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C Level Bio International Holding Inc. PP

C-Chip Technologies Corp. PP

C1 Energy Ltd. PP

C2C Inc. PP

C2C Industrial Properties Inc. PP

Cabo Drilling Corp. PP

Cabo Mining Enterprises Corp. PP

Cache, Inc. PP

Cachet Financial Solutions, Inc. PP

Cadan Resources Corp. PP

Cadence Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Cadillac Ventures Inc. PP

Cadiscor Resources Inc. PP

Cadiz Inc. PP

Cadman Resources Inc. PP

Caerus Resource Corp. PP

Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc. PP

Cagim Real Estate Corp. PP

Cairo Resources Inc. PP

Caiterra International Energy Corp. PP

Cal Bay International, Inc. PP

Caladrius Biosciences, Inc. PP

Calamp Corp. PP

CalAmp Corp. PP

CalbaTech Inc. PP

CalciTech Ltd. PP

CalCol Inc. PP

Caldera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Caldera Resources Inc. PP

Caldwell Partners International Inc. PP

Caledonia Mining Corp. PP

Calfrac Well Services Ltd. PP

Calibre Energy, Inc. PP

Calibre Mining Corp. PP

Calibrus, Inc. PP

Calico Resources Corp. PP

California Bank of Commerce PP

California Gold Corp. PP

California Gold Mining Inc. PP

California Grapes International, Inc. PP

California Nanotechnologies Corp. PP

California News Tech PP

California Oil & Gas Corp. PP

California Republic Bancorp PP

Call Genie Inc. PP

Callaway Golf Co. PP

Callinan Mines Ltd. PP

Callinex Mines Inc. PP

Callisto Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Callisto Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

