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D-Box Technologies Inc. PP

D-BOX Technologies Inc. PP

D-Box Technologies Inc. PP

D. Medical Industries Ltd. PP

Dacha Capital Inc. PP

Dagilev Capital Corp. PP

Dais Analytic Corp PP

Dais Analytic Corp. PP

Dakota Plains Holdings, Inc. PP

Daleco Resources Corp. PP

Dalmac Energy Inc. PP

Dalrada Financial Corp. PP

Dalradian Resources Inc. PP

Danaos Corp. PP

DanDrit Biotech USA, Inc. PP

DARA BioSciences, Inc. PP

Darford International Inc. PP

Darlington Mines, Ltd. PP

Darnley Bay Resources Ltd. PP

Darwin Resources Corp. PP

DATA Group Ltd. PP

Data Storage Corp. PP

Data Systems & Software Inc. PP

DataJungle Software PP

DataLogic International, Inc. PP

Dataram Corp. PP

Datascension Inc. PP

Datatrak International, Inc. PP

Datigen.com, Inc. PP

Datrek Miller International, Inc. PP

Davi Skin, Inc. PP

Davie Yards Inc. PP

Dawson Gold Corp. PP

Daybreak Oil and Gas, Inc. PP

Daylight Energy Trust (Midnight Oil & Gas Ltd.) PP

DayStar Technologies, Inc. PP

DC Brands International, Inc. PP


DCP Midstream Partners, LP PP

DDS Technologies USA Inc. PP

DDS Technologies USA, Inc. PP

De Beira Goldfields Inc. PP

Deal Capital Ltd. PP

DealNet Capital Corp. PP

Dealnet Capital Corp. PP

Debt Resolve, Inc. PP

Debut Diamonds Inc. PP

Decade Resources Ltd. PP

Decision Dynamics Technology Ltd. PP

DecisionPoint Systems, Inc. PP

Decisive Dividend Corp. PP

Declan Resources Inc. PP

Deep Down, Inc. PP

Deep Field Technologies, Inc. PP

Deep Resources Ltd. PP

Deep Well Oil & Gas, Inc. PP

Deepwell Energy Services Trust PP

Deer Consumer Products, Inc. PP

Deer Creek Energy Ltd. PP

Deer Horn Metals Inc. PP

Deerfield Capital Corp. PP

DeeThree Exploration Inc. PP

DeeThree Exploration Ltd. PP

Defense Industries International, Inc. PP

Defiance Silver Corp. PP

Defiant Resources Corp. PP

Dehaier Medical Systems Ltd. PP

Dejour Energy Inc. PP

Dejour Enterprises Ltd. PP

Delavaco Properties Inc. PP

Delavaco Residential Properties Corp. PP

Delcath Systems Inc. PP

Delcath Systems, Inc. PP

Delek Resources, Inc. PP

Deli Solar (USA), Inc. PP

Delivra Inc. PP

DelMar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Delphax Technologies Inc. PP

