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Security type: BK = Bank loan, CA = Canadian bonds, CL = CLOs, CV = Convertibles, DD = Distressed Debt, EM = Emerging Markets, GN = Green finance, HY = High Yield, IG = Investment Grade, LM = Liability Management, MU = Municipals, PP = PIPEs, PF = Preferred Stock, PV = Private Placements, SP = Structured Products

B&M CLO 2014-1, Ltd./B&M CLO 2014-1, LLC CL

Babson CLO 2014-I Ltd./Babson CLO 2014-I LLC CL

Babson CLO 2014-II Ltd. CL

Babson CLO 2014-III Ltd. CL

Babson CLO 2015-I Ltd./Babson CLO 2015-I LLC CL

Babson CLO 2015-II Ltd./Babson CLO 2015-II LLC CL

Babson CLO 2016-I Ltd./Babson CLO 2016-I LLC CL

Babson CLO 2016-II Ltd./Babson CLO 2016-II LLC CL

Babson CLO Ltd. 2012-II CL

Babson CLO Ltd. 2013-1 CL

Babson CLO Ltd. 2013-II/Babson CLO 2013-II LLC CL

Babson Euro CLO 2014-1 BV CL

Babson Euro CLO 2014-2 BV CL

Babson Euro CLO 2015-1 BV CL

Babson Euro CLO 2016-1 BV CL

Ballyrock CLO 2014-1 Ltd./Ballyrock CLO 2014-1 LLC CL

Ballyrock CLO 2016-1 Ltd. CL

Barings CLO Ltd. 2014-III CL

Barings CLO Ltd. 2016-III CL

Battalion CLO IV Ltd./Battalion CLO IV LLC CL

Battalion CLO IX Ltd./Battalion CLO IX LLC CL

Battalion CLO V Ltd./Battalion CLO V LLC CL

Battalion CLO VI Ltd./Battalion CLO VI LLC CL

Battalion CLO VII Ltd./Battalion CLO VII LLC CL

Battalion CLO VIII Ltd./Battalion CLO VIII LLC CL

Battalion CLO X Ltd./Battalion CLO X LLC CL

BBVA-10 PYME Fondo de Titulizacion CL

Bean Creek CLO, Ltd./Bean Creek CLO LLC CL

Benefit Street Partners CLO I, Ltd./Benefit Street Partners CLO I LLC CL

Benefit Street Partners CLO IX, Ltd. CL

Benefit Street Partners CLO V, Ltd./Benefit Street Partners CLO V LLC CL

Benefit Street Partners CLO VIII, Ltd./Benefit Street Partners CLO VIII LLC CL

Benefit Street Partners CLO X, Ltd./Benefit Street Partners CLO X LLC CL

Benefit Street Partners CLO XI, Ltd./Benefit Street Partners CLO XI LLC CL

Benefit Street Partners IV, Ltd. CL

Benefit Street Partners VI, Ltd. CL

Benefit Street Partners VII Ltd./Benefit Street Partners VII LLC CL

Betony CLO Ltd. CL

Betony CLO Ltd./Betony CLO LLC CL

Birchwood Park CLO Ltd./Birchwood Park CLO LLC CL

Birchwood Park CLO, Ltd./Birchwood Park CLO LLC CL

Black Diamond CLO 2013-1, Ltd./Black Diamond CLO 2013-1, LLC CL

Black Diamond CLO 2014-1, Ltd./Black Diamond CLO 2014-1, LLC CL

Black Diamond CLO 2015-1 Designated Activity Co. CL

Black Diamond CLO 2016-1, Ltd. CL

BlackRock European CLO I DAC CL

BlackRock European CLO I Designated Activity Co. CL

BlackRock European CLO III DAC CL

Blue CLO, Ltd./Blue Hill, LLC CL

BlueMountain CLO 2013-1 Ltd./BlueMountain CLO 2013-1 LLC CL

BlueMountain CLO 2013-2 Ltd./BlueMountain CLO 2013-2 LLC CL

BlueMountain CLO 2013-3 Ltd./BlueMountain CLO 2013-3 LLC CL

BlueMountain CLO 2013-4 Ltd./BlueMountain CLO 2013-4 LLC CL

BlueMountain CLO 2014-1 Ltd./BlueMountain CLO 2014-1 LLC CL

BlueMountain CLO 2014-2 Ltd./BlueMountain CLO 2014-2 LLC CL

BlueMountain CLO 2014-3 Ltd./BlueMountain CLO 2014-3 LLC CL

BlueMountain CLO 2014-4 Ltd./BlueMountain CLO 2014-4 LLC CL

BlueMountain CLO 2015-1 Ltd./BlueMountain CLO 2015-1 LLC CL

BlueMountain CLO 2015-2 Ltd./BlueMountain CLO 2015-2 LLC CL

BlueMountain CLO 2015-3 Ltd./BlueMountain CLO 2015-3 LLC CL

BlueMountain CLO 2015-4 Ltd./BlueMountain CLO 2015-4 LLC CL

BlueMountain CLO 2016-1 Ltd./BlueMountain CLO 2016-1 LLC CL

BlueMountain CLO 2016-2 Ltd./BlueMountain CLO 2016-2 LLC CL

BlueMountain CLO 2016-3 Ltd./BlueMountain CLO 2016-3 LLC CL

BlueMountain EUR CLO 2016-1 Designated Activity Co. CL

BNPP IP CLO 2014-1, Ltd./BNPP IP CLO 2014-1, LLC CL


BNPP IP Euro CLO 2015-1 BV CL

Bosphorus CLO I Ltd. CL

Bosphorus CLO II DAC CL

Bosphorus CLO II Designated Activity Co. CL

Bosphorus CLO III DAC CL

Bowman Park CLO Ltd./Bowman Park CLO LLC CL

Brightwood Capital Fund 2016-3 CL

Bristol Park CLO Ltd./Bristol Park CLO LLC CL

Brookside Mill CLO Ltd./Brookside Mill CLO LLC CL

Burnham Park CLO Ltd./Burnham Park CLO LLC CL