CallKey International, Inc. PP

Calloway Real Estate Investment Trust PP

Calnet Business Bank NA PP

Calotto Capital Inc. PP

Calpian, Inc. PP

Calvalley Petroleum Inc. PP

Calvista Gold Corp. PP

CalWest Bancorp PP

Calypso Acquisition Corp. PP

Calypso Wireless Inc. PP

Calypte Biomedical Corp. PP

Calyx Bio-Ventures Inc. PP

Camac Energy Inc. PP

Cambridge Display Technology Inc. PP

Cambridge Heart Inc. PP

Cambridge Heart, Inc. PP

Cambridge Resources Inc. PP

Camelot Entertainment Group Inc. PP

Camp Nine, Inc. PP

Campbell Resources Inc. PP

Camtek Ltd. PP

Can-Fite BioPharma Ltd. PP

Canaccord Genuity Group Inc. PP

Canaco Resources Inc. PP

Canacol Energy Ltd. PP

Canada Energy Partners Inc. PP

Canada Fluorspar Inc. PP

Canada Lithium Corp. PP

Canada Strategic Metals Inc. PP

Canada West Capital Inc. PP

Canada Zinc Metals Corp. PP

Canada’s Pizza Delivery Corp. PP

Canadian Arrow Mines Ltd. PP

Canadian Arrow Mines, Ltd. PP

Canadian Energy Exploration Inc. PP

Canadian Energy Services LP PP

Canadian Equipment Rental Fund LP PP

Canadian Gold Hunter Corp. PP

Canadian Golden Dragon Resources Ltd. PP

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce PP

Canadian Imperial Venture Corp. PP

Canadian Metals Inc. PP

Canadian Oil Recovery and Remediation Enterprises Ltd. PP

Canadian Oilfield Solutions Corp. PP

Canadian Orebodies Inc. PP

Canadian Overseas Petroleum Ltd. PP

Canadian Phoenix Resources Corp. PP

Canadian Quantum Energy Corp. PP

Canadian Resources House Ltd. PP

Canadian Royalties Inc. PP

Canadian Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. PP

Canadian Shield Resources Inc. PP

Canadian Spirit Resources Inc. PP

Canadian Sub-Surface Energy Services Corp. PP

Canadian Superior Energy Inc. PP

Canadian Western Bank PP

Canadian Zinc Corp. PP

CanaDream Corp. PP

Canaf Group Inc. PP

CanAlaska Uranium Ltd. PP

CanAlaska Ventures Ltd. PP

CanAm Coal Corp. PP

Canamax Energy Ltd. PP

Canamex Resources Corp. PP

Canarc Resource Corp. PP

CanArgo Energy Corp. PP

Canary Resources Inc. PP

CanAsia Financial Inc. PP

Canasia Industries Corp. PP

Canasil Resources Inc. PP

Cancana Resources Corp. PP

Cancen Oil Canada Inc. PP

Cancer Genetics, Inc. PP

CancerVax Corp. PP

Cancor Mines PP

Cancor Mines Inc. PP

Candax Energy Inc. PP

Candente Copper Corp. PP

Candente Resource Corp. PP

Candor Ventures Inc. PP

Candorado Operating Co. Ltd. PP

Caneum, Inc. PP

Canex Energy Inc. PP

Canext Energy Ltd. PP

Canexus Income Fund PP

Canfe Ventures Ltd. PP

Cangold Ltd. PP

CaNickel Mining Ltd. PP

Canmex Minerals Corp. PP

Cannabis Science Inc. PP

Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp. PP

Cannabix Technologies Inc. PP

Cannasat Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Cannasys Inc. PP

CannaVEST Corp. PP

Cannon Point Resources Ltd. PP

Cano Petroleum Inc. PP

Cano Petroleum, Inc. PP

Canoel International Energy Ltd. PP

Canoro Resources Ltd. PP

Canplats Resources Corp. PP

Cansortium Inc. PP

Canstar Resources Inc. PP

Canterbury Resources, Inc. PP

Canterra Minerals Corp. PP

Cantex Mine Development Corp. PP

Cantronic Systems Inc. PP

Canuc Resources Corp. PP

CanWel Building Materials Group Ltd. PP

CanWel Building Materials Income Fund PP

CanWest Petroleum Corp. PP

Canyon Bancorp PP

Canyon Copper Corp. PP

Canyon Resources Corp. PP

Canyon Services Group Inc. PP

Cap-Ex Iron Ore Ltd. PP

Cap-Ex Ventures Ltd. PP

Cap-Link Ventures Ltd. PP

Cape Coastal Trading Corp. PP

Capella Resources Ltd. PP

CapGain Properties Inc. PP

Capital Alliance Group Inc. PP

Capital Bank Corp. PP

Capital BLF Inc. PP

Capital Gold Corp. PP

Capital Growth Systems, Inc. PP

Capital Pacific Bancorp PP

Capital Product Partners LP PP

Capital Wapiti Inc. PP

Capitol Bancorp Ltd. PP

Capitol City Bancshares, Inc. PP

Capitol Energy Inc. PP

Capitol Energy Resources Ltd. PP

CapLease, Inc. PP

Capnia, Inc. PP

Capo Resources Ltd. PP

Capricor Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Caprius, Inc. PP

CapSource Financial, Inc. PP

Capstock Financial Inc. PP

Capstone Gold Corp. PP

Capstone Therapeutics Corp. PP

Capstone Turbine Corp. PP

Capstream Ventures Inc. PP

Captiva Verde Industries Ltd. PP

Car Charging Group, Inc. PP

Cara Operations Ltd. PP

Carat Exploration Inc. PP

Carbiz Inc. PP

Carbon Friendly Solutions Inc. PP

Carbon Natural Gas Co. PP

Carbon2Green Corp. PP

Cardax, Inc. PP

CardConnect Corp. PP

Cardero Resource Corp. PP

Cardica Inc. PP

Cardica, Inc. PP

Cardigant Medical Inc. PP

Cardima Inc. PP

Cardima, Inc. PP

Cardinal Energy Group, Inc. PP

Cardinal Energy Ltd. PP

Cardinal Resources, Inc. PP

CardioComm Solutions, Inc. PP

CardioDynamics International Corp. PP

CardioGenesis Corp. PP

CardioGenics Holdings Inc. PP

Cardiome Pharma Corp. PP

CardioTech International Inc. PP

CardioVascular BioTherapeutics Inc. PP

CardioVascular BioTherapeutics, Inc. PP

Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. PP

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Cardo Medical, Inc. PP

Care Concepts I Inc. PP

Care.com, Inc. PP

CareDecision Corp. PP

CareDx, Inc. PP

CareGuide, Inc. PP

CarePayment Technologies, Inc. PP

CareView Communications, Inc. PP

Carfinco Income Fund PP

Caribou Copper Resources Ltd. PP

Caribou Resources Corp. PP

Carlin Gold Corp. PP

Carlisle Goldfields Ltd. PP

Carmanah Technologies Corp. PP

Carmax Explorations Ltd. PP

Carmax Mining Corp. PP

Carmen Energy Inc. PP

Carolina Bank Holdings Inc. PP

Carolina Capital Corp. PP

Carpathian Gold Inc. PP

Carrington Acquisition Corp. PP

Carrington Laboratories, Inc. PP

Carrizo Oil & Gas, Inc. PP

Carroll Bancorp, Inc. PP

Cartier Iron Corp. PP

Cartier Resources Inc. PP

Carvana Co. PP

Carver Bancorp, Inc. PP

CAS Medical Systems, Inc. PP

CAS Medical Systems, Inc. PP

Casablanca Mining Ltd. PP

Cascade Bancorp PP

Cascade Energy, Inc. PP

Cascade Resources Ltd. PP

Cascade Technologies Corp. PP

Cascade Wind Corp. PP

Cascadero Copper Corp. PP

Cascades Inc. PP

Cascadia International Resources Inc. PP

Cascadia Resources Inc. PP

Cascadian Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Casey Container Corp. PP

