. DD

Innkeepers USA Trust DD

Innovative Communication Co., LLC DD

InSight Health Services Holdings Corp. DD

Integra Bank Corp. DD

Integra Telecom Inc. DD

Integradora de Servicios Petroleos Oro Negro SAPI de CV DD

Integrated Electrical Services, Inc. DD

Inter Far East Energy Corp. PCL DD

Interdent, Inc. DD

Interep DD

Interfaith Medical Center, Inc. DD

Intermet Corp. DD

International Aluminum Corp. DD

International Bank of Azerbaijan DD

International Industrial Bank, JSC DD

International Investment Group KSCC (IIG Funding Ltd.) DD

International Media Group, Inc. DD

International Shipholding Corp. DD

International Utility Structures, Inc. DD

International Wire Group Inc. DD

International Wire Group, Inc. DD

InterOil Exploration & Production ASA DD

Interstate Bakeries Corp. DD

Intervention Energy Holdings, LLC DD

Inversiones Alsacia SA DD

Invista BV DD

Inyx USA, Ltd. DD

ION Media Networks, Inc. DD

Iona Energy Co. (UK) plc and Iona UK Huntington Ltd. (Iona Energy Inc.) DD

Iridium LLC DD

Irish Bank Resolution Corp. Ltd. DD

Iron Age Corp. DD

Irwin Financial Corp. DD

Island Drilling Co. ASA DD

Island Offshore Shipholding LP DD

Island One, Inc. DD

Isolagen, Inc. DD

IT Holding SpA (Ittierre SpA) DD

ITR Concession Co. LLC DD

ITT Educational Services, Inc. DD

Ivanhoe Energy Inc. DD

IVG Immobilien AG DD

Ivory Coast DD

IWO Holdings DD

IWO Holdings Inc. DD

J&M Sales Inc. DD

J.G. Wentworth Co. DD

J.L. French Automotive Castings Inc. DD

J.L. French Automotive Castings, Inc. DD

J.L. French Automotive Castings, Inc. DD

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. DD

Jackson Products Inc. DD

Jackson Products, Inc. DD

Jacuzzi Brands Corp. DD

Jacuzzi Brands LLC DD

Jaguar Mining Inc. DD

Jaiprakash Associates Ltd. DD

Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd. DD

James Cable Partners, LP DD

James River Coal Co. DD

Japan Airlines Corp. DD

Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (JPI Commercial, LLC) DD

JED Oil Inc. DD

Jefferson County DD

JER Investors Trust Inc. DD

JER/Jameson Mezz Borrower I LLC DD

Jevic Transportation Inc. DD

JGW Holdco, LLC/ J.G. Wentworth LLC/ J.G. Wentworth, Inc. DD

JHT Holdings, Inc. DD

Joan Fabrics Corp. DD

Jobson Medical Information Holdings LLC DD

Joe’s Sports & Outdoor (G.I. Joe’s Holding Corp.) DD

John Q. Hammons Hotels and Resorts DD

Jones Stephens Corp. (Plumbing Holdings Corp.) DD

Journal Register Co. DD

Joyou AG DD

JSC Astana-Finance DD



JSC Doszhan Temir Zholy DD

JSC Liepajas Metalurgs DD

JSC Tort-Kudyk DD

Juno (Eclipse 2007-2) DAC DD

JW Resources, Inc. DD

Jyoti Structures Ltd. DD

K-V Pharmaceutical Co. DD

K. Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. DD

Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd. DD

Kaiser Aluminum Corp. DD

Kaiser Gypsum Co., Inc. DD

Karmaloop, Inc. DD

Katy Industries, Inc. DD

Kazakhstan Kagazy JSC DD

Kazanorgsintez OJSC DD

KB Toys, Inc. DD

Kentucky Electric Steel, Inc. DD

Key Energy Services, Inc. DD

Key Plastics LLC DD

Key3Media Group Inc. DD

Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc. DD

Keystone Consolidated Industries, Inc. DD

Kid Brands, Inc. DD

Kiev DD

Kiko SpA DD

Kimball Hill Homes DD

KiOR Columbus, LLC (KiOR, Inc.) DD

KiOR, Inc. DD

Kirk Corp. DD

Kleros Preferred Funding, Ltd. DD

Knight Energy Holdings, LLC DD

Kraus Carpet Inc. DD

Kremikovtzi AD DD

La Paloma Generating Co., LLC DD

Labrador Iron Mines Holdings Ltd. DD

Lake at Las Vegas Joint Venture, LLC DD

LakePoint Land, LLC DD

Lakeshore Villages Master Community Development District DD

LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc. DD

LandSource Communities Development LLC DD

Laricina Energy Ltd. DD

Las Vegas Monorail Co. DD

Latham International, Inc. DD

Latina Offshore Holding Ltd. DD

Latina Offshore Ltd. DD

Lazy Days’ R.V. Center, Inc. DD

Lazy Days’ RV Center Inc. DD


LBI Media Holdings, Inc. DD

LCI Holdco, LLC (LifeCare Holdings, Inc.) DD

LDK Solar Co., Ltd. DD

Le Centre on Fourth LLC DD

Le-Nature’s, Inc. DD

Leap Wireless International Inc. DD

Lear Corp. DD

Lee Enterprises Inc. DD

Lee Steel Corp. DD

Legacy Estate Group LLC DD

Legend Homes/Matrix Development DD

Legends Gaming, LLC DD

Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. DD

Leiner Health Products Inc. (Supplements LT) DD

Lenox Group Inc. DD

Lensar, Inc. DD

Leslie Controls, Inc. (Circor International, Inc.) DD

Levitt and Sons, LLC DD

Levitz Furniture DD

Levitz Home Furnishings, Inc. DD

Lexington Precision Corp. DD

Lexington Precision Corp. DD

LG. Philips Displays USA Inc. DD

Liberty Medical Supply, Inc. DD

Liberty Tire Recycling Holdco, LLC DD

Life Care St. Johns, Inc. DD

Life Partners Holdings, Inc. DD

Life Settlements Absolute Return I, LLC DD

LifeCare Holdings, Inc. DD

Light Tower Rentals, Inc. DD

LightSquared Inc. DD

Lightstream Resources Ltd. DD

Limited Stores Co., LLC DD


Linden Ponds, Inc. DD

Linens Holding Co. DD

Linens Holding Co. (Linens ‘n Things, Inc./Linens ‘n Things Center, Inc.) DD


Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians DD

LNR Property Corp. DD

Local Insight Media Holdings, Inc. DD

LodgeNet Interactive Corp. DD

Loehmann's Holdings Inc. (LHI Liquidation Co.) DD

Loehmann’s Capital Corp. DD

Logan’s Roadhouse, Inc. DD

Logan’s Roadhouse, Inc. (LRI Holdings, Inc.) DD

Lombard Public Facilities Corp. DD

London Fog Group DD

London Mining plc DD

Lone Pine Resources Inc. DD

Long Run Exploration Ltd. DD

Longview Power, LLC DD

Loral Space & Communications Ltd. DD

Los Angeles Dodgers DD

Louisiana Heart Hospital DD

Louisiana Pellets, Inc. DD

LT Commercial Real Estate Ltd. (Lerthai) DD

Luca International Group LLC DD

Lumbermens DD

Luminent Mortgage Capital, Inc. DD

Luna Innovations Inc. DD

Lupatech SA DD

Lutheran Church-Canada, Alberta - British Columbia District DD

Lyondell Chemical Co. DD