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D. Carnegie & Co. AB HY

D.R. Horton Inc. HY

D.R. Horton, Inc. HY

Da-Lite Screen Co. Inc. HY

Da-Lite Screen Co., Inc. HY

DAE Aviation Holdings, Inc. (StandardAero) HY

Daiwa House REIT Investment Corp. HY

Dakar Finance SA (Autodistribution Group) HY

Dakota Merger Sub, Inc. (Diamond Resorts, Inc.) HY

Damovo III SA HY

Dan River Inc. HY

Dana Corp. HY

Dana Financing Luxembourg Sarl (Dana Holding Corp.) HY

Dana Financing Luxembourg Sarl (Dana Inc.) HY

Dana Holding Corp. HY

Dana Inc. HY

Danka Business Systems plc HY

Dannemora Mineral AB HY

Darling Escrow Corp. (Darling International Inc.) HY

Darling Global Finance BV (Darling Ingredients Inc.) HY

Darling Ingredients Inc. HY

Darling International Inc. HY

Darty Finance SAS (Darty plc) HY

Dave & Buster's Parent, Inc. (Dave & Buster's, Inc.) HY

Dave & Buster's, Inc. (Games Merger Corp.) HY

Dave & Busterís Inc. HY

David Weekley Homes, LLC/Weekley Finance Corp. HY

David's Bridal HY

DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc. HY

DaVita Inc. HY

DaVita, Inc. HY

Dayton Superior Corp. HY

DCP LLC/DCP Corp. (Dick Clark Productions) HY

DCP Midstream Operating LP (DCP Midstream, LP) HY

DCP Midstream Operating, LP HY

DCP Midstream Operating, LP (DCP Midstream LP) HY

DDM Treasury Sweden AB (DDM Group AG) HY

DEA Finance SA (DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG) HY

DEAG Deutsche Entertainment AG HY

Dean Foods Co. HY

Debenhams Finance Holdings plc HY

Debenhams plc HY

Deck Chassis Acquisition Inc. (LJ Chassis Holdings, Inc., Direct ChassisLink, Inc.) HY

Del Laboratories Inc. HY

Del Monte Corp. HY

Del Monte Corp. (Del Monte Foods Co.) HY

Del Monte Corp./SKF Foods Inc. HY

Del Monte Foods Inc. HY

Delco Remy International Inc. HY

Delco Remy International, Inc. HY

Delek Logistics Partners, LP/Delek Logistics Finance Corp. HY

Delhaize Group SA/NV HY

Delphi Corp. HY

Delphi Jersey Holdings plc (Delphi Powertrain) HY

Delta Air Lines, Inc. HY

Delta Merger Sub Inc. (Eldorado Resorts Inc.) HY

Delta Petroleum Corp. HY

Deluxe Corp. HY

Dematic SA HY

Demire Deutsche Mittelstand Real Estate AG HY

Demire Deutsche Mittlestand Real Estate AG HY

Denali Borrower LLC/Denali Finance Corp. (Dell International LLC) HY

Denbury Resources Inc. HY

Denny's Holdings Inc. HY

Denver Parent Corp. (Venoco Inc.) HY

Deutsche Bank AG HY

Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main HY

Deutsche Bank AG, New York Branch HY

Deutsche Raststatten Gruppe IV GmbH (Autobahnen Tank & Rast GmbH) HY

Dex Media East LLC/Dex Media East Finance Co. HY

Dex Media West LLC HY

Dex Media West LLC/Dex Media West Finance Co. HY

Dex Media, Inc. HY

DFC Finance Corp. HY

DFS Furniture Holdings HY

DFS Furniture Holdings plc HY

DH Services Luxembourg Sarl (Dematic) HY

DI Finance/DynCorp International LLC HY

Diageo Capital HY

Diamond (BC) BV (Diversey Care) HY

Diamond 1 Finance Corp./Diamond 2 Finance Corp. (Denali Holding Inc. (Dell Inc.)) HY