Cash Minerals Ltd. PP

Cash Minerals Ltd. PP

Cash Systems, Inc. PP

Cash Technologies, Inc. PP

CASI Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Caspian Energy Inc. PP

Caspian Services, Inc. PP

Cassidy Gold Corp. PP

Cassius Ventures Ltd. PP

Castillian Resources Corp. PP

Castle Brands Inc. PP

Castle Gold Corp. PP

Castle Mountain Mining Co. Ltd. PP

Castle Peak Mining Ltd. PP

Castle Resources Inc. PP

Castle Rock Petroleum Ltd. PP

Castleworth Ventures, Inc. PP

Castlight Health Inc. PP

Casual Male Retail Group, Inc. PP

Catalyst Copper Corp. PP

Catalyst Lighting PP

Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners, Inc PP

Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners, Inc. PP

Catasys, Inc. PP

Catch the Wind Ltd. PP

Catcher Holdings, Inc. PP

Catcher Inc. PP

Cathay Forest Products Corp. PP

Cathedral Energy Services Income Trust PP

Catuity, Inc. PP

Cavan Ventures Inc. PP

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. PP

Cayden Resources Inc. PP

Caza Gold Corp. PP

Caza Oil & Gas, Inc. PP

CB Gold Inc. PP

CB Gold, Inc. PP

CB Pharma Acquisition Corp. PP

CB Richard Ellis Group, Inc. PP

CBM Asia Development Corp. PP

CBR Gold Corp. PP

CC Media Holdings, Inc. PP

CCA Industries, Inc. PP

CCI Group Inc. PP

CCR Technologies Ltd. PP

CDC Corp. PP


CDKNet.com, Inc. PP

Cdn Oilfield Technologies & Solutions Corp. PP

CDx, Inc. (MyDx, Inc.) PP

Ceapro Inc. PP

CEC Unet plc PP

CECO Environmental Corp. PP

Cedar Mountain Exploration Inc. PP

Cedar Shopping Centers Inc. PP

Cedric Kushner Promotions Inc. PP

Ceetop Inc. PP

Ceiba Energy Services Inc. PP

Cel-Sci Corp. PP

Celator Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Celator Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Celerity Systems, Inc. PP

Celeste Copper Corp. PP

Celestial Energy Inc. PP

Cell Genesys, Inc. PP

Cell Source, Inc. PP

Cell Therapeutics Inc. PP

Cell Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Cell-Loc Location Technologies Inc. PP

Cellceutix Corp. PP

Cellectar Biosciences, Inc. PP

Cellegy Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

CellStar Corp. PP

CellStop Systems, Inc. PP

Cellular Biomedicine Group Inc. PP

Cellular Biomedicine Group, Inc. PP

Cellular Technical Services Co. Inc. PP

CelLynx Group, Inc. PP

Celsia Technologies, Inc. PP

Celsion Corp. PP

Celsius Holdings, Inc. PP

Celsus Therapeutics PP

Celtic Exploration Ltd. PP

Celtic Minerals Ltd. PP

Celtron International, Inc. PP

Cempra, Inc. PP

Cenit Corp. PP

Centamin Egypt Ltd. PP

Centenario Copper Corp. PP

Centenera Mining Corp. PP

Center Bancorp, Inc. PP

Center Financial Corp. PP

Center for Wound Healing, Inc. PP

Centerline Holding Co. PP

CenterStaging Corp. PP

Centillion Industries Inc. PP

Centiva Capital Inc. PP

Centor Energy Inc. PP

Central Alberta Well Services Corp. PP

Central Asian Minerals and Resources plc PP

Central European Distribution Corp. PP

Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. PP

Central Federal Corp. PP

Central Iron Ore Ltd. PP

Central Pacific Financial Corp PP

Central Valley Community Bancorp PP

Centram Exploration Ltd. PP

Centrasia Mining Corp. PP

Centric Energy Corp. PP

Centric Health Corp. PP

Centrus Ventures Inc. PP

Centurion Gold Holdings Inc. PP

Centurion Gold Holdings, Inc. PP

Centurion Minerals Ltd. PP

Century Energy Ltd. PP

Century Mining Corp. PP

Century Pacific Financial Corp. PP

Century Petroleum Corp. PP

Cenuco, Inc. PP

CepTor Corp. PP

CepTor Corp., Inc. PP

Cequence Energy Ltd. PP

Ceragenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Ceramic Protection Corp. PP

Cerecor Inc. PP

Cereplast, Inc. PP

Ceres, Inc. PP

Cerro Grande Mining Corp. PP

Certified Diabetic Services, Inc. PP

Certive Solutions Inc. PP

Certo Group Corp. PP

Cerulean Pharma Inc. PP

Cerus Corp. PP

Cervus Financial Group Inc. PP

Cervus LP PP

CES Hydro Power Group Pte. Ltd. PP

Cesca Therapeutics Inc. PP

CFO Consultants Inc. PP

CGA Mining Ltd. PP

CGI Holding Corp. PP

CGX Energy Inc. PP

Chad Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Chalice Diamond Corp. PP