Delphi Energy Corp. PP

Delta Exploration Inc. PP

Delta Financial Corp. PP

Delta Oil & Gas Inc. PP

Delta Oil and Gas, Inc. PP

Delta Petroleum Corp. PP

Delta Petroleum Corporation PP

Delta Systems Inc. PP

Delta Systems, Inc. PP

Delta Uranium Inc. PP

Deltathree, Inc. PP

Demcap Investments Inc. PP

Denali Concrete Management Inc. PP

Dendreon Corp. PP

Denison Mines Corp. PP

Denison Mines Inc. PP

Denovo Capital Corp. PP

Dental Patient Care America, Inc. PP

Dentalserv.com PP

Dentonia Resources Ltd. PP

DenX Ltd. PP

Depomed, Inc. PP

DEQ Systems Corp. PP

Derek Oil and Gas Corp. PP

Derma Sciences Inc. PP

Derma Sciences, Inc. PP

Dermira, Inc. PP

Dermisonics, Inc. PP

Derycz Scientific, Inc. PP

Desco Energy Ltd. PP

Desert Gateway Inc. PP

Desert Gold Ventures Inc. PP

Desert Sun Mining Corp. PP

Design Within Reach, Inc. PP

Destiny Media Technologies PP

Detector Exploration Ltd. PP

Determine, Inc. PP

Detour Gold Corp. PP

Detto Technologies, Inc. PP

Devcon International Corp. PP

DevCorp Capital Inc. PP

Developers Diversified Realty Corp. PP

Devlan Exploration Inc. PP

Devonshire Resources Ltd. PP

DevStudios International Inc. PP

Dexit Inc. PP

DGSE Cos. Ltd. PP

Dhanoa Minerals Ltd. PP

DHB Industries, Inc. PP

DHT Holdings Inc. PP

DHT Holdings, Inc. PP

Dia Bras Exploration Inc. PP

Diadem Resources Ltd. PP

Diagem Inc. PP

DiagnoCure Inc. PP

Diagnos Inc. PP

Diagnostic Imaging International Corp. PP

Diamant Art Corp. PP

Diamcor Mining Inc. PP

DiaMedica Inc. PP

Diametrics Medical, Inc. PP

Diamond Discoveries International Corp. PP

Diamond Entertainment Corp. PP

Diamond Fields International Ltd. PP

Diamond Frank Exploration Inc. PP

Diamond Tree Energy Ltd. PP

Diamondex Resources Ltd. PP

Diamondhead Casino Corp. PP

Diamonds North Resources Ltd. PP

Diamyd Medical AB PP

Diana Containerships Inc. PP

Dianor Resources Inc. PP

Diaz Resources Ltd. PP

Diedrich Coffee, Inc. PP

Difference Capital Funding Inc. PP

Digifonica International Inc. PP

Digifonica International, Inc. PP

Digipath Inc. PP

Digital Ally Inc. PP

Digital Angel Corp. PP

Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. PP

Digital Development Group Corp. PP

Digital Domain Media Group, Inc. PP

Digital Fusion, Inc. PP

Digital Imaging Resources, Inc. PP

Digital Lifestyles Group, Inc. PP

Digital Recorders Inc. PP

Digital Recorders, Inc. PP

Digital Shelf Space Corp. PP

Digital Valleys Corp. PP

Digital Video Systems, Inc. PP

DigitalFX International, Inc. PP

DigitalPost Interactive Inc. PP

DigitalTown, Inc. PP

Digitiliti, Inc. PP

Digitiliti, Inc. PP

Diguang International Development Co. Ltd. PP

Diligent Board Member Services, Inc. PP

Dimethaid Research Inc. PP

Dinewise, Inc. PP

Diomed Holdings, Inc. PP

Dios Exploration Inc. PP