Diamond Bancorp Inc. HY

Diamond Bank HY

Diamond Foods, Inc. HY

Diamond Jo LLC/OED Corp. HY

Diamond Jo Worth, LLC HY

Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc. HY

Diamond Resorts Corp. HY

Diamond Sports Group/Diamond Sports Finance Co. HY

Diamondback Energy, Inc. HY

Diamorph AB HY

Diana Shipping Inc. HY

Diebold Nixdorf Dutch Holding BV (Diebold Nixdorf, Inc.) HY

Diebold Nixdorf, Inc. HY

Diebold, Inc. HY

DigiPlex HY

DigiPlex Norway Holding 2 AS HY

DigiPlex Norway Holding AS HY

Digital Dutch Finco BV (Digital Realty Trust Inc.) HY

Digital Dutch Finco BV (Digital Realty Trust LP) HY

DigitalGlobe, Inc. HY

DigitalNet, Inc. HY

Dime Community Bancshares Inc. HY

Dimon Inc. HY

Dimon Inc. (Alliance One International, Inc.) HY

Dimon, Inc. HY

DineEquity, Inc. HY

Diocle SpA HY

Direct Line Insurance Group plc HY

DirectBuy HY

DirecTV Holding LLC/DirecTV Financing Co. Inc. HY

DirecTV Holdings LLC/DirecTV Financing Co. (DirecTV Group Inc.) HY

DirecTV Holdings LLC/DirecTV Financing Co., Inc. HY

Discover Financial Services HY


Dish DBS Corp. HY


DISH DBS Corp. (DISH Network Corp.) HY

DISH Network Corp. HY

DISH Network Corp./Dish DBS Corp. HY

Dispensing Dynamics International HY


Ditech Holding Corp. HY

Diversified Healthcare Trust HY

Dividend Finance, LLC HY

Dixons Retail plc HY

DJO Finance LLC HY

DJO Finance LLC/DJO Finance Corp. HY

DJO Finco Inc., DJO Finance LLC, DJO Finance Corp. HY


Doane Pet Care Co. HY

Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc. (Dobson Communications Corp.) HY

Dobson Communications Corp. HY

DOF Subsea AS HY


Dole Food Co. Inc. HY

Dole Food Co., Inc. HY

Dollar Financial Group, Inc. HY

Dollar General Corp. HY

Dolphin Sub II, Inc. (DPL Inc.) HY

Dolya Holdco 17 DAC/Virgin Media Vendor Financing Notes III DAC (Virgin Media) HY

Dolya Holdco 18 DAC/Virgin Media Vendor Financing Notes IV DAC (Virgin Media Inc.) HY

Dometic Group AB HY

Dominoís Inc. HY

Donnelley Financial Solutions Inc. HY

Double Eagle Acquisition Sub, Inc. (inVentiv Health, Inc.) HY

Douglas Dynamics LLC/Douglas Dynamics Finance Co. HY

Downstream Development Authority of the Quapaw Tribe HY

Downstream Development Authority of the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma HY