Chalk Media Corp. PP

Challenger Deep Resources Corp. PP

Challenger Energy Corp. PP

Chamaelo Energy Inc. PP

Champion Bear Resources Ltd. PP

Champion Iron Ltd. PP

Champion Iron Mines Ltd. PP

Champion Minerals Inc. PP

ChampionLyte Holdings Inc. PP

Champions Biotechnology Inc. PP

Champions Biotechnology, Inc. PP

Champions Oncology, Inc. PP

Champlain Resources Inc. PP

Channel Resources Ltd. PP

Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. PP

Chaparral Energy, Inc. PP

Chapeau Inc. PP

Chapeau, Inc. PP

Chapleau Resources Ltd. PP

Chariot Resources Ltd. PP

Charleston Basics, Inc. PP

Charlotte Resources Ltd. PP

Charter Communications, Inc. PP

Charter Real Estate Investment Trust PP

Charter Realty Holdings Ltd. PP

Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd. PP

CharterMac PP

Chartwell International, Inc. PP

Chartwell Seniors Housing REIT PP

Chartwell Technology Inc. PP

Charys Holding Co., Inc. PP

Chase Packaging Corp. PP

Chatsworth Data Solutions, Inc. PP

CHC Group Ltd. PP

CHC Realty Capital Corp. PP

Check-Cap Ltd. PP

Cheetah Oil & Gas Ltd. PP

Chelsea Therapeutics International Ltd. PP

Chelsea Therapeutics International, Ltd. PP

Chemaphor Inc. PP

Chembio Diagnostics Inc. PP

Chemokine Therapeutics Corp. PP

Cheniere CCH Holdco II, LLC PP

Cheniere Energy Inc. PP

Cheniere Energy Partners LP PP

Cheniere Energy Partners, LP PP

Cheniere Energy, Inc. PP

Cheq-It Ltd. PP

Cherokee Banking Co. PP

Cherubim Interests, Inc. PP

Chesapeake Energy Corp. PP

Chesapeake Gold Corp PP

Chesapeake Lodging Trust PP

Chesswood Group Ltd. PP

Cheyenne Energy Inc. PP

Chibougamau Independent Mines Inc. PP

Chief Consolidated Mining Co. PP

Chieftain Metals Inc. PP

Chilco River Holdings Ltd. PP

Chile Mining Technologies Inc. PP

China 3C Group PP

China Advanced Construction Materials Group, Inc. PP

China Agritech, Inc. PP

China Agro Sciences, Inc. PP

China Aoxing Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. PP

China Aoxing, Inc. PP

China Architectural Engineering, Inc. PP

China Armco Metals, Inc. PP

China Auto Logistics Inc. PP

China Automotive Systems, Inc. PP

China Baicaotang Medicine Ltd. PP

China Bak Battery PP

China BAK Battery, Inc. PP

China Bak Battery, Inc. PP

China BAK Battery, Inc. PP

China BCT Pharmacy Group, Inc. PP

China Bio Energy Holding Group Co., Ltd. PP

China Biologic Products, Inc. PP

China Biopharma, Inc. PP

China Biopharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc. PP

China Broadband, Inc. PP

China Cablecom Holdings, Ltd. PP

China Carbon Graphite Group, Inc. PP

China Clean Energy Inc. PP

China Commercial Credit Inc. PP

China Cord Blood Corp. PP

China Diamond Corp. PP

China Digital Media Corp. PP

China Direct Industries, Inc. PP

China Direct, Inc. PP

China Education Alliance, Inc. PP

China Education Resources Inc. PP

China Electric Motor, Inc. PP

China Energy Recovery, Inc. PP

China Energy Savings Technology, Inc. PP

China Evergreen Environmental Corp. PP

China Expert Technology Inc. PP

China Gerui Advanced Materials Group Ltd. PP

China Gewang Biotechnology Inc. PP

China Ginseng Holdings, Inc. PP

China Global Media Inc. PP

China Green Agriculture, Inc. PP

China Green Creative, Inc. PP

China Green Holdings Ltd. PP

China Green Material Technologies Inc. PP

China Growth Corp. PP

China Health Labs & Diagnostics Ltd. PP

China Holdings, Inc. PP

China Housing & Land Development, Inc. PP

China Industrial Waste Management, Inc. PP

China Information Security Technology, Inc. PP

China Information Technology, Inc. PP

China Infrastructure Construction Corp. PP

China Integrated Energy, Inc. PP

China Intelligence Information Systems, Inc. PP

China Internet Cafe Holdings Group, Inc. PP

China Ivy School, Inc. PP

China Jo-Jo Drugstores Inc. PP

China Kangtai Cactus Bio-Tech, Inc. PP

China Linen Textile Industry, Ltd. PP

China Logistics Group, Inc. PP

China Marine Food Group Ltd. (New Paradigm Productions, Inc.) PP

China Media Group Corp. PP

China Media Networks International, Inc. PP

China MediaExpress Holdings Inc. PP

China Medicine Corp. PP

China Metro Rural Holdings Ltd. PP

China Metro-Rural Holdings Ltd. PP

China Mobile Games and Entertainment Group Ltd. PP

China Mobility Solutions, Inc. PP

China Natural Gas, Inc. PP

China Natural Resources, Inc. PP

China NetTV Holdings Inc. PP

China Networks International Holdings Ltd. PP

China New Energy Group Co. PP

China North East Petroleum Holdings Ltd. PP

China Nutrifruit Group Ltd. PP

China One Corp. PP

China Opportunity Inc. PP

China Organic Agriculture Inc. PP

China Packaging Group Inc. PP

China Pediatric Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

China Pharma Holdings Inc. PP

China Pharma Holdings, Inc. PP

China Polypeptide Group, Inc. PP

China Power Equipment, Inc. PP

China Power Technology, Inc. PP

China Power, Inc. PP

China Power, Inc. (China Holdings, Inc.) PP

China Precision Steel, Inc. PP

China Public Security Technology, Inc. PP

China Recycling Energy Corp. PP

China Ritar Power Corp. PP

China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc. PP

China Security & Surveillance, Inc. PP

China Security and Surveillance, Inc. PP

China Shanshui Cement Group Ltd. PP

China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources, Inc. PP

China Shenghou Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc. PP

China Shesays Medical Cosmetology Inc. PP

China Shoe Holdings, Inc. PP

China Shouguan Mining Corp. PP

China Sky One Medical, Inc. PP

China Solar & Clean Energy Solutions, Inc. PP

China Sun Group High-Tech Co. PP

China Swine Genetics Inc. PP

China Technology Development Group Corp. PP

China Tel Group, Inc. PP

China TMK Battery Systems Inc. PP

China Touyun Tech Group Ltd. PP

China TransInfo Technology Corp. PP

China Unicom Ltd. PP

China Valves Technology, Inc. PP

China VoIP & Digital Telecom Inc. PP

China Water and Drinks, Inc. PP

China Wi-Max Communications, Inc. PP

China Wind Power International Corp. PP

China Wind Systems, Inc. PP

China World Trade Corp. PP

China XD Plastics Co. Ltd. PP

China Xuefeng Environmental Engineering Inc. PP

China Yida Holding, Co. PP

China Yingxia International, Inc. PP

China Yongxin Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

China Yuchai International Ltd. PP

China-Biotics, Inc. PP

ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd. PP

ChinaCast Education Corp. PP

ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc. PP

ChinaTel Group, Inc. PP

Chindex International Inc. PP

Chindex International, Inc. PP

ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. PP

ChineseWorldNet.com Inc. PP

ChipMOS Technologies (Bermuda) Ltd. PP

Choice Resources Corp. PP

ChondroGene Ltd. PP

Christopher James Gold Corp. PP

ChromaDex Corp. PP

Chromos Molecular Systems Inc. PP

Chudleigh Ventures Inc. PP

Churchill Corp. PP

Churchill Energy Inc. PP

CI Financial Income Fund PP

CIBT Education Group Inc. PP

CIBT Education Group Inc. (Capital Alliance Group Inc.) PP

CIBT School of Business & Technology Corp. PP

CIC Energy Corp. PP

Cicero, Inc. PP

Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. PP

CiG Wireless Corp. PP

Ciglarette, Inc. PP

Cimetrix Inc. PP

Cinaport Acquisition Corp. PP

Cinch Energy Corp. PP

Cinedigm Corp. PP

Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. PP

Cinema Ride Inc. PP

Cintel Corp. PP

CinTel Corp. PP

Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc. PP

Circle Group Holdings, Inc. PP

Circle Star Energy Corp. PP

Cirond Corp. PP

Cirque Energy Inc. PP

CirTran Corp. PP

Cistera Networks, Inc. PP

Citadel Exploration, Inc. PP

Citadel Security Software Inc. PP

Citi PP

Citigroup Inc. PP

Citius Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Citizens South Banking Corp. PP