Direct Equity International, Inc. PP

DirectView Holdings, Inc. PP

Directview, Inc. PP

Dirt MotorSports, Inc. PP

Disaboom Inc. PP

Disaboom, Inc. PP

DiscFactories Corp. PP

Discovery Air Inc. PP

Discovery Energy Corp. PP

Discovery Harbour Resources Corp. PP

Discovery Laboratories Inc. PP

Discovery Laboratories, Inc PP

Discovery Laboratories, Inc. PP

Discovery Technologies, Inc. PP

Discovery Ventures Inc. PP

Distributed Energy Systems Corp. PP

Ditem Explorations Inc. PP

Divcom Lighting Inc. PP

Diversified Industries Ltd. PP

Diversified Product Inspections, Inc. PP

Diversinet Corp. PP

Divestco Inc. PP

Divine Skin, Inc. PP

DNAPrint genomics Inc. PP

DNB Financial Corp. PP

DND Technologies, Inc. PP

DNI Metals Inc. PP

Dobi Medical International Inc. PP

Document Capture Technologies, Inc. PP

Document Security Systems, Inc. PP

Dolan Media Co. PP

Dolce Ventures, Inc. PP

Dolly Varden Silver Corp. PP

Dolphin Digital Media, Inc. PP

Domark International, Inc. PP

Domiknow Inc. PP

Dominion Minerals Corp. PP

Dominovas Energy Corp. PP

Donner Metals Ltd. PP

Donnybrook Energy Inc. PP

Donnycreek Energy Inc. PP

Donobi Inc. PP

DOR BioPharma Inc. PP

DOR BioPharma, Inc. PP

DOR Biopharma, Inc. PP

Doral Financial Corp. PP

Dorato Resources Inc. PP

Dorian LPG Ltd. PP

Double Eagle Petroleum Co. PP

Douglas Lake Minerals Inc. PP

DoveCorp Enterprises Inc. PP

Dow Chemical Co. PP

Downside Up, Inc. PP

Doxa Energy Ltd. PP

DPAC Technologies Corp. (QuaTech, Inc.) PP

DPC Biosciences Corp. PP

DraftTeam Daily Fantasy Sports Corp. PP

Dragon Acquisition Corp. PP

Dragon International Group Corp. PP

Dragon Oil plc PP

DragonWave Inc. PP

Drake Gold Resources Inc. PP

Drako Capital Corp. PP

DRC Resources Corp. PP

Dream Homes Ltd. PP

Dreams, Inc. PP

DRI Corp. PP

Drift Lake Resources Inc. PP

Driftwood Ventures, Inc. PP

Drilcorp Energy Ltd. PP

Drinks Americas Holdings, Inc. PP

Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd. PP

Driven Capital Corp. PP

Drone Aviation Holding Corp. PP

Drug Free Solution, Inc. PP

DrugMax Inc. PP

DrugMax, Inc. PP

Drugstore.com Inc. PP

Druk Capital Partners Inc. PP

DryShips Inc. PP

DS Healthcare Group Inc. PP

DSL.net, Inc. PP

DT Asia Investments Ltd. PP

Dual Exploration Inc. PP

DubLi, Inc. PP

Duluth Metals Ltd. PP

Dumont Nickel Inc. PP

Dunav Resources Ltd. PP

Duncan Park Holdings Corp. PP

Duncastle Gold Corp. PP

Dundee Mines Ltd. PP

Dundee Precious Metals Inc. PP

Dundee Sustainable Technologies Inc. PP

DundeeWealth Inc. PP

Dune Energy, Inc. PP

Dunnedin Ventures Inc. PP

Duos Technologies Group, Inc. PP

Duquesne Light Holdings, Inc. PP

Duran Ventures Inc. PP

Durango Capital Corp. PP

Duravest, Inc. PP

Durect Corp. PP

DUSA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Duska Therapeutics, Inc. PP