Drax Finco plc HY

Drax Finco plc (Drax Group Co.) HY

Drax Finco plc (Drax Group plc) HY

DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. HY

Dresser, Inc. HY

Dresser-Rand Co. HY

Dresser-Rand Group Inc. HY

Drill Rig Holdings, Inc. (Ocean Rig UDW Inc.) HY

DriveTime Automotive Group, Inc./DT Acceptance Corp. HY

DriveTime Automotive Group/DT Acceptance Corp. HY

DRS Technologies, Inc. HY

Drummond Co. HY

Drummond Co. Inc. HY

Dry Mix Solutions Investissements SAS (ParexGroup) HY

DSG International plc HY

DSLD Homes (STL Holding Co. LLC) HY

DSV Miljo Group A/S HY

DT Issuer LLC (Dealer Tire LLC) HY

DTE Energy Co. HY

DTK Finance ApS (TDC A/S) HY

Duane Reade Inc. HY

Ducommun Inc. HY

Duerr AG HY

Dufry Finance SCA HY

Dufry Finance SCA (Dufry AG) HY

Dufry Finance SCA (Dufry Group SCA) HY

Dufry One BV HY

Dufry One BV (Dufry AG) HY

Dune Energy, Inc. HY

Dunkiní Finance Corp. (Dunkiní Brands, Inc.) HY

Dunlop Standard Aerospace Holdings plc HY

DuPont Fabros Technology LP (DuPont Fabros Technology, Inc.) HY

DuPont Fabros Technology, LP HY

Dura Operating Corp. HY

Durr AG HY

Dutch Lion BV (HEMA) HY

Dycom Industries HY

Dycom Industries, Inc. HY

Dycom Investments, Inc. HY

Dynacast International LLC/Dynacast Finance Inc. HY

Dynagas LNG Partners LP/Dynagas Finance Inc. HY

DynCorp International Inc. HY

DynCorp International LLC/DIV Capital Corp. HY

Dynegy Finance I, Inc./Dynegy Finance II, Inc. (Dynegy Inc.) HY

Dynegy Holdings Inc. HY

Dynegy Holdings Inc. HY

Dynegy Inc. HY

Dynegy Inc. HY


E*Trade Financial Corp. HY

E.W. Scripps Co. HY

Eagle Bancorp Inc. HY

Eagle Bancorp, Inc. HY

Eagle Bulk Shipco LLC (Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.) HY

Eagle Holding Co. II LLC (Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC) HY

Eagle Holding Co. II, LLC (Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC) HY