Citizens, Inc. PP

Claim Post Resources Inc. PP

Clan Resources Ltd. PP

Clarient, Inc. PP

Claude Resources PP

Claude Resources Inc. PP

Clayton Williams Energy, Inc. PP

Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. PP

Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. PP

Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. PP

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. PP

Clean Power Concepts Inc. PP

Clean Power Technologies Inc. PP

Clean TeQ Holdings Ltd. PP

Clean Water Technologies, Inc. (dba SheerVision, Inc.) PP

Cleanfield Alternative Energy PP

Cleanfield Alternative Energy Inc. PP

CleanTech Innovations, Inc. PP

Cleantech Solutions International, Inc. PP

Clear Choice Financial, Inc. PP

Clear Energy Inc. PP

Clear Mountain Resources Corp. PP

Clear Skies Holdings, Inc. PP

Clearant Inc. PP

Clearant, Inc. PP

Clearford Industries Inc. PP

Clearford Water Systems Inc. PP

ClearFrame Solutions Corp. PP

ClearFrame Solutions Inc. PP

Clearly Canadian Beverage Corp. PP

ClearSign Combustion Corp. PP

Clearwater Seafoods Inc. PP

Clearwire Corp. PP

Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. PP

Cleveland Biolabs, Inc. PP

Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. PP

Clickable Enterprises Inc. PP

Cliffmont Resources Ltd. PP

Clifton Star Resources Inc. PP

Cline Mining Corp. PP

Clinical Data, Inc. PP

Clip Interactive, Inc. PP

Clone Algo Inc. PP

Clone Algo Technologies Inc. PP

CloudBench Applications Inc. PP

Cloudbreak Resources Ltd. PP

CloudCommerce, Inc. PP

CLS Holdings USA, Inc. PP

Cluny Capital Corp. PP

Clyvia Inc. PP

CMark International, Inc. PP

CMC Metals Ltd. PP

CMG Holdings, Inc. PP

CMQ Resources Inc. PP

CNB Corp. PP

CNH Holdings Co. PP

CNPV Solar Power SA PP

CNS Response Inc. PP

CNS Response, Inc. PP

CNX Coal Resources LP PP

CO2 Solution Inc. PP

CO2 Solutions Inc. PP

Coach Industries Group, Inc. PP

Coach Industries Inc. PP

Coachmen Industries, Inc. PP

Coast Bancorp PP

Coast Mountain Power Corp. PP

Coastal Contacts Inc. PP

Coastport Capital Inc. PP

Coates International, Ltd. PP

Cobalis Corp. PP

Cobalt Coal Corp. PP

Cobalt Coal Ltd. PP

Cobalt Energy Ltd. PP

Cocrystal Pharma, Inc. PP

Coda Octopus Group, Inc. PP

CodeSmart Holdings, Inc. PP

Codorus Valley Bancorp, Inc. PP

Coeur d'Alene Mines Corp. PP

Coffee Holding Co., Inc. PP

Coffee Pacifica, Inc. PP

Cogdell Spencer Inc. PP

Cogenco International Inc. PP

Cogentix Medical, Inc. PP

Cogitore Resources Inc. PP

Cognigen Networks, Inc. PP

Cohbar, Inc. PP

Coherus BioSciences, Inc. PP

Cohesant Inc. PP

Colabor Group Inc. PP

Colabor Income Fund PP

Cole Taylor Bank (Taylor Capital Group, Inc.) PP

Coley Pharmaceutical Group, Inc. PP

Colfax Corp. PP

Colibri Resource Corp. PP

CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

College Oak Investments, Inc. PP

Collexis Holdings Inc. PP

Collexis Holdings, Inc. PP

Colombia Clean Power & Fuels, Inc. PP

Colombia Crest Gold Corp. PP

Colombia Goldfields Ltd. PP

Colombia Goldfields, Inc. PP

Colombian Mines Corp. PP

Colonia Corp. PP

Colonia Energy Corp. PP

Colonial BancGroup, Inc. PP

Colonial Coal International Corp. PP

Colonial Commercial Corp. PP

Colony Bankcorp, Inc. PP

Colony Financial, Inc. PP

Colorado Goldfields Inc. PP

Colorado Rare Earths Inc. PP

Colorado Resources Ltd. PP

Colt Capital Corp. PP

Colt Resources Inc. PP

Coltstar Ventures Inc. PP

Columbia Care Inc. PP

Columbia Clean Power & Fuels, Inc PP

Columbia Laboratories, Inc. PP

Columbia Metals Corp. Ltd. PP

Columbia Yukon Explorations Inc. PP

Columbus Energy Ltd. PP

Columbus Exploration Corp. PP

Columbus Gold Corp. PP

Columbus Silver Corp. PP

Comaplex Minerals Corp. PP

Comarco, Inc. PP

CombiMatrix Corp. PP

CombiMatrix Group PP

CombinatoRx, Inc. PP


ComHear, Inc. PP

Command Center, Inc. PP