DuSolo Fertilizers Inc. PP

Dussault Apparel Inc. PP

Dussault Apparel Inc. PP

Duvernay Oil Corp. PP

DVD Investments Ltd. PP

Dwango North America Corp. PP

DXI Energy Inc. PP

DXP Enterprises, Inc. PP

DXStorm.com Inc. PP

Dyadic International, Inc. PP

Dyax Corp. PP

Dynacor Gold Mines Inc. PP

Dynacor Mines Inc. PP

Dynamic Fuel Systems Inc. PP

Dynamic Health Products Inc. PP

Dynamic Leisure Corp. PP

Dynamic Resources Corp. PP

Dynamic Ventures Corp. PP

Dynamite Resources Ltd. PP

DynaMotive Energy Systems Corp. PP

Dynaresource Inc. PP

Dynastar Holdings, Inc. PP

Dynasty Gaming Inc. PP

Dynasty Gold Corp. PP

Dynasty Metals & Mining Inc. PP

Dynatronics Corp. PP

Dynavax Technologies Corp. PP

DynEco Corp. PP

Dynegy Inc. PP

Dyntek Inc. PP

Dyntek, Inc. PP

E-Centives, Inc. PP

E4 Energy Inc. PP

Eacom Timber Corp. PP

Eagle Broadband Inc. PP

Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. PP

Eagle Bulk Shipping, Inc. PP

Eagle Hill Exploration Corp. PP

Eagle Mountain Gold Corp. PP

Eagle Oil Holding, Co., Inc. PP

Eagle Plains Resources Ltd. PP

Eagle Rock Energy Partners, LP PP

Eagle Rock Exploration Ltd. PP

Eagle Star Minerals Corp. PP

Eagle Star Petroleum Corp. PP

Eaglecrest Explorations Ltd. PP

Eaglewood Energy Inc. PP

Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. PP

Earth Biofuels, Inc. PP

Earth Energy Reserves, Inc. PP

EarthFirst Technologies Inc. PP

EarthSearch Communications, Inc. PP

Earthshell Corp. PP

East Africa Metals Inc. PP

East Asia Minerals Corp. PP

East Coast Diversified Corp. PP

East West Bancorp, Inc. PP

East West Petroleum Corp. PP

East West Resource Corp. PP

EastBridge Investment Group Corp. PP

EastCoal Inc. PP

Eastern Goldfields, Inc. PP

Eastern Platinum Ltd. PP

Eastern Virginia Bankshares, Inc. PP

EastGate Acquisitions Corp. PP

Eastgate Acquisitions Corp. PP

Eastmain Resources Inc. PP

Eastman Kodak Co. PP

Eastshore Energy Ltd. PP

EastSiberian plc PP

Eastside Distilling, Inc. PP

Easyhome Ltd. PP

EasyLink Services Corp. PP

Easymed Services, Inc. PP

Eat at Joe's, Ltd. PP

EAU Technologies, Inc. PP

Ebix, Inc. PP

EC Development, Inc. PP

Echelon Capital Corp. PP

Echo Automotive, Inc. PP

Echo Energy Canada Inc. PP

Echo Metrix, Inc. PP

Echo Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Eclips Inc. PP

Eclipse Resources Corp. PP

Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas Ltd. PP

ECO Building Products, Inc. PP

Eco Building Products, Inc. PP

Eco Oro Minerals Corp. PP

Eco Ventures Group, Inc. PP

Eco-Stim Energy Solutions Inc. PP

ECO2 Plastics (ITEC Environmental Group, Inc.) PP

ECO2 Plastics, Inc. PP

Ecoark Holdings, Inc. PP

EcoBlu Products Inc. PP

EcoBlu Products, Inc. PP

Ecology Coatings, Inc. PP

Ecometals Ltd. PP

Ecopia BioSciences Inc. PP

Ecopia BioSciences Inc./Caprion Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. PP