Eagle II Acquisition Co. LLC (Eldorado Resorts Inc.) HY

Eagle Industries Oy HY

Eagle Intermediate Global Holding BV/Ruyi US Finance LLC (Lycra Co.) HY

Eagle Midco, Inc. (Epicor Software Corp.) HY

Eagle Parent, Inc. (Epicor Software Corp./Activant Group Inc.) HY

Eagle Point Credit Co. Inc. HY

Eagle Rock Energy Partners LP/Eagle Rock Energy Finance Corp. HY

Eagle Rock Energy Partners, LP HY

Eagle Spinco Inc. (Georgia Gulf Corp.) HY

EaglePicher Inc. HY

Earle M. Jorgensen Co., Inc. HY

EarthLink, Inc. HY

East Renewable AB (NBT AS) HY

Eastern Property Holdings Ltd. HY

Eastern Virginia Bankshares, Inc. HY

Eastman Kodak Co. HY

Easton-Bell Sports, Inc. HY

EB Holdings Inc. (Eco-Bat Technologies Ltd.) HY

EC Finance plc (Europcar Group SA) HY

EC Finance plc (Europcar International S.A.S.U.) HY

EC Finance plc (Europcar) HY

ECA Program BV HY

EchoStar DBS HY

EchoStar DBS Corp. HY

Eclipse Resources Corp. HY

Eco Services Operations LLC/Eco Finance Corp. HY

Eco-Bat Finance plc HY

Eco-Bat Technologies Ltd. HY

Ecotricity HY

Edgen Acquisition Corp. (Edgen Corp.) HY

Edgen Murray Corp. HY

Edgewell Personal Care Co. HY

Edison Mission Energy HY

Editis (Odyssee Financing SA) HY

EDP Finance BV HY

EDP Finance BV (Energias de Portugal, SA) HY

EDU UK BondCo plc (Study Group UK Ltd.) HY

Education Management Corp. HY

Education Management LLC/Education Management Finance Corp. HY

EF Holdco Inc./EF Cayman Holdings (Ellington Financial LLC) HY

EG Global Finance plc HY

EG Global Finance plc (EG Group) HY

EGL Holdco, Inc. (Epicor Software Corp.) HY

EH Holding Corp. (EchoStar Corp.) HY

Ei Group plc HY

Eidsiva Energi AS HY

EIG Investors Corp. (Endurance International Group Holdings, Inc.) HY

Eircom Funding UPC HY

Eitzen Maritime Services ASA HY

Ekornes QM Holding AS HY

El Corte Ingles, SA HY

El Paso Corp. HY

El Paso Energy Partners LP HY

El Paso Natural Gas Co. HY

El Paso Pipeline Operating Partners LLC HY

El Paso Pipeline Partners Operating LLC HY

El Paso Production Holding Co. HY

El Pollo Loco Inc. HY

El Pollo Loco, Inc. HY

Elan Finance plc (Elan Corp. plc) HY

Elan Finance plc/Elan Finance Corp. HY

Eldorado Resorts Inc. HY

Eldorado Resorts LLC/Eldorado Capital Corp. HY

Eldorado Resorts, Inc. HY

Electromagnetic Geoservices ASA HY

Elematic Oy AB HY

Element Solutions Inc. HY

Eletson Holdings Inc. HY

Elior Finance & Co. SCA HY


Elis SA HY

Elizabeth Arden Inc. HY

Elizabeth Arden, Inc. HY

Ellaktor Value plc HY

Ellington Financial LLC HY

Elster Finance BV HY

Elyria Foundry Co. LLC/ EH Acquisition, Inc. HY

Emdeon Inc. HY

Emeco Pty. Ltd. HY

Emergent BioSolutions Inc. HY

EMI Music Publishing Group North America Holdings Inc. HY

Emma Delta Finance plc HY

Emmis Communications Corp. HY

Emmis Operating Co. HY

Empark Funding SA HY

Empire Today, LLC/Empire Today Finance Corp. HY

EN Germany Holdings (Siemens Enterprise Communications) HY

ENCE Energia y Celulosa, SA HY

Encompass Health Corp. HY

Encompass Services Corp. HY

Encore Acquisition Co. HY

Encore Capital Group Inc. HY

Encore Medical Finance LLC HY

Encore Medical IHC Corp. HY

Endeavor Energy Resources, LP (EER Finance, Inc.) HY

Endeavor Energy Resources, LP/EER Finance, Inc. HY

Endeavour International Corp. HY

Endo DAC/Endo Finance LLC/Endo Finco Inc. (Endo International plc) HY

Endo Finance Co. (Endo Health Solutions Inc.) HY

Endo Finance LLC/Endo Finco Inc. HY

Endo Finance LLC/Endo Finco Inc. (Endo Ltd.) HY

Endo Ltd., Endo Finance LLC, Endo Finco Inc. HY

Endo Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc. HY

Enea AB HY

Enel Finance International (Enel SpA) HY

Enel SpA HY

Energias de Portugal SA HY

Energias de Portugal, SA (EDP) HY

Energizer Gamma Acquisition BV (Energizer Holdings Inc.) HY

Energizer Gamma Acquisition, Inc. (Energizer Holdings Inc.) HY

Energizer Holdings, Inc. HY

Energizer SpinCo, Inc. HY

Energy Future Holdings (TXU Corp.) HY

Energy Future Holdings Corp. HY

Energy Future Intermediate Holding Co. LLC/EFIH Finance Inc. HY