Commander Resources Ltd. PP

Commerce Energy Group, Inc. PP

Commerce Group Corp. PP

Commerce Resources Corp PP

Commerce Resources Corp. PP

Commercial Solutions Inc. PP

Committed Capital Acquisition Corp. PP

Committee Bay Resources Ltd. PP

Common Horizons, Inc. PP

Commonwealth Bankshares Inc. PP

Commonwealth Bankshares, Inc. PP

Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc. PP

Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc. PP

Commonwealth Business Bank PP

Commtouch Software Inc. PP

Commtouch Software Ltd. PP

Communicate.com Inc. PP

Communication Intelligence Corp. PP

Communication Intelligence Corp. PP

Community Bank of Orange PP

Community Central Bank Corp. PP

Community Financial Shares, Inc. PP

Community Shores Bank Corp. PP

ComnetiX Inc. PP

Compagnie Generale de Geophysique PP

Compass Acquisition Corp. PP

Compass Gold Corp. PP

Compass Group Diversified Holdings LLC PP

Competitive Cos. Inc. PP

Competitive Technologies, Inc. PP

Complete Genomics, Inc. PP

Compliance Energy Corp. PP

Compliance Systems Corp. PP

Composite Technology Corp. PP

Comprehensive Care Corp. PP

Compton Petroleum Corp. PP

Compugen Ltd. PP

CompuMed, Inc. PP

CompuPrint, Inc. PP

Computer Software Innovations, Inc. PP

Computer Vision Systems Laboratories, Corp. PP

Comstock Homebuilding Cos., Inc. PP

Comstock Metals Ltd. PP

Comstock Mining Inc. PP

Comtech Group Inc. PP

Comverge, Inc PP

Comverge, Inc. PP

ComWest Enterprise Corp. PP

Con-Space Communications Ltd. PP

Conceptus, Inc. PP

Concho Resources Inc. PP

Concho Resources, Inc. PP

Concierge Technologies, Inc. PP

Concord Medical Services Holdings Ltd. PP

Concorde Resources Corp. PP

Concurrent PP

Condor Hospitality Trust, Inc. PP

Condor Resources Inc. PP

ConectiSys Corp. PP

Confederate Motors, Inc. PP

Confederation Minerals Ltd. PP

Conforce International, Inc. PP

Coniagas Resources Ltd. PP

Conifex Power LP PP

Conifex Timber Inc. PP

Connacher Oil & Gas Ltd. PP

Connectivity Solutions International, Inc. PP

Connecture, Inc. PP

Cono Italiano, Inc. PP

Conolog Corp. PP

Conporec Inc. PP

Conquest Resources Ltd. PP

Conseco, Inc. PP

Consolidated Abaddon Resources Inc. PP

Consolidated AGX Resources Corp. PP

Consolidated Ecoprogress Technology Inc. PP

Consolidated Energy & Technology Group, Inc. PP

Consolidated Energy & Technology Group, Inc. PP

Consolidated Energy, Inc. PP

Consolidated Global Diamond Corp. PP

Consolidated Global Minerals Ltd. PP

Consolidated Gold Win Ventures Inc. PP

Consolidated Goldfields Corp. PP

Consolidated Odyssey Exploration Inc. PP

Consolidated Pacific Bay Minerals Ltd. PP

Consolidated Petroquin Resources Ltd. PP

Consolidated Pine Channel Gold Corp. PP

Consolidated Puma Minerals Corp. PP

Consolidated Spire Ventures Ltd. PP

Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines Ltd. PP

Consolidated Thompson-Lundmark Gold Mines Ltd. PP

Consolidated-Tomoka Land Co. PP

Consortium Service Management Group, Inc. PP

Constantine Metal Resources Ltd. PP

Constellation Copper Corp. PP

Constellation Energy Group, Inc. PP

Constellation Energy Partners LLC PP

Constellation Energy Partners, LP PP

Constitution Mining Corp. PP

Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc. PP

Contact Diamond Corp. PP

Contact Exploration Inc. PP

Contagious Gaming Inc. PP

Contango Oil & Gas Co. PP

Contango Ore Inc. PP

Contango Ore, Inc. PP

Contec Innovations Inc. PP

Content Checked Holdings, Inc. PP

Continent Resources Inc. PP

Continental Energy Corp. PP

Continental Gold Ltd. PP

Continental Minerals Corp. PP

Continental Nickel Ltd. PP

Continental Precious Minerals Inc. PP

Continuum Resources Ltd. PP

ContraFect Corp. PP

ContraVir Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

ContraVir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Convalo Health International Corp. PP