EcoSystem Corp. PP

Ecotality Inc. PP

ECOtality, Inc. PP

Ecototality, Inc. PP

Ecstall Mining Corp. PP

ECU Silver Mining Inc. PP

Ecuador Gold & Copper Corp. PP

Ecuador Gold and Copper Corp. PP


Eden Energy Corp. PP

Edgar Filing.net, Inc. PP

Edgar Online, Inc. PP

Edge Resources Inc. PP

Edgefront Realty Corp. PP

Edgemont Resources Corp. (SWMX, Inc.) PP

Edgewater Exploration Ltd. PP

Edgewater Foods International, Inc. PP

Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc. PP

EdgeWave, Inc. PP

Edgewave, Inc. PP

Edleun Group, Inc. PP

Education Realty Trust, Inc. PP

Edulink, Inc. PP

Edwards Lifesciences Corp. PP

EESTech, Inc. PP

EEStor Corp. PP

EFactor Group Corp. PP

EFL Overseas, Inc. PP

Eflo Energy Inc. PP

Egalet Corp. PP

EGPI Firecreek, Inc. PP

Eguana Technologies Inc. PP

EHouse Global, Inc. PP

Eiger Technology, Inc. PP

EIS Capital Corp. PP

Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc. PP

El Capitan Precious Metals, Inc. PP

El Capitan Precious Metals, Inc. PP

El Condor Minerals Inc. PP

El Maniel International, Inc. PP

El Nino Ventures Inc. PP

El Paso Pipeline Partners, LP PP

El Tigre Silver Corp. PP

Elandia International Inc. PP

Elandia, Inc. PP

Elbit Imaging Ltd. PP

Elbit Vision Systems Ltd. PP

Elcora Resources Corp. PP

ELE Capital Corp. PP

Electric Aquagenics Unlimited Inc. PP

Electric Aquagenics Unlimited, Inc. PP

Electric City Corp. PP

Electric Network.com, Inc. PP

Electro Energy Inc. PP

Electro-Optical Sciences, Inc PP

Electro-Optical Sciences, Inc. PP

Electroglas, Inc. PP

Electronic Cigarettes International Group, Ltd. PP

Electronic Control Security Inc. PP

Electronic Game Card Inc. PP

Electronic Sensor Technology Inc. PP

Electronic Sensor Technology, Inc. PP

Electrovaya Inc. PP

Element 21 Golf Co. PP

Element 79 Capital Inc. PP

Element Financial Corp. PP

Elephant Talk Communications Corp. PP

Elephant Talk Communications, Inc. PP

Eleven Biotherapeutics, Inc. PP

Elgin Mining Inc. PP

Elissa Resources Ltd. PP

Elite Data Services, Inc. PP

Elite Flight Solutions, Inc. PP

Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Elixir Gaming Technologies, Inc. PP

Elkwater Resources Ltd. PP

Ellington Residential Mortgage REIT PP

Eloda 2006 Corp. PP

Eloda Corp. PP

Eloro Resources Ltd. PP

Ely Gold & Minerals Inc. PP

EMAV Holdings Inc. PP

Ember Resources Inc. PP

EmberClear Corp. PP

EMC Metals Corp. PP

Emclaire Financial Corp. PP

Emcore Corp. PP

EMED Mining Public Ltd. PP

Emerald Acquisition Corp. PP

Emerald Bay Energy Inc. PP

Emerald Dairy Inc. PP

Emerald Medical Applications Corp. PP

Emerald Oil, Inc. PP

Emerge Energy Services LP PP

Emergence Resort Canada Inc. PP

Emergent Group Inc. PP

Emerging Media Holdings Inc. PP

Emerita Gold Corp. (Fuller Capital Corp.) PP

Emerita Resources Corp. PP

Emerson Exploration Inc. PP

Emgold Mining Corp. PP

Emisphere Technologies Inc. PP

Emisphere Technologies, Inc. PP

EMM Energy Inc. PP

Emmaus Life Sciences, Inc. PP

Emperor Oil Ltd. PP

Empire Capital Corp. PP

Empire Energy Corp. International for Great South Land Minerals Ltd. PP

Empire Financial Holding Co. PP

Empire Global Corp. PP

Empire Industries Ltd. PP

Empire Iron Works Ltd. PP

Empire Minerals Corp. PP

Empire Mining Corp. PP

Empire Petroleum Corp. PP

Empire Resorts, Inc. PP

Empire Resources, Inc. PP

Empire State Realty Trust, Inc. PP

Empower Technologies Corp. PP

Empowered Products, Inc. PP


Empyrean Energy plc PP

Empyrean Holdings, Inc. PP

Emrise Corp. PP

EMS Find Inc. PP

Emtec, Inc. PP

En2Go International, Inc. PP

Enable Holdings, Inc. PP

Enablence Technologies Inc. PP

Enbridge Energy Management LLC PP

Enbridge Energy Partners, LP PP

Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. PP

Encanto Potash Corp. PP

Encision Inc. PP

Encore Renaissance Resources Corp. PP

Encorium Group, Inc. PP

Encysive Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Endavo Media and Communications Inc. PP