Energy Future Intermediate Holding Co. LLC/EFIH Finance Inc. (TXU Energy) HY

Energy Partners Ltd. HY

Energy Partners, Ltd. HY

Energy Transfer Equity, LP HY

Energy Transfer Partners LP HY

Energy Ventures GoM LLC/EnVen Finance Corp. (EnVen Energy Corp.) HY

Energy XXI Gulf Coast, Inc. HY

EnergySolutions, Inc./EnergySolutions LLC HY

EnerSys HY

EnerSys Inc. HY

Engie SA HY

Engility Corp. HY

EnLink Midstream, LLC HY

Enova International Inc. HY

Enova International, Inc. HY

EnPro Industries, Inc. HY

EnQuest plc HY

Ensco plc HY

Ensemble S Merger Sub, Inc./Sophia Finance, Inc. (Ellucian) HY

Enstar Finance LLC (Enstar Group Ltd.) HY

Enstar Group Ltd. HY

Entegris Inc. HY

Entegris, Inc. HY

Entercom Media Corp. HY

Entercom Media Corp. (Entercom Communications Corp.) HY

Entercom Radio LLC HY

Entercom Radio, LLC HY

Enterprise Development Authority HY

Enterprise Financial Services Corp. HY

Enterprise Inns plc HY

Enterprise Merger Sub Inc. (Envision Healthcare Corp.) HY

Enterprise Products Operating LP HY

Entertainment One Ltd. HY

Entra ASA HY

Entravision Communications Corp. HY

Envision Healthcare Corp. HY

Enviva Partners, LP HY

Enviva Partners, LP/Enviva Partners Finance Corp. HY

EP Energy Corp. HY

EP Energy LLC/Everest Acquisition Finance Inc. HY

EP Energy LLC/Everest Acquisition Finance Inc. (EP Energy Corp.) HY

EPE Holdings LLC/EP Energy BondCo Inc. HY

Ephios Bondco plc (Labco) HY

Ephios Bondco plc (Labco/Synlab) HY

Ephios Holdco II plc (Labco/Synlab) HY

EPL Finance Corp. (El Pollo Loco) HY

EPL Intermediate Finance Corp. (El Pollo Loco) HY

EPL Intermediate Inc. (El Pollo Loco Inc.) HY

EPL Oil & Gas, Inc. HY

EQM Midstream Partners LP HY

Equiniti Newco 2 plc HY

Equinix Inc. HY

Equinix, Inc. HY

Equinox Holdings, Inc. HY

Equistar Chemicals, LP HY

ERA Group Inc. (Seacor Holdings Inc.) HY

Eramet Co. HY

Eramet SA HY


Erickson Air-Crane Inc. HY

Erico International Corp. HY

Escada AG HY

Eschelon Operating Co. HY

Esco Corp. HY

ESH Hospitality, Inc. (Extended Stay America Inc.) HY

ESH Hospitality, Inc. (Extended Stay America, Inc.) HY

Eskmuir Group Finance plc (Eskmuir Properties Ltd.) HY

Essar Steel Minnesota LLC HY

Esselte Group Holdings AB HY

Esterline Technologies Corp. HY

Esterline Technologies Corp. HY

Ethias SA HY

Ethyl Corp. HY

Etrion Corp. HY

Euramax International, Inc. HY

EuroBank Ergasias SA HY

Eurobank Ergesias SA HY

Eurofima HY

Eurofins Scientific HY

Eurofins Scientific SE HY

Eurofresh Inc. HY

Euronav Luxembourg SA (Euronav NV) HY

Europcar Drive DAC (Europcar) HY

Europcar Groupe HY

Europcar Groupe SA HY

Europcar Mobility Group SA HY

Europcar Notes Ltd. (Europcar Groupe SA) HY

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development HY

European Energy A/S HY

EV Energy Partners LP, EV Energy Finance Corp. HY

EV Energy Partners, LP HY

EverBank Financial Corp. HY

Everest Acquisition LLC/Everest Acquisition Finance Inc. (EP Energy) HY

Evergreen Aviation Inc. HY

Evergreen Resources Inc. HY

Everi Payments, Inc. HY

Evertec, Inc. HY

Evertec, LLC/Evertec Finance Corp. HY

Evoca SpA HY

Evolution Escrow Issuer LLC (Tronox Finance LLC) HY

Evonik Industries AG HY

ExamWorks Group, Inc. HY

EXCO Resources, Inc. HY

Exela Intermediate LLC/Exela Finance Inc. (Exela Technologies) HY

Exelon Corp. HY

Exide International Holdings LP HY

Exide Technologies HY

Exide Technologies Inc. HY

Exmar Netherlands BV (Exmar NV) HY

Exopack Holding Corp. HY

Exova Ltd. HY

Expedia, Inc. HY

Expo Event Transco, Inc. (Emerald Expositions Holdings) HY

Express, LLC/Express Finance Corp. HY

Expro Finance Luxembourg SCA HY

Extended Stay America, Inc. HY

Extendicare Health Services, Inc. HY

Exterran Energy Solutions, LP HY

Exterran Holdings, Inc. HY

Exterran Partners, LP HY

Exterran Partners, LP/EXLP Finance Corp. HY

Extraction Oil & Gas Holdings, LLC/Extraction Finance Corp. HY

Extraction Oil & Gas, Inc. HY

Eye Care Centers of America Inc. HY