Convera Corp. PP

Conversion Services International, Inc. PP

Converted Organics Inc. PP

Conway Resources Inc. PP

Copano Energy, LLC PP

Copernic Inc. PP

Copper Canyon Resources Ltd. PP

Copper Development Corp. PP

Copper Fox Metals Inc. PP

Copper Mountain Mining Corp. PP

Copper North Mining Corp. PP

Copper One Inc. PP

Copper Ridge Explorations Inc. PP

COPsync, Inc. PP

CopyTele Inc. PP

CopyTele, Inc PP

CopyTele, Inc. PP

Coral Gold Resources Ltd. PP

Corautus Genetics Inc. PP

Corazon Gold Corp. PP

Corbal Capital Corp. PP

Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc. PP

Corcept Therapeutics Inc. PP

Cord Blood America, Inc. PP

Cordero Energy Inc. PP

Cordia Bancorp Inc. PP

Cordia Corp. PP

Cordoba Minerals Corp. PP

Cordy Oilfield Services Inc. PP

Cordy Oilfield Services Inc. PP

Core Resource Management, Inc. PP

Coretec Inc. PP

Corex Gold Corp. PP

Corgenix Medical Corp. PP

Corgentech Inc. PP

Corgi International Ltd. PP

Corindus Vascular Robotics, Inc. PP

Cork Exploration Inc. PP

Cormedix, Inc PP

Cormedix, Inc. PP

CorMedix, Inc. PP

Cormedix, Inc. PP

Cornerstone Bancshares, Inc. PP

Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc. PP

Cornerstone Industries International Inc. PP

Cornerstone Therapeutics Inc. PP

Corning Inc. PP

Corning Natural Gas Corp. PP

Coro Mining Corp. PP

Coronado Biosciences, Inc. PP

Coronado Resources Ltd. PP

Coronation Minerals Inc. PP

Coronet Metals, Inc. PP

Coronus Solar Inc. PP

Corporate Properties Ltd. PP

Corridor Resources Inc. PP

Corsa Capital Ltd. PP

Corsa Coal Corp. PP

Corsicanto II DAC (Amarin Corp. plc) PP

Cortex Business Solutions Inc. PP

Cortex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Cortez Gold Corp. PP

Cortez Resources Corp. PP

Corus Entertainment Inc. PP

CorVu Corp. PP

Corvus Gold Inc. PP

Cosan Ltd. PP

Cosi Inc. PP

Cosi, Inc. PP

Cosigo Resources Ltd. PP

Costa Energy Inc. PP

Cougar Biotechnology, Inc. PP

Cougar Biotechnology, Inc. PP

Cougar Minerals Corp. PP

Counsel Corp. PP

Counsel RB Capital Inc. PP

CounterPath Corp. PP

CounterPath Solutions, Inc. PP

Countrywide Financial Corp. PP

County Line Energy Corp. PP

Coupon Express, Inc. PP

Covad Communications Group Inc. PP

Covalon Technologies Ltd. PP

Covenant Group of China Inc. PP

Cover-All Systems, Inc. PP

Coyote Resources, Inc. PP

CPC of America, Inc. PP

CPI Aerostructures, Inc. PP

Craig Wireless Systems Ltd. PP

Crailar Technologies Inc. PP

Crazy Horse Resources Inc. PP

Crdentia Corp. PP

Cream Minerals Ltd. PP

Creation Casinos Inc. PP

Creative Computer Applications, Inc. PP

Creative Realities, Inc. PP

Creative Vistas Inc. PP

Creative Vistas, Inc. PP

Credit One Financial, Inc. PP

Credit Suisse Group (Guernsey) VII, Ltd. (Credit Suisse Group AG) PP

Credo Petroleum Corp. PP

Crescent Banking Co. PP

Crescent Capital BDC, Inc. PP

Crescent Financial Bancshares, Inc. PP

Crescent Financial Corp. PP

Crescent Resources Corp. PP

Creso Exploration Inc. PP

Crest Petroleum Corp. PP

Creston Moly Corp. PP

Crestwell Resources Inc. PP

Crestwood Midstream Partners LP PP

Cresval Capital Corp. PP

Crew Energy Inc. PP

Crew Gold Corp. PP

Crexendo, Inc. PP

Crexus Investment Corp. PP

CRH Medical Corp. PP

Cricket Media Group Ltd. PP

Crimson Exploration Inc. PP

Crimson Forest Entertainment Group Inc. PP

Critical Elements Corp. PP