Endeavour International Corp. PP

Endeavour Silver Corp. PP

Endocare Inc. PP

Endocare, Inc. PP

Endologix, Inc. PP

Endonovo Therapeutics Inc. PP

Endurance Explorations Group Inc. PP

Endurance Fund Corp. PP

Endwave Corp. PP

Ener-Core, Inc. PP

Ener1 Group, Inc. PP

Ener1 Inc. PP

Ener1, Inc. PP

Enerdynamic Hybrid Technologies Corp. PP

Energas Resources, Inc. PP

Energem Resources Inc. PP

Energenx, Inc. PP

Energie Holdings Inc. PP

Energizer Resources Inc. PP

Energold Drilling Corp. PP

Energold Mining Ltd. PP

Energous Corp. PP

Energroup Holdings Corp. PP

Energtek Inc. PP

EnerGulf Resources Inc. PP

Energy & Engine Technology Corp. PP

Energy Composites Corp. PP

Energy Conversion Devices Inc. PP

Energy Exploration Technologies Inc. PP

Energy Focus, Inc. PP

Energy Fuels Inc. PP

Energy Fuels, Inc. PP

Energy Infrastructure Acquisition Corp. PP

Energy Infrastructure Merger Corp. PP

Energy Metals Corp. PP

Energy Quest, Inc. PP

Energy Services of America Corp. PP

Energy Transfer Partners LP PP

Energy West, Inc. PP

EnergyConnect Group, Inc. PP

Energytec, Inc. PP

EnergyTek Corp. PP

EnerJex Resources, Inc. PP

EnerLume Energy Management Corp. PP

Enermad Corp. PP

Enerpulse Technologies, Inc. PP

EnerTeck Corp. PP

Enertopia Corp. PP

Engagement Labs Inc. PP

ENGlobal Corp. PP

EnGlobe Corp. PP

Enhanced Oil Resources Inc. PP

Enigma Software Group, Inc. PP

EnLink Midstream LLC PP

Enova Systems, Inc. PP

Enpar Technologies Inc. PP

Enphase Energy Inc. PP

Enseco Energy Services Corp. PP

Enservco Corp. PP

Enssolutions Group Inc. PP

Enstar Group Ltd. PP

Ensurge, Inc. PP

Entech Environmental Technologies, Inc. PP

Entech Solar Inc. PP

Enter Corp. PP

EnterConnect, Inc. PP

EnteroMedics Inc. PP

Enterprise Energy Resources Ltd. PP

Enterprise Financial Services Corp. PP

Enterprise GP Holdings LP PP

Enterprise Group, Inc. PP

Enterprise Informatics, Inc. PP

Enterprise Oil Ltd. PP

Enterprise Products Partners LP PP

Enterra Energy Trust PP

Entest BioMedical Inc. PP

Entheos Technologies, Inc. PP

Entourage Metals Ltd. PP

Entree Gold Inc. PP

EntreMed Inc. PP

EntreMed, Inc. PP

Enumeral Biomedical Holdings, Inc. PP

Envirokare Tech, Inc. PP

Environment Ecology Holding Co. of China. PP

Environmental Applied Research Technology House Corp. PP

Environmental Clean Technologies Ltd. PP

Environmental Energy Services, Inc. PP

Environmental Management Solutions Inc. PP

Environmental Power Corp. PP

Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. PP

Environmental Solutions Worldwide Inc. PP

Environmental Solutions Worldwide, Inc. PP

Environmental Tectonics Corp. PP

Environmental Waste International Inc. PP

Envision Solar International, Inc. PP

Envoy Capital Group Inc. PP

EnWave Corp. PP

Enzo Biochem, Inc. PP

Eos Energy Enterprises, Inc. PP

EP Global Communications, Inc. PP

EP MedSystems, Inc. PP

Epcylon Technologies, Inc. PP

Epec Biofuels Holdings, Inc. PP

Epic Data International Inc. PP

Epic Energy Resources, Inc. PP

EpiCept Corp. PP

Epiq Systems, Inc. PP

EPIX Pharmaceuticals PP

EPIX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Epixtar Corp. PP

EPM Mining Ventures Inc. PP

Epoch Holding Corp. PP

EPOD International Inc. PP


EPOD Solar Inc. PP

EPV Solar, Inc. PP

EQ Inc. PP

EQM Midstream Partners, LP PP

EQM Technologies & Energy, Inc. PP

Equicap, Inc. PP

Equinox Exploration Corp. PP

Equinox Minerals Ltd. PP

Equitable Group Inc. PP

Equitas Resources Corp. PP

EquiTech Corp. PP

Equitex, Inc. PP

Equity Media Holdings Corp. PP

Equity One, Inc PP

Equity One, Inc. PP

ERA Carbon Offsets Ltd. PP

Erdene Gold Inc. PP

Erdene Resource Development Corp. PP

ERF Wireless Inc. PP

Ergoresearch Ltd. PP

ERHC Energy Inc. PP

Erin Ventures Inc. PP

Eros International plc PP

Escalon Medical Corp. PP

ESI Environmental Sensors Inc. PP

Eskay Mining Corp. PP

ESO Uranium Corp. PP

ESP Resources, Inc. PP

Esperanza Resources Corp. PP

Esperanza Silver Corp. PP

Espial Group Inc. PP

Espre Solutions, Inc. PP

Essa Pharma Inc. PP

ESSA Pharma Inc. PP

Essential Innovations Technology Corp. PP

Essex Rental Corp. PP

Estavis AG PP

Estrella Gold Corp. PP

Estrella International Energy Services Ltd. PP

Estrella International Energy Services Ltd. PP

Etelos, Inc. PP

Eternal Energy Corp. PP

Ethanex Energy, Inc. PP

Ethos Capital Corp. PP

Ethos Environmental Inc. PP

Etna Resources Inc. PP

Etrion Corp. PP

Etruscan Resources Inc. PP

Eugene Science, Inc. PP

Eurasia Energy Ltd. PP

Eurasia Gold Inc. PP

Eurasian Minerals Inc. PP

Euro Ressources SA PP

Eurocastle Investment Ltd. PP

Eurocontrol Technics Group Inc. PP

Eurocontrol Technics Inc. PP

Euromax Resources Ltd. PP

EurOmax Resources Ltd. PP

Euronet Worldwide, Inc. PP

European Goldfields Ltd. PP

European Minerals Corp. PP

European Uranium Resources, Ltd. PP

Euroseas Ltd. PP

EuroSite Power Inc. PP

Eurotin Inc. PP

EV Energy Partners, LP PP

Evans Brewing Co. Inc. PP

Evcarco, Inc. PP

Even Technologies Inc. PP

Event Cardio Group Inc. PP

Events International Holding Corp. PP

Eventure Interactive, Inc. PP

Ever-Glory International Group, Inc. PP

Eveready Income Fund PP

Everest Ventures Corp. PP

Everest Ventures Inc. PP

Evergreen Energy Inc. PP

Evergreen Energy, Inc. PP

Everton Resources Inc. PP

EveryWare Global, Inc. PP

Evine Live Inc. PP

Evoke Pharma, Inc. PP

Evolucia Inc. PP

Evolve One, Inc. PP

Evolved Digital Systems Inc. PP

Evolving Gold Corp. PP

Evrim Resources Corp. PP

Exabyte Corp. PP

Exact Sciences Corp. PP

Exactech Inc. PP

Exall Energy Corp. PP

Exall Resources Ltd. PP

ExAlta Energy Inc. PP

Excalibur Resources Ltd. PP

Exceed Capital Holdings Ltd. PP

Exceed Energy Inc. PP

Excel Maritime Carriers Ltd. PP

Excel Trust, Inc. PP

Excellon Resources Inc. PP

Excelsior Energy Ltd. PP

Excelsior Mining Corp. PP

Exchange Industrial Income Fund PP

Exco Resources, Inc. PP

Execute Sports, Inc. PP

Exelixis, Inc. PP

ExelTech Aerospace Inc. PP

Exergetic Energy, Inc. PP

Exeter Resource Corp. PP

Exide Technologies PP

Exile Resources Inc. PP

Exmin Resources Inc. PP


Exobox Technologies Corp. PP

ExOne Co. PP

Exosome Sciences, Inc. PP

Expatriate Resources Ltd. PP

Expedite 5, Inc. PP

Expedition Energy Inc. PP

Expedition Mining Inc. PP

Experience Art and Design Inc. PP

Experiential Agency, Inc. PP

Explor Resources Inc. PP

Exploration Co. PP

Exploration Orbite V.S.P.A. Inc. PP

Explorator Resources Inc. PP

Express-1 Expedited Solutions Inc. PP

Extenway Solutions Inc. PP

Exterra Energy Inc. PP

Extorre Gold Mines Ltd. PP

Extra Space Storage Inc. PP

Exxel Energy Corp. PP

Eye Care International Inc. PP

Eyecarrot Innovations Corp. PP

Eyegate Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

EYI Industries, Inc. PP