Critical Outcome Technologies Inc. PP

Critical Path Inc. PP

Critical Therapeutics, Inc. PP

CriticalControl Solutions Corp. PP

Crocodile Gold Corp. PP

Crocotta Energy Inc. PP

Crocs, Inc. PP

Cross Atlantic Commodities, Inc. PP

Cross Border Resources Inc. PP

Cross Lake Minerals Ltd. PP

Crossfire Energy Services Inc. PP

Crossfire Holdings Inc. PP

Crosshair Energy Corp. PP

Crosshair Exploration & Mining Corp Ltd. PP

Crosshair Exploration & Mining Corp. PP

Crosshair Exploration and Mining Corp. PP

Crossroads Systems, Inc. PP

Crosstex Energy LP/Crosstex Energy, Inc. PP

Crosstex Energy, Inc. PP

Crosstex Energy, LP PP

Crow Technologies 1977 Ltd. PP

CrowdGather, Inc. PP

Crowflight Minerals Inc. PP

Crown Gold Corp. PP

Crown Oil and Gas Inc. PP

Crown Point Energy Inc. PP

Crown Point Ventures Ltd. PP

Crown Resources Corp. PP

CRS Electronics Inc. PP

Cruiser Oil & Gas Ltd. PP

Cruisestock, Inc. PP

Crumbs Bake Shop, Inc. PP

Cryobanks International, Inc. PP

CryoCath Technologies Inc. PP

CryoCor Inc. PP

Cryopak Industries Inc. PP

Cryoport, Inc. PP

CryoPort, Inc. PP

Cryoport, Inc. PP

CryoPort, Inc. PP

Crystal Peak Minerals Inc. PP

Crystalix Group International, Inc. PP

Crystallex International Corp. PP

CSI Business Finance, Inc. PP

CSI Compressco LP PP

CSI Wireless Inc. PP

CTD Holdings Inc. PP

CTI BioPharma Corp. PP

CTI Industries Corp. PP

Ctrip.com International Ltd. PP

Cuba Beverage Co. PP

Cubed, Inc. PP

Cubic Energy Inc. PP

Cubic Energy, Inc. PP

Cue Resources Ltd. PP

Cuervo Resources Inc. PP

CUI Global, Inc. PP

Culane Energy Corp. PP

Cumberland Resources Ltd. PP

Cumbre Ventures Inc. PP

Cumulus Media Inc. PP

Curaxis Pharmaceutical Corp. PP

Curis Resources Ltd. PP

Curis, Inc. PP

Curlew Lake Resources Inc. PP

Curon Medical Inc. PP

Currency Exchange International, Corp. PP

Currie Rose Resources Inc. PP

Cusac Gold Mines Ltd. PP

Customer Acquisition Network Holdings, Inc. PP

Customers Bancorp, Inc. PP

CV Sciences, Inc. PP

CV Therapeutics Inc. PP

CV Therapeutics, Inc. PP


CVTech Group Inc. PP

CWN Mining Acquisition Corp. PP

Cyalume Technologies Holdings, Inc. PP

Cyan Inc. PP

Cyber Defense Systems, Inc. PP

Cyber Digital, Inc. PP

Cyber Merchants Exchange, Inc. PP

Cyber Supply Inc. PP

CyberDefender Corp. PP

Cybergy Holdings Inc. PP

Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems Inc. PP

Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems, Inc. PP

Cyberlux Corp. PP

Cybermesh International Corp. PP

Cyberplex Inc. PP

Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP

Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PP

Cyclon Capital Corp. PP

Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc. PP

Cygam Energy Inc. PP

Cygnal Technologies Corp. PP

Cygne Designs, Inc. PP

CymaBay Therapeutics, Inc. PP

Cymat Corp. PP

Cymat Technologies Ltd. PP

Cynapsus Therapeutics Inc. PP

CYOP Systems International, Inc. PP

Cyplasin Biomedical Ltd. PP

Cypress Development Corp. PP

Cypress Hills Resource Corp. PP

Cyren Ltd. PP

Cyries Energy Inc. PP

Cytation Corp. PP

CytoCore, Inc. PP

CytoDyn Inc. PP

CytoDyn, Inc. PP

Cytogen Corp. PP

CytoGenix, Inc. PP

Cytokinetics, Inc. PP

Cytomedix, Inc. PP

Cytori Therapeutics, Inc PP

Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. PP

CytoSorbents Corp. PP

Cytosorbents Corp. PP

CytRx Corp. PP

CÜR Media, Inc. PP